TSC 2016 Match 22 Mitra Kukar Vs Sriwijaya FC 1-0

09 October 2016
Kick-off 16:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Mitra Kukar Vs Sriwijaya FC

Mitra Kukar +0 @1.72/1.69
Mitra Kukar +0 @1.72/1.68
Mitra Kukar -0.25 @1.80
Sriwijaya FC +0 @2.07/2.04
Sriwijaya FC +0 @2.10/2.06
Sriwijaya FC +0.25 @1.90

Over 2.5 @1.95/1.88
Over 2.5 @1.95/1.89
Over 2.75 @2.16
Under 2.5 @1.87/1.81
Under 2.5 @1.87/1.80
Under 2.75 @1.56

Stadion Aji Imbut, Tenggarong

Mitra Kukar:

Mitra kukar in last match draw 0-0 Vs Arema in away game, in that game Mitra kukar get +1.25 Asian Handicap.

Coach Jafri Sastra

Missing Player: Arthur Cunha (key Player DF) and Arifki Eka Putra (DF) due to accumulated cards. While Bayu Pradana (Regular MF) and Septian David Maulana (Regular MF), entered the Indonesian national team in the test match Vs Vietnam. and Fellipe Bertoldo (MF, to go home because his family is in mourning)

Doubtfull Player probably still play even not play for Full time: Victor Herrero, Marlon Da Silva (key player top score Mitra kuakar) and Hendra Bayauw, When training sessions were held on Friday (7/10), this 3 player appear to undergo separate training and join the Hendra Adi Bayauw who has been absent for the same reason earlier.

Coach Jafri team wants to focus for 90 minutes, and want play like when the draw against Arema.

Probably Mitra Kukar lineups: Gerri Mandagi; Michael Orah, Saepuloh Maulana, Dedi Gusmawan, Zulchrizal Abdul Gamal; Muhammad Bahtiar, Victor Herrero Forcada, Dinan Javier, Anindito Wahyu Erminarno, Hendra Bayauw; Marlon Da Silva

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-4-2 (Jafri Sastra) : 47 Gerri Mandagi (GK), 24 Michael Orah (LB), 16 Saepuloh Maulana (CB), 63 Dedi Gusmawan (CB), 6 Zulchrizal Abdul Gamal (RB), 26 Muh Bahtiar (CMF), 85 Victor Forcada (AMF), 21 Anindito Erminarno (LMF), 11 Dinan Javier (RWF), 99 Yogi (CF), 9 Marlon Da Silva (CF)

substitutions in match : Hendra A 62″, Asri 78″,

information in match : Marlon D 55″ (goal)

Sriwijaya FC:

Different from previous away game, FC squad decided to leave more quickly to preparation for the game against Mitra Kukar

Coach Widodo C Putro, “This policy can be taken so that players more fitter, we left a day early so that players can rest more leverage”

SFC face a busy schedule “After this fight, we’ve had to compete again four days later Vs Persegres, so now have to be smart to keep a physical player,”

Sriwijaya FC Play very bad in last match Vs Bhayangkara FC, in that game Sriwijaya -1 Asian Hanndicap at home and lose 0-4 Vs Bhayangkara FC.

Sriwijaya FC will be without a number of players pillars, especially in the middle sector.

“We can only maximize the existing players, such as Yu [Hyun Koo], Hafit [Ibrahim], Jupe [Achmad Jufriyanto], and the young players in PON. I hope that “Nanak” can appear solid to replace Fachrudin, ”

Missing Player: Fachrudin aryanto (were called up to the Indonesia team Vs Vietnam) Firman Utina (MF) and M Ridwan (MF) (which followed the coaching courses), Ichsan Kurniawan (Regular MF, do therapy healing the injury)

Doubtfull player: Manda Cingi (MF, new Player from PON Sumsel still have problems with his fitness)

Good News: Yu Hyun Koo (Regular MF) back to play after accumulation cards

Probably Sriwijaya FC lineups: Teja Paku Alam; Wildansyah, Mauricio Leal, A.A Ngurah Wahyu, Supardi Nasir; Achmad Jufriyanto, Yu Hyun Koo, Talaohu Abdul Mushafry; Airlangga Sucipto, Hilton Moreira, Alberto Goncalves

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-2-3-1 (Widodo Cahyono Putro) : 12 Teja P Alam (GK), 28 Aa N Wahyu (CB), 13 Ahmad Jufriyanto (CB), 4 Mauricio Leal (CB), 2 supardi (RB), 22 Wildansyah (RB), 6 Yoo H (DMF), 91 Yohanis Nabar (LWF), 10 Hilton Moreira (CF), 7 Airlangga Sucipto (CF), 9 Alberto G Beto (CF)

substitutions in match : mariando D 63″, Talaahu A 84″, Hafit I 87″

Both team missing their key and regular player in midfielder, with busy schedule “After this fight, four days later will play again, so both team will play very carefully to play to avoid card or injury (Pusamania Vs Mitra kukar in 12 october) and (Sriwijaya FC Vs Persegres in 13 October).

(0-0 1-0 2-0 1-1)

Under 2.5 Goals


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