TSC 2016 Match 22 Persegres Gresik Vs Arema Cronus 1-0

07 October 2016
Kick-off 21:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Gresik United Vs Arema Malang

Gresik United +0.5 @1.68/1.68
Gresik United +0.5 @1.85/1.81
Gresik United +0.5 @1.93
Arema Malang -0.5 @2.02/2.02
Arema Malang -0.5 @1.96/1.90
Arema Malang -0.5 @1.91

Over 2.5 @1.95/1.84 @1.95/1.87
Over 2.25 @1.97
Under 2.5 @1.92/1.90 @1.92/1.83
Under 2.25 @1.85

Derby match Jawa Timur, 3000-Supporters Arema coming to support, Gresik adjacent to Surabaya, Gresik Police prepare 1000 personnel to maintain safety matches.

Gresik United:

Gresik united in good motivation, their New Coach “Eduward Tjong” ready to their Debut in this match (until now, every new coach always gives a good situation in the ISC A, especially in the debut match)

Gresik United indicated will apply Full Defence strategy in this match.

Gresik United New coach Eduard Tjong said, “team defense is the weak point. from 21 matches that have been conceded 40 goals. This condition becomes my big home work”

“In preparation for yesterday I’ve tried to fix the weakness, including providing input will be the vision of playing in defender sector, so it will be quite prepared when dealing with Arema attacker.”

New Coach said: “Material evaluation must exist. Front line less sharp, but 1st I want to fix the focus on the defense. Organizational back line is very less, every play must have conceded.

Missing Player: Riyandi Ramadhana (DF, Hamstring injury)

Doubtfull player: Sasa Zecevic (DF, injured right foot during training)

Probably Gresik United lineups: Dimas Galih; Achmad Faris, Wismoyo, Muhammad Rifqi, Sasa Zecevic; Ghozali Siregar, Sidik Saimima, Agus Indra Kurniawan, Muhammad Kamri, Oh Inkyun; Patrick da Silva.

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-4-2 (Eduard Tjong) : 92. Dimas Galih  (GK), 55. Sasa Zecevic (CB), 54. Wismoyo Widhistio (CB), 18. Achmad Ardiansyah (CB), 75. Roni Rosadi (CB), 21. Jusmadi (DMF), 10. Inkyun oh (CMF), 11 Agus Indra (AMF), 27 Ghazali Siregar (RMF), 8 Giron Gustavo (CF), 99 Patrick Da Silva (CF).

substitutions in match: Kushedya Yudo 69″, M.Saimima 86″

Key player in match: Patrick D 45” (goal)

Arema Malang:

bad game for arema in last match only draw 0-0 at home Vs mitra kukar, asian handicap give arema -1.

In the final training session on the pitch, Coach Milomir looks to maximize his team with training set-piece. Milomir estimate Gresik will play with full defence, this game will bring up a number of violations of the players.

“Almost all of the opposing team Arema always played a negative game to total defence, and Arema always difficulties when playing against a team that play total defence.

General manager Arema, Ruddy Widodo said, Arema often difficult to score, despite the influx of Marcio Teruel and Nicholas ‘Nick’ Kalmar make a team game changed.

Coach Milomir was set up 18 players for this match. Arema still bring two goalkeepers Achmad Kurniawan and utam Rusdiana, same list of players from the last match vs Mitra Kukar. only Benny absent to strengthen the Indonesian national team.

GK: Achmad Kurniawan, Utam Rusdiana.
DF: Hamka Hamzah, Goran Gancev, Ahmad Alfarizi, Syaiful Indra, Junda Irawan, Ryuji Utomo.
MF: Nick Kalmar, Ferry Aman Saragih, Esteban Vizcarra, Raphael Maitimo, Marcio Teruel, Arif Suyono.
FW: Cristian Gonzales, Sunarto, Febri Hamzah, Okto Maniani.

Their Reserve GK Achmad Kurniawan in good performance, in 3 match as The main goalkeeper without conceding any goals

Missing Player: Beny Wahyudi (Regular DF/DR Indonesia joined the national team),

Doubtful player: Kurnia Meiga (GK), and I Made Wardana (GK) still recovering from injury

Probably Arema lineups: Achmad Kurniawan; Ahmat Farizi, Hamka Hamzah, Goran Ganchev, Syaiful Indra Cahya; Nicholas Kalmar, Raphael Maitimo, Marcio Teruel, Esteban Vizcarra, Arif Suyono; Cristian Gonzales.

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-2-3-1 (Milomir Seslija) : 47. Achmad Kurniawan (GK), 87 Ahmad Farisi (LB), 23 Hamka Hamza (CB), 16 Goran Ganchev (CB), 4 Syaiful Cahya (RB), 32 Kalmar (DMF), 8 Raphael Maitimo (CMF), 20 Marcio Teruel (CMF), 11 Esteban Vizcarra (AMF), 28 Oktovianus Maniani (LWF), 10 Cristian Gonzales (CF)

substitutions in match: Ferry A Saragih 34″, Arif Suyono 67″, Sunarto 81”

CS: 0-1 0-2

indosoccerinfo: Under 2.5 Goals



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