TSC 2016 Match 22 Bhayangkara FC 2-1 Pusamania Borneo FC

07 October 2016
Kick-off 16:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Bhayangkara FC Vs Pusamania

Bhayangkara -1 @2.11/2.04
Bhayangkara -1 @2.11/1.99
Bhayangkara -1 @2.04
Pusamania +1 @1.88/1.71
Pusamania +1 @1.85/1.75
Pusamania +1 @1.80

Over 2.5 @1.93/1.82 21.95/1.86
Over 2.75 @1.85
Under 2.5 @1.95/1.93 @1.95/1.84
Under 2.75 @1.97

Stadion Gelora Delta, Sidoarjo.

Bhayangkara FC:

Great game in last match win 0-4 at away game Vs Sriwijaya FC, asian handicap give to sriwijaya FC -0.75, Coach ibnu said “We’ve played a draw in the match Vs Pusamania in 1st away match, and now we can not lose. Spirit, teamwork and togetherness when beating Sriwijaya FC will show again in this match”

Coach Ibnu admitted if he had found a formula to dampen PBFC in Sidoarjo. “We will play normally, in accordance with our usual style of play”

Missing player: Evan Dimas Darmono (Key player MF) dan Putu Gede Juni Antara (Regular DF), join exercises with the Indonesian national team October 6 to 10 in Yogyakarta.

Coach prepare M. Fatchurohman and M. Sahrul Kurniawan, to substitute Putu Gede. and “To substitute Evan, there Fandi Eko and Khairallah Abdelkbir”

Regular player in good performance: M Hargianto (DMF), Indra Kahfi Ardhiyasa (CMF), M Hargianto (DMF), Rudi Widodo(CF), Khairallah Abdelkbir, Thiago Furtuoso (FW), Wahyu Tri Nugroho (GK) and Oktavio Dutra

Probably Bhayangkara FC: Wahyu Tri Nugroho; Dany Saputra, Otavio Dutra, Fatchurohman, Lee Yoo Joon, Muhammad Hargianto, Khairallah Abdelkbir, Indra Kahfi, Ilham Udin Armaiyn, Fandi Eko Utomo, Thiago Furtuoso.

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-2-3-1 (ibnu Grahan) : 1. Wahyu Nugroho (GK), 21. M Rochman (LB), 3. Dany Saputra (LB), 5. Oktavio D (CB), 81. Muh Hargianto (DMF), 89. Lee Yoo Joon (DMF), 27. Indra K Ardhiyaksa (CMF), 20. Ilham U Armaiyn (LWF), 22. Fandi E Utomo (RWF), 12. Wahyu Subo Seto (CF), 99. Thiago Furtuoso (CF)

substitutions in match: Abdelkbir K 52″, Nugroho A 60″, Suroso 88″

Key player in match: Subo w (1 goal 32″), Furtuoso (1 goal 79″)

Pusamania Borneo:

have great draw Vs Madura Utd 1-1 at home game but that is normal situation if draw because asian handicap give +0 in that game.

Pusamania Borneo Key player midfielder “Edilson Tavarez” suffering an injury during training in the field Brigif 1st Marine Juanda, Surabaya yesterday. Edilson has been felt injury in last match Vs Madura United FC.

Coach Djukanovic also brings his young players, such as Rifal Lastori, as well as the duo of brothers Ricky and Aimar Ohorella.

The following 20 players Pusamania to Sidoarjo :
Dian Agus Prasetyo, Muhammad Ridho, Firly Apriansyah, Zulkifli Syukur, Rachmat Latief, Ricky Ohorella, Hendra Ridwan, Leonard Tupamahu, Ponaryo Astaman, Terens Puhiri, Rifal Lastori, Aimar Ohorella, Diego Michiels, Sultan Samma, Fandy Ahmad, Gavin Kwan Adsit, Pedro Javier, Edilson Tavarez, Jad Noureddine, Flavio Beck Junior.

Missing Player: Jefri Kurniawan (Key player MF/Winger 6/goals) and Lerby Eliandry (Regular FW), join exercises with the Indonesian national team October 6 to 10 in Yogyakarta.

Lerby eliandry is the only locally owned striker in Pusamania. Meanwhile, Jefri Kurniawan is an increasingly fertile wing attacker with the score six goals and three assists.

Doubtfull player: Edilson Tavarez minor (key Player FW/SS) injuries missed in last training (Delay onset muscle soreness), Jad Noureddine (DF) injury since one month ago, but has joined in last training.

Probably Pusamania: Dian Agus Prasetyo; Zulkifli Syukur, L Tupamahu, Firly Apriansyah, Hendra Ridwan, Flavio Beck Junior, Ponaryo Astaman, Terens Puhiri, Ricky Ohorella, Sultan Samma, Pedro Javier.

LINEUPS in MATCH: 33. Dian A Prasetyo (GK), 24. Diego Michiels (SB), 3. Zulkifli Syukur (SB), 32. Leonard Tupamahu (CB), 46. FirlyApriyansyah (CB), 11. Ponaryo Astaman (CMF), 87. Flavio Beck (CMF), 28. Terens Puhiri (LMF), 5. Hendra Ridwan (RMF), 18. Ricky Ohorella (RMF), Pedro J Velazguez (CF)

substitutions in match: Ridho M 53″, Noureddine J, 67″, Lastori R 76″

Key player in match: Ohorella R (1 goal 32″)

from all sides Bhayangkara FC have more good situation here.


CS: 3-0 2-0

indosoccerinfo: Bhayangkara FC -1



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