16 April 2017 PSM Makasar Vs Persela Lamongan = 3-1

16 April 2017
Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
PSM Makasar Vs Persela Lamongan
Pick: PSM Makasar -0.75

PSM Makasar
Persela Lamongan

Stadion Andi Mattalata, Makasar

PSM Makasar:

PSM Makasar Including clubs that are busy in signing players with star labels.

Starting from repatriating local sons like Hamka Hamzah and Zulkifli syukur, PSM also retained a number of players last year namely Rashid Bakri, Ardan Aras, Ferdinand Sinaga to Rizky Pellu.

The 4 PSM foreigners this season will be filled by: Wiljan Pluim (Key MF from Zwolle) dan Marc Klok (23 Year old Key MF from Dundee), Steven Paulle (Key DF from dijon), dan Reinaldo da Costa (Key FW).

Reinaldo da Costa is likely to really fulfill his promise to be a team goal machine. He always scored in a trial match versus Perseru (1 goal) and Barito (2). He missed scoring counter Persipura due to injury.

Missing Player: Rasyid Bakrie (Ankle injury), Tinus Bonai and Syaiful (GK) same problem injury.

PSM Makassar can play newly joined import players namely Marck Anthony Klok. Permission is obtained after the entire administration is registered

In this match Clok opportunity to play. Condition is considered fit enough to undergo debut with PSM. “Depending on the coach, who obviously can play,” he said.

Probably PSM (4-2-3-1): PSM Makassar: Rivki Mokodompit; Reva Aditia Utama, Hamka Hamzah, Steven Paulle, Zulkifli Syukur; Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar, Rizky Pellu, William Jan Pluim, Ridwan Tawainella; Ferdinand Sinaga; Reinaldo Elias da Costa.

Persela Lamongan:

Persela was never included as a champion candidate. Tim was labeled a dark horse.

Simple player composition becomes the factor. During this time, Lamongan origin team is indeed known as a team that is reluctant to shop expensive players.

A limited financial condition is the cause. Welcoming League 1, they are a little innovating.

The players are full of experience brought in, such as Aang Suparman, Juan Revi, and Eka Ramdani. They dare to bring a marquee player, Jose Emanuel Barbosa.

Coach Herry Kiswanto has mapped the quality of his players. On the front lines, Persela rely on Ivan Carlos’s performance.

Persela has arrived in Makassar since Friday (14/4/2017). In this visit, Persela includes 20 players and Jose Coelho is included.

“Jose Coelho” ex benfica player, and The player who had studied football in the junior skipper of Inter Milan was immediately brought only a few days after arriving in Lamongan. Management, ranks of coaches and supporters Persela immediately put great expectations on the 27-year midfielder.

In addition to occupying the midfield, Jose Coelho can also help the attack sector. This is an advantage because in his visit, Persela only brought two strikers namely Ivan Carlos and Samsul Arif.

Missing player: Ahmad Nur Hardianto (sick), and Edy Gunawan

“I see PSM’s progress is very good.” About the player matter, I admit Persela lost the class with PSM, but for 90 minutes the match has a chance to win.

The architect who is called Herkis admits PSM has good preparation. Because, now PSM have quality player material. “Preparation (us) is normal and hope to show the best in PSM,” he said.

Coach Persela Lamongan Herry Kiswanto said 20 players who will ready to face PSM. “Including our marquee player players, because it was bought expensive, but the conditions are not too good,” he said.

Probably Persela (4-2-3-1): Persela Lamongan: Choirul Huda; Samsul Arifin, Marcio, Aang Suparman, Birrul Walidain; Sandi Septian, Kosuke Uchida, Eka Ramdani, Saddil Ramdani, Jose Coelho; Ivan Carlos, Samsul Arif

2-1 3-1

PSM Makasar to win



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