TSC 2016 Match 22 Madura United Vs Persib Bandung 2-1

08 October 2016
Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Madura United Vs Persib Bandung

Madura United -1 @1.81/1.79
Madura United -1 @1.99
Persib Bandung +1 @1.97/1.94
Persib Bandung +1 @1.85

Over 2.5 @1.95/1.82
Over 2.5 @1.90
Under 2.5 @1.95/1.92
Under 2.5 @1.92

Stadium Gelora Bangkalan madura, Stadium will be full of supporters, in 1st match play at Bandung Vs Madura 0-0 draw.

Madura United:

Madura United were expected to Play with all their best winning 11 players, Only Hery Prasetyo miss.

Missing Player: Hery Prasetyo (GK) called to Indonesian national team prepare Vs Vietnam, Engelberd Sani (FW), card accumulation.

Doubtfull player: Patrich Steve Wanggai (Reserve FW) (healing process) new player.

Engelbert Sani absence will be replaced by a player whose quality is equally excellent “GILANG GINARSA”, while Hery Prasetyo replaced by “Joko Ribowo”

Probably Madura United lineups: Joko Ribowo (GK); Rendi Siregar, Guntur Ariyadi, Munhar, Fabiano Beltrame ©; Asep Berlian, Ahmad Bustomi; Slamet Nurcahyo, Elthon Maran, Erick Weeks Lewis; Rodrigues Aracil Pablo

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-3-3 (Gomes De Olivera) : 33 Joko Ribowo (GK), 14 Rendi Siregar (LB), 5 Munhar (CB), 15 Fabiano Da Rosa (CB), 23 Gilang Ginarsa (RB), 4 Asep Berlian (DMF), 13 Dane Milovanovic (DMF), 10 Slamet Nurcahyo (AMF), 8 Bayu sanggiawan (LWF), 9 Rodrigues A (CF), 50 Erick Weeks (CF)

substitutions in match: Angga S 65″, Ahmad M 72″

information in match: Rodrigues A 23″ Goal, Erick W 55″ Goal, Joko R 63″ RED CARD

Persib Bandung:

Persib Bandung manager “Umuh Muchtar” said Persib is not allowed anymore to become champion in Indonesian Soccer Championship (ISC) A 2016, and shifted the focus to the next official competition next year.

“A few days prior to our already updated Madura cooperation between defender Duet betwen Diogo (DF) and Vlado (DF). We’ve tried in practice, also have shown encouraging progress”

Persib Bandung will undergo three difficult match in a row, coach plans to rotate one or two players in every game.

Missing Player: Zulham Zamrun (Regular MF) and Rudolof Yanto Basna (Regular DF), called to Indonesian national team prepare Vs Vietnam

Doubtfull Player: I Made Wirawan (GK) injury recovery, Tantan (FW) and Purwaka Yudi (DF/DMF) also still injured.

The following 18 players Persib Bandung brought to Madura:
GK: Muhammad Natshir, Muhammad Ridwan
DF: Vladimir Vujovic, Diogo Ferreira, Jajang Sukmara, Tony Sucipto, Dias Angga Putra.
MF: Hariono, Taufiq, Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, Robertino Pugliara, Atep, David Laly, Rachamd Hidayat
FW: Samsul Arif Munip, Yandi Sofyan Munawar, Marcos Flores, Sergio Van Dijk.

Probably PERSIB lineups:? M Natshir (GK); Jajang Sukmara, Diogo Ferreira, Tony Sucipto, Vladimir Vujovic; Hariono, Taufiq; Samsul Arif, Robertino Pugliara, Atep ©; Sergio van Dijk.

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-2-3-1 (Djadjang Nurjaman) : 1 Fadhil Mah (GK), 6 Tony Sucipto (LB), 18 jajang Sukmara (LB), 3 Vladimir Vujovic (CB), 5 Diogo ferreira (CB), 24 Hariono (DMF), 8 Taufik (CMF), 23 Kim kurniawan (CMF), 10 Robertino Pugliara (AMF), 9 Samsul Arif (CF), 33 Sergio Van Dijk (CF)

substitutions in match: Dias A 41″ , Atep 58″, David L 77″, Ahmad B 80″

information in match: Kim J 47″ (goal), Sergio V 63″ (RED CARD)

Madura United -1


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