TSC 2016 Match 23 Arema Cronus Vs PSM Makassar 2-0

14 October 2016
Kick-off 21:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Arema Cronus Vs PSM Makassar

Arema Cronus -1.25 @1.90/1.90
Arema Cronus -1 @1.73/1.67
Arema Cronus -1 @1.75/1.68
Arema Cronus -1 @1.85
PSM +1.25 @1.74/1.74
PSM +1 @2.20/2.10
PSM +1 @2.20/2.08
PSM +1 @1.99
Over 2.5 @1.95/1.89
Over 2.5 @1.95/1.89
Over 2.25 @1.90
Under 2.5 @1.85/1.79
Under 2.5 @1.85/1.80
Under 2.25 @1.92

Stadion Gajayana, Malang (Management Arema Cronus giving discounted for ticket. Ascertained Aremania fans will make full the stadium.)

Arema Cronus:

Coach Arema Cronus has prepared a new strategy against PSM Makassar at Gajayana Stadium, possibly due to the number of players missing due to injury or card accumulation, possibility coach will implement the strategy playing a dominant position with a strong defense, avoid playing hard and fast coach hope no longer want their player absent or injuries in this match.

Arema possibility of providing an opportunity Dedi Setiawan to play in this match make his debut .

“Evaluation from of yesterday’s match, we are lacking in the final settlement, from several practice sessions, we give a portion of the final settlement on the players,” from 4 matches Arema only scored 1 goal.

“In the 1st HT, we always play nice. However, if we can not make a goal, the 2nd FT they always play in a hurry,” it is that we will fix, at least we will make sure to secure the position of goalkeeper is not conceding goal when in FT”
“We were on the team coach himself has instructed the players to play patiently”

Arema Loss Many Regular Players, in this match Arema will play some of Young Players

Coach milomir šešlija replace both players missing with the young players. Goran position will be replaced by Ryuji Utomo. and Okto position will be filled by new recruits Dedi Setiawan or Dendi Santoso.

Esteban Vizcarra possibility of replacing Marcio as a playmaker in midfielder. and Ryuji Utomo replace Goran in the back center.

“Almost all of the opposing team Arema always played a negative game to total defence, and Arema always difficulties when playing against a team that play total defence, in this match coach Arema Milomir Seslija said “I hope there are no more of my players were injured or get card”

Missing Player: Marcio Teruel, Oktovianus Maniani, Syaiful Indra Cahya, Hendro Siswanto (injury) and Goran Ganchev (accumulation of cards).

Good News: Benny Wahyudi (RD) (back from national team), recovered from injury and ready to play: Dendi Santoso, Kurnia Meiga (1st GK)

Probably LINEUPS in MATCH 4-2-3-1 (Milomir Seslija) : Kurnia Meiga (1st GK), 87 Ahmad Farisi (LB), 23 Hamka Hamza (CB), Ryuji Utomo (CB), Benny Wahyudi (RB), 32 Nick Kalmar (DMF), 8 Raphael Maitimo (CMF), Ferry Aman Saragih (CMF), 11 Esteban Vizcarra (AMF), Dedi Setiawan (LWF), 10 Cristian Gonzales (CF)

Arema LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 / 4-4-2 (Milomir Seslija) :

47 Achmad K (GK), DF : 87 Ahmad A Farisi (LB), Ryuji Utomo (CB), 23 Hamka Hamza (CB), 7 Benny Wahyudi (RB), MF : 32 Nick Kalmar (DMF), 8 Raphael Maitimo (CMF), 11 Esteban Vizcarra (AMF), 14 Arif Suyono (RMF), FW: 41 Dendi Santoso (LWF), 10 Cristian Gonzales (CF)

substitutions: Sunarto 56″, Ferry A 67″ syaiful I 88″

Key player in match: Cristian G GOAL 20″, Esteban G GOAL 37″


PSM Makassar:

Coach Robert Rene Alberts “We’re trying to constantly improve, and against Arema we grow motivation to the players so that they can earn points at least 1 point in Malang”

Deny Marsel (GK) on fire, Deny showed good performance, including in the fight against PS TNI in the previous week. Deny got the full confidence and coach also hopes Deny back to shine in this match.

“We will continue to maintain a record, We came up with the best players, and we are one of the teams that was unbeaten for 10 matches, this will be an encouragement to us.”

List of 20 players to Malang:
GK: Deny Marsel, Syaiful.
DF: Kwon Jun, Ardan Aras, Reva Adi Utama, Wasyiat Hasbullah, Achmad Hisyam, Zulvin Zamrun.
MF: Ronald Hikspoors, Wiljan Pluim, Rasyid Bakri, Ridwan Tawainella, Syamsul Haeruddin, Rizky Pellu.
FW: Ivan Wahyudi, M Rahmat, Muchlis Hadi Ning, Ferdinand Sinaga, Titus Bonai, Andri.

Missing Player: Luiz Ricardo (FW, absent until the end of the season due to ankle injury) and Ronald Hikspoors (DF, accumulation of cards)

Ronald Hikspoors absence was not a big influence on the back line after Ardan Aras certainly recovered from a thigh injury. Ardan will duet with Kwon-jun in the position of central defender.

Probably LINEUPS in MATCH 4-3-3 (Robert Rene Alberts) : 1 Deny Marsel (GK), 4 Wasyiat hasbulah (CB), 87 Kwon Jun (CB), 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 19 Rizky Pellu (CMF), 8 Syamsul Chaeeruddin (CMF), Kwon Jun, 80 Willem J Pluim (AMF), 9 Zulvin Zamrun (RMF), Ferdinand Sinaga, 25 Titus Bonai (CF)

PSM Makassar LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach : Robert Rene Alberts) :

1 Deny Marsel (GK), DF : 22 Ardan Aras (SB/LB), 87 Kwon Jun (CB), 4 Wasyiat hasbulah (CB), 44 Achmad H Tolle (DMF/RB), MF : 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 19 Rizky Pellu (CMF), 9 Zulvin Zamrun (RMF), 11 M Rahmat (RWF), FW : 3 Ferdinand A Sinaga, 25 Titus Bonai (CF)

substitutions: Syamsul B 46″ , Ridwan T 69″ Muchlis H 86″

0-0 1-0 1-1 2-0

Under 2.25 Goals



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