TSC 2016 Match 22 PSM Makassar Vs PS TNI 4-0

10 October 2016
Kick-off 19:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship
PSM Makassar Vs PS TNI

PSM Makassar -1.5 @2.18/2.09
PSM Makassar -1.25 @1.81
PSM Makassar -1.5 @2.05
PS TNI +1.5 @1.77/1.64
PS TNI +1.25 @1.82
PS TNI +1.5 @1.79
(3-2 6-1 1-0 1-0 0-0)

Over 2.5 @1.70/1.67
Over 2.75 @1.95
Under 2.5 @2.10/2.07
Under 2.75 @1.87

PSM Makassar :

Missing Player: Luis Ricardo Lino Dos Santos (key FW Player) injury until end of ISC A,

Doubtfull Player: Ferdinan Sinaga (key FW Player), called to Indonesian national team to participated Vs Vietnam back to team in 10/10/16, Hendra (DF) and Maldini (MF) still in recover.

Coach said “Ferdinand join to team on Monday afternoon. Of course risky to play him from the beginning,” Ferdinand Sinaga in Indonesia Vs Vietnam game is played only in minute 76 “(most likely at play in this game is great though perhaps not Full Time)

Good news : The new players like Zulvin Zamrun also been prepared to increase the strength of the team. “Kwon Jun (New Regular defender), Ardan Aras, and Hendra Wijaya also can be played on this match.

PSM probably miss their 2 key FW player in this match, but the coach still confident “We still have a stock of FW players, there Muchlis, Muhammad Rahmat and Andri Hadi”

Coach Robert Alberts is not worried with this situation. in front line, Muchlis hadi ning syaifulloh could be an alternative to accompany M. Rahmat Syamsuddin. Both will be supported by two attacking midfielders, Wiljan Pluim and Rashid Bakri.

at the back, Robert Alberts rely on the duo Kwon Jun and Ronald Hikspoors. Duet imports in the position of center-back. In the previous match and Ronald Kwon also be installed simultaneously, the results they can bring the team a 2-1 win Vs Barito Putera at away match.

While on the right wing Wasyiat Hasbullah and Zulvin Zamrun on the left.

Probably PSM Makassar (4-3-3): Syaiful; Ardan Aras, Kwon Jun, Ronald, Erik; Rasyid Bakri, Syamsul Chaeruddin, Wiljan Pluim; Rizky Pellu, M Rahmat, Muchlis Hadi

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-3-3 (Robert Rene Alberts) : 1 Deny Marsel (GK), 4 Wasyiat hasbulah (CB), 87 Kwon Jun (CB), 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 19 Rizky Pellu (CMF), 8 Syamsul Chaeeruddin (CMF), 38 Ronald Hikspoors (CMF), 80 Willem J Pluim (AMF), 9 Zulvin Zamrun (RMF), 11 M Rahmat (RWF), 25 Titus Bonai (CF)

substitutions in match : Ferdinan S 62″, Ridwan T 74″, Achmad H 77″

information in match : Titus B 4″ goal, Titus B 50″ goal, willem J 57″ goal, Ferdinand 69″ goal


Coach Edy Syahputra said set a target draw in the match. “PS TNI seeks no Lose,” Bringing home 1 point is a realistic target for PS TNI to match counter PSM this time.

Doubtfull player: Manahati Lestusen (regular MF) and Abduh Lestaluhu (Regular FW). called to Indonesian national team to participated Vs Vietnam, back to team in 10/10/16

M Lestaluhu played in 46 minutes “when Indonesia Vs Vietnam, while M Lestusen not played only sitting in the bench Vs Vietnam.

“The bottom line is the high motivation of the players. Weakness in the back line has also been improved. Hopefully this can have a positive impact and this team can get the best results,”

Probably PS TNI (4-4-2): Dhika Bayangkara; Syaiful Ramadhan, Syahputra, Hendri Aprilianto, Hardiantono, Wiganda Pradika, Legimin Raharjo, Suhandi , Guntur Triaji, Erwin Ramdani, Aldino Herdianto

LINEUPS in MATCH 4-2-3-1 (Sunarto AD) : 18 Dhika Bayangkara (GK), 6 Romy Agustiawan (LB), 26 wanda Syahputra (CB), 4 Hendri Aprilianto (CB), 3 Wiganda Pradika (RB), 88 Stevanus Bungaran (CMF), 24 Legimin Raharjo (CMF), 12 Erwin Ramdani (RMF), 99 Pandi Lestaluhu (RMF), 23 Wawan F (WF), 19 Aldino Herdianto (CF)

substitutions in match : Hardiantono 44″, MG 51″, Dimas D 56″

this month October both team have busy schedule, only have 4-3 day to prepare from one match to another, PSM miss some their key player FW, and PS TNI train in their defence in last training.

Schedule: PSM 10 Oktober, 14 Oktober PSM go to Arema, 17 Oktober Vs Sriwijaya FC, 21 Oktober Vs Pusamania at away game

Schedule: PS TNI 10 Oktober, 14 oktober Vs Persija, 18 Oktober Vs Persipura at away game, 23 Oktober Vs Semen padang




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