15 April 2017 Barito Putera Vs Mitra Kukar = 2-1

15 April 2017
Kick-off 15:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Barito Putera Vs Mitra Kukar
Pick: Barito Putera -0.5
Odds: 2.02
Stake: 5/10

Barito Putera to win (1) @1.90
Barito Putera -0.5 @2.02
Mitra Kukar/Draw (X2) @1.86
Mitra Kukar/Draw (X2) @1.73
Over 2.5 @2.06
Under 2.5 @1.80

Derby Kalimantan

Barito Putera:

One team that looks seriously entering Indonesia league 1 brings coach caliber Jacksen F Tiago. Coach who has a gold record in Persipura was chosen by management in order to meet the target in the top five.

Slowly but surely, some newer names were brought in to fill the squad, especially the foreign pillars. With 2x of financial projection bigger than ISC-A then, Jacksen is more freely in hunting quality players. The price is a bit expensive did not matter.

“Financial projections rose significantly compared to last season, which could double,” said Syarifuddin Ardasa, Assistant Manager of Barito Putera.

Barito Putera has 26 players, including 3 quality player : Aaron Michael Evans (Key Defender), Matias Cordoba (key Midfielder) and Thiago Chunha (key striker) Added One of the best local players in the Indonesian national team on the AFF Cup trophy in 2016 and Rizky pora

GK: Aditya Harlan (nomor punggung 20), Muhammad Riyandi (1), Shahar Ginanjar (12).
DF: Hansamu Yama (23), Faizal Fakhri (28), Ambrizal (6), Muhammad Rifqi (5), Daniel Tata (97), Valentino Telaubun (21), Nazar Nurzaidin (22), M Roby (3), Aaron Michael Evans (2), Gavin Kwan Adsit (18).
MF: Hanif Ansyori (16), Fajar Handika (24), Syahroni (15), Amirul Mukminin (8), Paulo Sitanggang (17), Matias Cordoba(77), Nazarul Fahmi (96), Dedi Hartono (10), David Laly (91), Rizky Pora (26).
FW: Yongki Aribowo (7), Agi Pratama (9), Thiago Chunha (11).

Missing player: Three players, having been undergoing injury recovery: Faisal Fakhri, Gavin Kwan Adsit and Yongki Aribowo.

It is believed that 3 injured players will have no effect, because the stock of Barito Putera players is enough, so it will not matter. My players are instructed to play all-out

Probably Barito Putera lineups: Shahar Ginanjar; M Roby, Aaron Michael Evans, Hansamu Yama, Nazar Nurzaidin, Rizky Pora, Matias Cordoba, Paulo Sitanggang, Nazarul Fahmi, Dedi Hartono, Thiago Chunha.

Mitra Kukar:

Mitra Kukar finally get marquee player to play in League 1. landed former Liverpool player, “Mohamed Sissoko” with the duration until the end of the season. The plan in the next few days Sissoko will join the players Mitra Kukar. but sure not play on this match

Bad news for this match not only sure “Mohamed Sissoko” not play in this match other key player name like “Oh In Kyun” dan “Jorge Gotor” in doubtfull situation.

On this match Mitra Kukar not many change from last ISC-A competition. The old names players such as: Dedi Gusmawan, Septian David Mulana, Bayu Pradana, Hendra Adi Bayauw, Anindito Wahyu Erminarno are still included in the main squad.

Other latest news Kukar failed to recruit Brazilian striker Cezar Augusto who became the top-scorer. So now they are still hunting foreign strikers to increase the strength in front line.

Missing 2 Regular Player: Bayu Pradana dan Hendra Bayauw, Who are still recovering from injury.

Coach Jafri said: that it is not easy to achieve win in Banjarmasin (home of Barito). Jacksen’s factor as architect Barito Putera gives a big role to the opponent’s game.

Probably Mitra Kukar lineups: Gerri Mandagi; Zikri Akbar, Saepuloh Maulana, Jorge Gotor, Abdul Gamal, Septian David Maulana, Muhammad Bachtiar, Oh In Kyun, Yogi Rahadian, Zulham Zamrun, Anindito Wahyu.

2-0 2-1

Barito Putera -0.5



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