TSC 2016 Match 32

08 December 2016
Kick-off 17:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Arema Cronus Vs Sriwijaya FC

Arema Cronus -1 @1.69/1.63
Arema Cronus -1.25 @1.88/1.84
Sriwijaya FC +1 @2.25/2.17
Sriwijaya FC +1.25 @1.93/1.91

Over 2.5 @2.05/1.96
Under 2.5 @1.87/1.74

Arema Cronus:

Arema Cronus still precariously, Persipura Jayapura won 1-2 away match yesterday so Persipura winning 3 pts from Arema, in this match sure motivation is for Arema, no other way for arema besides winning in this match.

Arema Cronus unbeaten in five final clash with Sriwijaya FC,

2-2 draw against Bali United seems to have made the team Arema Cronus have to work hard again in the remaining three matches TSC 2016.

Target a clean sweep victory in every game becomes a required value if you want to keep the title.

Missing player: Hamka Hamzah (Captain/Defender), accumulation of yellow cards and Benny Wahyudi, strengthen the Indonesian national team in AFF Cup

“We remain focused chasing three points,” said milomir šešlija. Losing Hamka Hamzah, the possibility Raphael Maitimo, Junda Irawan or Syaiful Indra Cahya assigned to back line.

Probably Arema LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Milomir Seslija) :
47 Achmad K (GK), DF : 87 Ahmad A Farisi (LB), 16 Goran G (CB), 4 Syaiful I (RB), 32 Kalmar N (DMF), 94 Ferry A (CMF), 8 Raphael M (CMF), 11 Esteban Vizcarra (AMF), 41 Dendi S (LWF), 28 Oktavianus M (LWF), 10 Cristian Gonzales (CF)

Sriwijaya FC:

“Arema Cronus tough. On average their player of high quality. It is not easy to conquer them, especially in Kanjuruhan Stadium. But we still have to fight. We’ll play quickly with short balls so that at least can steal points,” said Widodo Cahyono Putro.

Create achieve it, Sriwijaya FC striker Alberto Goncalves returned rely on the already make 19 goals.

Coach widodo C putro said: “We came to Malang with good preparation, both in technique and strategy. We also are ready mentally to stem support Aremania who come to the stadium. We also realize that the team that came to Malang always difficult to bring the points home, but we have the determination to offer the best ”

Sriwijaya FC LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Widodo Cahyono Putro) : 21 Yogi T (GK), 19 Manda C (MF), 13 Achmad J (CB), 4 Mauricio Leal (CB), 2 supardi Nasir (RB), 22 Wildansyah (RB), 6 Yoo H (DMF), 15 Firman Utina (AMF), 23 Muh Ridwan (RMF), 10 Hilton Moreira (CF), 9 Alberto G (CF)

3-0 2-0 3-1

Over 2.5 Goals

Arema Cronus -1.25



07 Desember 2016
Kick-off 16:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Mitra Kukar Vs Persipura Jayapura

Mitra Kukar +0 @1.64/1.62
Mitra Kukar 0 @1.89
Persipura Jayapura +0 @2.25/2.17
Persipura Jayapura +0 @1.81

Over 2.5 @2.02/1.96
Under 2.5 @1.80/1.74

Stadion Aji Imbut, Tenggarong

Mitra Kukar:

A conflict between the management and a group of supporters Partners Mitra kukar Mania, so in some match game will not be much visited by supporters.

“Honestly, playing at home there is no support from the fans a disadvantage. Maybe it was an internal matter of them, between the fans and management. I hope hopefully between supporters and management is no meeting point, so we have the support of the fans”

Missing Player: Zikri Akbar (Reguar RB), suspend card

Probably Mitra Kukar LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach Jafri Sastra):

47 Gerri M (GK), 4 Arthur C (CB), 63 Dedi G (CB), 6 Zulchrizal Abdul Gamal (RB), 27 Zikri A (RB), 66 Asri A (CMF), 85. Victor H (AMF), 29 Septian D (LMF), 21 Anindito Erminarno (LMF), 99 Yogi R (CF), 9 Marlon D (CF)

Key player in match: Dedi G 22″

Persipura Jayapura:

motivation to reach 1st and 2nd place and get BIG PRIZE, but in this situation Persipura more have great change.

“Opportunities champions for Persipura is big. Of note, no matter what happens in the three remaining games, we have to win, especially in the two away games face Mitra Kukar and Persegres

Came with high confidence capital after defeating Madura United and FC Bhayangkara, troops Angel Alfredo Vera wants the full points in order to continue tops the standings before the end of competition

Missing player: Ruben Sanadi (Defender) accumulation of yellow cards

Coach Vera said: we all ready in battle, ready condition and central focus on getting a positive result

Probably Persipura LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach Angel Alfredo vera) :

1 Yoo Jae Hoon (GK), DF : 21 Yustinus Pae (SB), 2 Rony B (CB), 45 Bio Paulin P (CB), 4 Ricardo S (CB), 5 Izaac J (DMF), 12 Nelson Alom (CMF), 89 Ricardo Silva (AMF), 17 Yohanes F Pahabol (WF), 46 Osvaldo A Haay (WF), 9 Edward Wilson (CF)

Key player in match: Osvaldo A 29″, Paulin 73”

1-1 0-0 0-2 1-3 1-2 2-2 3-3

Persipura Jayapura +0.25




07 Desember 2016
Kick-off 16:15 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Persija Vs Persegres Gresik

Persija -0.75 @1.82
Persija -0.75 @1.80
Persegres +0.75 @1.82
Persegres +0.75 @1.90

Over 2.5 Goals @2.00/1.90
Over 2.5 Goals @1.85
Under 2.5 Goals @1.87/1.79
Under 2.5 Goals @1.85

Persija Jakarta:

Good news 2 key player striker back ready to play: Greg Nwokolo and Pacho Kenmogne.

“They are the team with the collective good game. Their spirit was also outstanding in the field. But their defense was lacking, and there can be utilized by lowering Pacho or Greg tomorrow ”

Persija Jakarta:

Persija LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach : M Zein Alhadad) : 30 Muhammad R (GK), DF : 4 Andik R (LB), 36. Vava M, 33 William P (CB), 14 Ismed S (RB), 21 Amarzukih (DMF), 22 Hong S (CMF), 7 Ramdani L (RMF), 20 Bambang P (CF), 10 Greg N (CF), 59 Emmanuel K.

Persegres Gresik:

team management and coaches in bad condition. Coach Persegres Gresik United Eduward Tjong said it will not deal with Laskar Joko Samudro next season after the team failed to defeated PSM Makassar 3-1

Coach Persegres Gresik United, Eduward Tjong admits his side will find it hard to beat Persija Jakarta.

When defeated Bali United FC, Eduward already surrendered, for failing to meet management targets to penetrate the top ten, Edu admitted frustration with the results achieved by the team

“Now I just think of the rest of the match, and after that I pull [leave the team]. But then again I do not want to find a reason, I’ll finish my job here as a coach”

Persegres Gresik United LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach Eduard Tjong):

88 Satria T (GK), DF : 55 Sasa Zecevic (CB), 54. Wismoyo W (CB), 18. Achmad Ardiansyah (CB), 22 Rival J (RB), 21 Jusmadi (DMF), 10 Inkyun O (CMF), 17 M Saimima (CMF), 11 Agus I (AMF), 14 Kushedya H (RWF), 99 Patrick da silva (CF)

Key player in match: Ghozali M 59″ GOAL

2-0 2-1 3-2

Persija -0.75




06 Desember 2016
Kick-off 14:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Bali United Vs PSM Makassar

Bali United +0 @1.80/1.79
PSM Makassar +0 @2.00/1.95

Over 2.5 @1.80/1.71
Under 2.5 @2.21/2.03

Bali United:

Missing player: Alsan Sanda (RWF), Hasim Kipuw (RB) and Agus Nova (DF) (3 player accumulation of cards), Abdul Rahman (CB, injury)?

Bali united in profitable with the weather conditions, the effect of the recent weather is rather weak, but does not affect the physical bali united

Bali united in stabel situation in last 3 matches, 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat, the positive trend Bali United in the last 5 games better. That includes their successful hold Arema Cronus 2-2 in week 31 at home.

Bali united missing 3 regular defender.

Bali United LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Indra Sjafri) :

1 Rully D (GK), 8 Ricky F (LB),  13 Bobby S (CB), 32 Ahn B (CB), 4 Mahdi F (RB), 44 I.G (CMF), 19 Hendra S (CMF), 92 Syakir S (AMF), 7 Miftahul Hamdi (LWF), 11 Yabes R (RWF), 18 I M (CF)


PSM Makassar:

PSM came to Bali with a convincing capital. The team now in 4th position in the standings the results of five successive victories.

Coach Robert Rene Alberts: comes with high confidence thanks to a superior action they have shown since week 26. They are unbeaten.

Probably PSM Makasar LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Robert Rene Alberts) :

51 Syaiful (GK), DF: 22 Ardan Aras (SB), 28 Reva A (LB), 4 Wasyiat Hasbulah (CB),  87 Kwon Jun (CB), 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 19 Rizky Pellu (CMF), 16. Ridwan T (CMF), 80 Willem J (AMF), FW: 11 M Rahmat (RWF), 25 Titus Bonay (CF)

PSM Makasar LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Robert Rene Alberts) :

51 Syaiful (GK), DF: 22 Ardan Aras (SB), 2 Hendra @ (SB), 4 Wasyiat Hasbulah (CB),  87 Kwon Jun (CB), 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 19 Rizky Pellu (CMF), 16. Ridwan T (CMF), 80 Willem J (AMF), FW: 11 M Rahmat (RWF), 25 Titus Bonay (CF)

Key player in match: Titus B 37″ and Rasyid A 79″


Bali united missing 3 regular defender Vs PSM with open play

2-2 0-2 3-3 2-1 1-3

Over 2.5 Goals




06 Desember 2016
Kick-off 14:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Perseru Serui Vs Persiba

Perseru Serui -1 @1.86/1.75
Persiba Balikpapan +1 @2.15/1.99

Over 2.5 @1.87/1.79
Under 2.5 @2.05/1.92

Perseru Serui:

Perseru serui defeated from Pusamania Borneo FC and Persib Bandung. Besides Pusamania and Persib, other teams that make Perseru got a crushing defeat was Barito Putera.

Perseru serui is very difficult teams to beat at home.
Noted, from 14 home games, Perseru unbeaten. record of 10 wins and 4 result a draw, perseru one team in profitable by weather conditions and geographical location, with a short break pause time is difficult to Persiba can beat perseru serui

“We have to fix the weaknesses in the previous two games. I only ask the players to improve their appearance, but we will try to defend the status never lost at home, “said coach Hanafi.

Missing player: bilibig dian mahrus (CB)

Probably Perseru Serui LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach Hanafi):

20 Sukasto E (GK), DF: 5 Boman Aime (CB), 92 Jhon A (CB), 6 Alfares W (CB), 23 Detius M (RB), 13 Franklin R (CMF), 26 Septianus A (CMF), 12 Boas A Atuturi (LMF), 10 Gakou A (CF), 17 irfan Y (CF), 9 Osas M Ikpefua (CF)

Key player in match: irfan Y 14″ GOAL, Gakou A 44″ GOAL, Detius M 90” GOAL

Persiba Balikpapan:

Persiba certainly not complete due to the absence of a number of players pillars.

Missing 3 regular defender player: Antonio Teles (DMF), Frengky Turnando (LB), and Iqbal Samad (RB) (3 player accumulation of yellow cards). Dirkir Glay Kohn (red card),

“Perseru have never lost at home, so the match will not be easy”

Without the presence of the figure of Antonio Teles midfield general Newcastle midfield certainly will be a little oversized.
Teles position is crucial to break down the opposing team game and set the rhythm of the game. He did not play because of accumulated cards.

Persiba LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach: Jaino Matos) :

23 Yoewanto S (GK), 16 Hermawan (CB), 6 Ledi U (CB), 4 Asep B (CB), 21 Hanif A (CB), MF: 88 Abdul Lutfi Akbar (DMF), 11 Bima S (DMF), 25 Asnawi M (CMF), 7 Gideon V (LMF), 71 I.G (RMF), 18 Shohei Matsunaga (CF).


Key player in match:

3-0 2-1 1-1 2-0 3-1 3-2 2-1

Perseru Serui -1




06 Desember 2016
Kick-off 16:15 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Bhayangkara FC Vs Semen Padang

Bhayangkara FC -1 @1.94/1.87
Semen Padang +1 @1.94/1.85

Over 2.5 @1.90/1.85
Under 2.5 @1.90/1.85

Bhayangkara FC:

Bhayangkara FC ingin mengakhiri paceklik kemenangan saat menjamu Semen Padang di Stadion Gelora Delta Sidoarjo pada pertandingan pekan ke-32 Indonesia Soccer Champhionship (ISC) A 2016, Selasa (6/12) sore WIB.

Di empat laga terakhir itu, Bhayangkara FC hanya mendapatkan masing-masing dua imbang dan kalah. Bahkan satu dari dua kekalahan tersebut diperoleh ketika mereka bermain di kandang kala dibekuk PSM Makassar.

“Kami sekarang hanya punya dua laga home sisa. Karena itu, kami harus memaksimalkan pertandingan ini. Kalau kalah, kami akan terlempar ke papan tengah. Mau tidak mau kami harus menang lawan Semen Padang,” tegas Ibnu.

Ibnu memahami laga nanti tidak mudah. Selain Semen Padang dianggap memiliki materi pemain bagus, penggawa Bhayangkara FC pun dilanda kelelahan akibat jadwal padat. Namun Ibnu enggan meratapi situasi itu.

“Itu sudah risiko, dan pemain memahami kondisi ini. Kami beruntung mempunyai banyak pemain muda, sehingga mereka cepat recovery. Semoga saja tidak ada yang cedera,” imbuh Ibnu.

Bhayangkara FC LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: ibnu Grahan) :

1. Wahyu T Nugroho (GK), 21 M.F (LB), 5. Oktavio D (CB), 2  I.Gede P (RB), 81 Muh Hargianto (DMF), 89. Lee Yoo Joon (DMF), 27. Indra K (CMF), 20 Ilham U (LWF), 22 Fandi E (RWF), 88 Antoni P (CF), 10 Rudi W (CF)

Key player in match: Oktavio D 44″, Fandi E 55″

Semen Padang:

Semen Padang mendapatkan angin segar menghadapi laga nanti. Tim Kabau Sirah dipastikan bisa memainkan striker M Nur Iskandar untuk diduetkan dengan Marcel Sacramento.

M Nur yang absen ketika dikalahkan Madura United telah berangkat ke Sidoarjo bersama Fandi Imbiri. Namun Semen Padang belum diperkuat bek Cassio de Jesus yang masih menjalani pemulihan kebugaran. Kondisi ini membuat pelatih Nilmaizar optimistis mampu mencuri poin di kandang Bhayangkara FC.

“Kami mempunyai strategi pakem seperti sebelumnya. Mungkin hanya ada sedikit perubahan komposisi pemain saja. 80 persen pemain yang diturunkan tidak jauh beda seperti melawan Madura United,” ujar Nil.

“Catatan away kami tidak bagus, tapi kami sukar dikalahkan. Saya minta supaya pemain bisa konsentrasi sepanjang 90 menit, tidak lagi mudah kebobolan di menit-menit akhir seprti ketika dipukul balik Madura.”

dipastikan akan bertambah, Nur Iskandar dan Fandri Imbiri yang sebelumnya asbsen akibat akumulasi kartu kuning dan Nur Iskandar karena pemulihan kesehatan.

Kedua pemain bergabung langsung menuju Sidoarjo untuk melakukan persiapan dengan 18 pemain lainnya guna menghadapi pertandingan tengah pekan ini. Sementara itu pilar utama lainnya yang absen pada pertandingan sebelumnya yaitu Cassio De Jesus masih dalam tahap pemulihan akibat sakit dimana saat menghadapi Persiba bek tangguh ini terpaksa ditarik keluar pada jeda babak pertama dan dilarikan ke rumah sakit Semen Padang.

Berikut skuad Semen Padang FC yang dipersiapakan untuk menghadapi Bhayangkara FC:

Penjaga Gawang: Jandia Eka Putra, Rivky Mokodompit.

Belakang: Hengki Ardiles, Novrianto, Handi Ramdan, Agung, Novan,

Satrio Syam, Fandri Imbiri.

Tengah: Muamer Svraka, Vendri Mofu, Rudi, Riko Simanjuntak, Irsyad Maulana, Defri Riski, Adi Nugroho.

Depan: Lee Gil Hoon, Marcel Sacramento, Christoper Sibi, Nur Iskandar.

lineups Semen Padang 4-4-2 (coach: Nil Maizar) :
33. Rivki M (GK), DF: 2 Novan S (SB), 16 Agung P (CB), 5 Novrianto (CB), 11 Hengki A (RB), 20 Riko S (SMF), 10 Vendry R (CMF), 7. Rudi (CMF), 27 Muamer Svraka (CMF), 88 Irsyad M (RMF), 8 Marcel Sacramento (CF).

Key player in match: Marcel S 37″, Vendry R 62″

3-0 2-1 1-1 2-0 2-0 3-1 3-2 2-1 2-0

RESULT: 2-2 



05 Desember 2016
Kick-off 16:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Pusamania Borneo FC Vs PS TNI

Pusamania -1.5 @1.85/1.79
PS TNI +1.5 @1.95/1.91

Over 2.5 Goals @1.60/1.53
Under 2.5 Goals @2.46/2.34

Stadion Segiri, Samarinda, Live on Indosiar

Pusamania Borneo FC:

Missing player All three players were forced to miss due to the accumulation of sanctions is Jad defender Noureddine, midfielder Flavio Beck junior, and winger Jefri Kurniawan. While goalkeeper Muhammad Ridho still hospitalized due to the disease typhus.

Jad absence and Ridho bit much influence in the sector back.

Only 1 match lose at home 0-3 Vs Persipura in 15/07 after that until now Pusamania never lose.

The absence of a series of current major players blessing for front sector Pusamania Borneo FC. At least, two substitute prove his special potential. They are Sultan Samma and Ricky Ohorella. Stretching they enrich scenario Dragan Djukanovic.

Besides having one match remaining more than rivals, Pusamania Borneo FC also came to the Stadium May 17 with additional capital. Pack 11 goals, striker Pedro Javier Velazquez lust repeat success in round I. Main at home at the time, they gilas Barito Putera 4-1.

Pusamania Borneo LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Dragan Djukanovic) :

33. Dian A (GK), 3 Zulkifli Syukur (CB), 32 Leonardo T (CB), 46. Firly Apriyansyah, 11 Ponaryo A (CMF), 27 Gerald R (CMF), 22 Sultan S (AMF), 18 Ricky A (RMF), 10 Edilson T (SS) , 9 Pedro Javier Velazquez (CF), 76 Rifal L (CF)

Key player in match: Ricky A 14″, Pedro J 20″ Edilson T 34″, Rachmat L 45″, Edilson T 81″, Pedro J 87″


Average team with only local player, always open play and never scare atk in away match,

Assistant coach Suharto stated, The Army will continue to demonstrate the game open in order to get points at home to porpoises Etam. Moreover, they have a better fitness after a duel against FC has been delayed.

PS TNI LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Suharto AD (Coach asisten) :

18  Dhika Bayangkara (GK), DF : 9 Choirul H (LB), 26 Wanda S (CB), 4 Hendri A (CB), 3. Wiganda P (RB), 21 Irfandi Z (CMF), 88 Stevanus B (CMF), 24 Legimin R (CMF), 11 Frets L (CMF), 22 Tambun D (SS), 19 Aldino Herdianto (CF)

Key player in match: Legimin R 30″

5-0 4-0 3-0 2-1 3-1 6-2

Over 3 Goals




04 Desember 2016
Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Barito Putera Vs Persib Bandung

Barito Putera +0.25 @1.87
Persib Bandung -0.25 @1.92

Over 2.5 @1.90
Under 2.5 @1.90

Barito Putera:

Missing player: Risky Pora and Hansamu Yama Pranata (both called to National team for AFF 2016), Muhammad Roby (Red Card)

Good information and atmosphere in Barito manajemen get NEW COach for 2017, Yunan Helmi is currently a Caretaker coach Barito Putera, will certainly be a assistant coach for Barito Putera next season. he certainly will accompany coach Jacksen F Tiago later.

Junior Luis Carlos lone goal in the 75th minute to make Barito Putera 1-0.

Luis Carlos Junior on fire and have great motivation to reach 1st top scorer in ISC-A. (only have 2 goals gap betwen 1st top scorer in ISC-A)

Barito Putera LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach Asistent: Yunan Helmi) : 30 Imam A (GK), DF: 15 Muhamad A (MF), 22 Nazar N, 77 Tedi B (MF), 6 Thierry G (CB), 29 Ambrizal (CB), 4 Lim Jun Sik (DMF/RB), 8 Amirul M (CMF), 18 Adam A (CMF), 21 Agi P (CF), 10 Luis C (CF)

Key player in match: Yongky A 72″ GOAL

Persib Bandung:

Doubtfull Player: ‘Sergio’ van Dijk (Still not prime due to injury in the right thigh muscle)

This time Sergio van Dijk and Dias Angga Putra is still in the recovery phase. Because both injured when the host perseru serui two days ago, they had to be replaced in the middle of the fight. If players did not recover in time, Persib could still put 18 names in the List of Players

“In addition to Sergio who suffered a muscle injury, Dias also is still not 100 per cent fit. So we bring also Rachmad (Hidayat) and David Laly in case if both players can not play, ”

LINEUPS Persib Bandung 4-2-3-1 (Coach: Djadjang Nurjaman) :

1 Mahbuby M Fadhil (GK), DF: 6 Tony Sucipto (LB), 18 jajang Sukmara (LB), 3 Vladimir V (CB), 4 Dias A (RB), 24 Hariono (DMF), 23 Kim J (CMF), 19 Febri Haryadi (RMF), 7 Atep (LWF), 82 Tantan (LWF), 48 Marcos A Flores (CF)

key player in match: 3 Vladimir V 5″ GOAL

0-0 1-1 2-1

Barito Putera +0.25

RESULT: 1-1 (WIN 1/2)



04 Desember 2016
Kick-off 16:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Persela Lamongan Vs Madura United

Persela Lamongan +0 @2.17
Persela Lamongan +0.25 @1.80
Madura United +0 @1.64
Madura United -0.25 @2.00

Over 2.5 @1.82/1.77
Under 2.5 @2.08/1.95

Last 3 match to the end of ISC-A its all about motivation, in ISC-A only 1st and 2nd best team get BIG PRIZE, and this championship not efect with NO relegation/promotion, soo motivation in Madura united here.

Persela Lamongan:

Missing 2 regular Player: Ivan Carlos (Suspension red card) and Victor Pae (acummulation yelow card).

“I think the match will take place interesting. But I still worry about the referee’s leadership. I am a coach who would be satisfied if we win or lose it for strategy and team play on the field and not because of the referee’s leadership is less fair. ”

Persela Lamongan LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach: Aji Santoso) :

1 Choirul Huda (GK), DF: 3 Samsul A (LB), 36 Edy G (LB), 12 M Z Haq (CB), 76 Paulao Eduardo (CB), 72 Muhammad A (RB), 30 Eky Taufik (RB), 13 Choi Hyun Yeon (CMF), 70 Hedipo G Da Conceic (AMF), 28 Steven I (RMF), 22 Dendi S (CF).

Key player in match: Steven I 25″ GOAL, Hedipo G 42″ GOAL,

Madura United:

Motivation in Madura united increase, because in last match Arema only draw 2-2, soo betwen Arema (1st) and Persipura (2nd) only 1 pts difference.

Missing player: Bayu Gatra (called to national team Indonesia in AFF 2016) and Slamet Nur Cahyo Doubtfull.

“Together we are in this year only a few days left until the 18th of December. TSC minutes of play at this time, we are leaving only 270 minutes, ”

“Together we must continue fertilizer and keep together vigorously to resolve this TSC,”

Rishadi fauzi dan Patrich Steve Wanggai on fire.

Madura United’s coach, Gomes de Oliveira insists that his team will work hard to win the match and could have picked up three points at home Persela Lamongan.

“We will face Persela at home alone, we know it is not easy. But we were again on fire, we have a passion for the game tomorrow,

Madura United LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach: Gomes De Olivera)

77 Hery P (GK), DF: 14 Rendi Siregar (LB), 2 Guntur A (CB), 5 Munhar (CB), 15 Fabiano Da Rosa (CB), 13 Dane M (DMF), 10 Slamet N (AMF), 7 Engleberd S (LWF), 17. Elthon Maran, 9 Rodrigues A (CF), 50. Erick W (CF).

Key player in match: Dane M 3” GOAL

0-1 1-2

Madura United -0.25



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