TSC 2016 Match 22 Persela Lamongan Vs Semen Padang 0-0

08 October 2016
Kick-off 16:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Persela Lamongan Vs Semen Padang

Persela +0.5 @1.76/1.76
Persela +0.5 @1.73
Semen Padang -0.5 @1.92/1.92
Semen Padang -0.5 @2.12

Over 2.5 @1.90/1.81
Over 2.5 @1.90
Under 2.5 @1.95/1.93
Under 2.5 @1.92

This is Netral Venue Play at Stadium Gajayana, Malang.

Persela Lamongan:

Bad match in last game, “There was no time to discuss the defeat in Jayapura. Now we have to stand up to welcome the next game. Semen Padang is not easy opposed, so it requires preparation and focus better,”

“Within a few days of this exercise, coach Aji has given a special drill and focus to the defender. Hopefully the practice we’ve lived will be a positive influence, so Persela able to end the game with the maximum results, ”

Coach Aji will play M Agung Pribadi, and the young striker Saddil Ramdani, Saddil would likely in left wing, and Agung placed in midfield duet with Choi Hyun-yeon.

Missing Player: Edy Gunawan (injury recovery), Jusmadi (loaned to Persegres Gresik), Agung Pribadi.

Here’s a list of 18 players for this match:
GK: Choirul Huda, Dwi Kuswanto
DF: Zainal Haq, Paulo Eduardo Rodrigues Lima, Aang Suparman, Djayusman Triasdi, Samsul Arifin, Taufiq Kasrun, Eky Taufiq
MF: Choi Hyun-yeon, Hedipo Gustavo, Agung Pribadi, Fictor Pae, Tamsil Sijaya, Zainal Arifin
FW: Sadil Ramdani, Ivan Carlos, Dendy Sulistyawan

Probably Persela Lineups :
C Huda (GK), Fauzan Jamal, R Saputra, A Bahtiar, A Suparman (DF), E Taufik Feb, Hyun Yeon C, H Da Conceic, S Imbiri (MF), D Sulistyawan, I Coelho (FW)

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-2-3-1 (Aji Santoso) : 33 Dwi Kuswanto (GK), 3 Samsul Arifin (LB), 12 M.Z Haq (CB), 5 Taufiq Kasrun (CB), 76 Paulao (CB), 72 Muh Pribadi (RB), 13 Choi Hyun Yeon (CMF), 70 hedipo Da Conceicao (AMF), 22 Dendi Sulistyawan (CF), 74 Ivan Coelho (CF), 69 Saddil Ramdani (CF)

substitutions in match: 43 Aang Suparman (CB) 28″, Zainal Arifin (RMF) 73″, Victor Pae (LMF) 89″

Semen Padang:

Gil Hoon and Sacramento on fire, have a great play in last game, up to now became one of the top score. He’s pretty good, supported by Ershad Maulana and Rico Simanjuntak”

“With the speed of the Rico, and one-two touch usually applied with Ershad, making Sacramento flexibility in breaking into the opponent’s goal”

Missing player: Jandia Eka Putra (1st GK), called to Indonesian national team prepare Vs Vietnam

The team is currently in good condition. For Jandia absence, we were not too worried because we have “Rivky Mokodompit” (2nd GK).

good news for Coach Nilmaizar, The good news Semen Padang can maximize the power winger, Maulana Irshad and their key player defence Cassio de Jesus” ready to play in this match, (last match absent accumulated cards).

Semen Padang bring 18 players:
GK: Rivky Mokodompit, Rendy Oscario.
DF: Fandry Imbiri, Agung Prasetyo, Novrianto, Handi Ramdhan, Cassio Fransisco, Novan Setya, Hengki Ardiles.
MF: Muamer Svraka, Rudi, Irsyad Maulana, Vendry Mofu, Riko Simanjuntak, Lee Gil Hoon.
FW: Marcel Silva Sacramento, M. Nur Iskandar, Christoper Sibi.

Probably Semen padang lineups:
Rivky Mokodompit (GK), Ardiles, Ramdhan, Prasetyo, Cassio de Jesus (DF), Irsyad Maulana, Svraka, Simanjuntak, Gil Hoon (MF), Sacramento, iskandar (FW)

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-4-2 (Nil Maizar) : 33 Rivki Mokodompit (GK), 2 Novan Sasongko (SB), 4 Handi Ramdhan (CB), 89 Cassio F (CB), 11 Henki Ardiles (RB), 6 Lee Gil Hoon (DMF), 7 rudi (CMF), 27 Muamer Svraka (CMF), 88 Irsyad Maulana (RMF), 17 Muh iskandar (SS), 8 Marcel Sacramento (CF).

substitutions in match: Agung P 53″, Vendry R 66″, Riko s 75″

information in match: Handi Ramdhan (RED CARD)

Semen Padang probably same lineups from last best match when win Vs Bali united, Semen padang bad in away game, but in this match play in Netral Venue, i thingk value for Semen padang to reach 3 pts here.

indosoccerinfo: Semen Padang -0.5



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