TSC 2016 Match 24 Perseru Serui Vs Persela 1-1

17 October 2016
Kick-off 14:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Perseru Serui Vs Persela

Perseru Serui -1 @1.93/1.90
Perseru Serui -1 @1.90/1.84
Persela Lamongan +1 @1.89/1.82
Persela Lamongan +1 @2.00/1.90
Over 2.5 @1.87/1.85
Under 2.5 @1.87/1.85

Perseru Serui:
No.1 best win odds at home and Home Best Defense Team Perseru Serui

Good news general midfield, Arthur Barios Bonai ready to play in this match.

almost all the players can play in this match, only 2 players Doubtfull Player: Yoksan Ama (FW) and Septinus Alua Hanoman (Regular MF)

Probably Perseru Serui LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach Hanafi):

89 M C Nasirin (GK), 5 Boman Aime (CB), 18 Bilibig Mahrus (CB), 6 Alfares W Msiren (CB), 3 Mari Siswanto (DF/CMF), 26 Septianus A (CMF), 97 Gamalia Imbiri (CMF), 12 Boas Atuturi (LMF), 21 Petrus P Towolom (RM), 17 Irfan Mofu (CF), 9 Osas Ikpefua (CF)

Perseru Serui LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach Hanafi):

20 Sukasto Efendi (GK), DF: 5 Boman Aime (CB), 18 Bilibig Mahrus (CB), 92 Jhon A wayoi (CB), 25 Yesaya Desnam (CB), MF: 14 Ronaldo Mesidu (DMF), 13 Franklin R (CMF), 26 Septianus A (CMF), FW: 11 Yoksan Ama, 10 Gakou A, 9 Osas Ikpefua (CF)

Key player: Osas M GOAL 80″

(Coach banyak melakukan perubahan pemain regular di sisi midfielder, tidak memainkan the best line up, aneh coach perseru tidak niat win)

Persela Lamongan:

In this game there are 4 regular players Persela absent, respectively Edy Gunawan, Zainal Haq and Choi Hyun Yeon hamstring injury, and young striker Dendy Sulistyawan who is serving yellow card accumulation.

with a long journey to get to Serui (travel by air, land and sea to get to the island Serui), More problem here Persela only have 1 day to prepare in this match.

Missing Player: Choi Hyun Yeon (Key player CMF), Edy Gunawan, Zaenal Haq (injury hamstring) and Dendi Sulistyawan (Regular CF)(accumulation of cards)

coach Aji is likely to rotate some players and even played young players “Saddil Ramdani” from U-19 national team player.

Ramadan Saputra replace Hyun Choi Yeon. While Dendy Sulistyawan replaced by Nur Hardianto.

in this match coach “Aji Santoso” bring :
GK: Dwi Kuswanto and Choirul Huda.
DF: Aang Suparman, Paulo Eduardo Rodrigues Lima, Mahrus Bahtiar, Djayusman Triasdi, Eky Taufik, Taufiq Kasrun and Samsul Arifin
MF: Hedipo Gustavo, Tamsil Sijaya, M. Agung Pribadi, Ramadhan Saputra, Zainal Arifin, Victor Pae and Saddil Ramdani.
FW: Ivan Carlos and Nur Hardianto

Probably Persela Lamongan LINEUPS 4-4-1-1 (Coach: Aji Santoso) :

33 Dwi Kuswanto (GK), DF: 3 Samsul Arifin (LB), 76 Paulao Eduardo (CB), 43 Aang Suparman (CB), 5 Taufiq Kasrun (CB/RB), MF : Ramadan Saputra, 70 hedipo Da Conceicao (AMF), Nur Hardianto (CF), 74 Ivan Carlos Coelho (CF), 69 Saddil Ramdani (CF)

Persela Lamongan LINEUPS 4-4-2 (Coach: Aji Santoso) :

33 Dwi Kuswanto (GK), DF: 24 Ramadhan Saputra (CB),  5 Taufiq Kasrun (CB), 43 Aang Suparman (CB), 76 Paulao Eduardo (CB), 72 Muh A Pribadi (RB), 30 Eky Taufik (RB), MF: 44 Tamsil Sinjaya (CMF), 2 Zainal Arifin (RMF), FW: 74 Ivan Carlos Coelho (CF), 69 Saddil Ramdani (CF)

(DI match ini coach 6 pemain tipe defender, 2 midfielder dan 2 forward, wajar jika Persela mampu menahan imbang di match ini, bahkan sangat terlihat serius untuk merebut angka)

perseru one team in profitable by natural conditions and temperatures on the island Serui, to go to the Serui we have to travel through with air travel by plane, and sea by ship and bus cars on road trip, take long trips, all team affected with this condition each came to Serui. Add more In this game there are 4 regular players Persela absent.

Perseru Serui -1



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