25 April 2017
Kick-off 14:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Perseru Serui Vs Persiba

Perseru Serui -1 @1.83
Persiba Balikpapan +1 @1.91

Stadion Marora, Serui

Perseru Serui:

Perseru Serui who team never lose at home Stadion Marora Serui in last season in ISC-A, perseru, Benefited by natural conditions in serui.

Last 1st match Bhayangkara FC Vs Perseru Lose 2-1 at away match with asian handicap +1.5,

Coach Yusak said: “I am very confident with the performance of players. We play at home, and support from fans will add to the players’ motivation. and our all player ready to play only Yoksan ama doubtfull”

Doubtfull player: Yoksan Ama

Probably Perseru: Sukasto Effendi (GK); Boman Irie Aime, Jhon Alex Wayoi, M Zaenuri, Tony Ayomi, Omar Zein Eddine (or Fransiskus), Ronaldo Mesido, Septianus Aula, Alba Serkadifat (or Lukas), Mariando Uropmabin (or Irvan), Silvio Escobar.

Persiba Balikpapan:

Last 1st match Persiba Vs Persija Lose 0-2 play at netral venue in malang.

Only 10 players are maintained Persiba. The rest is brand-new ammunition player. We strengthen the team in order to compete, and team to be strengthened by their marquee player “Anmar Almubaraki” (FW / AM) from Syrianska FC, Twente.“ said Bambang Suhendro, Manager Persiba, but the problem is wee need more time to adaptation.

Coach Persiba Balikpapan “Timo Scheunemann” asked his team to be able to maintain the conditions, considering they will play heavy fight against Perseru Serui at Marora Stadium, “It’s a very long journey. I want the player to keep his condition in order not to get tired before playing. ”

Coach admitted having difficulty determining players who brought to Serui to face Perseru

Missing player: Robi Kriswanto, Rofanda Faria, (Robi suffered from typhoid symptoms, while Rofanda was injured) while Achmad Hisyam Tole and Gideon Viktor Way (not taken to Serui)

Persiba in training session four players: Masa, Anmar, Faria Rofanda, and Satrio Syam undergo separate training. (Marlon [Da Silva] and Masahito (Noto) are just recovering from injury, just like Satrio Syam)

Timo was preparing stopper Ardhi Yanuar and right wing Tedi Hasanudin. Ardhi’s entry will bend Absor Fauzi and Siswanto to the reserve bench.

“We are a bit of a hassle because of this rule (New Rule of Liga 1 this season each team must play 3 young player U-23 in their lineups). Ardhi should be ready at the beck center. Teddy and Ardhi will enter as a starter, Jemmy [Lakengke] be a reserve. So right-back Alfath, right wing Tedi and center defender Ardhi. They will be the starter, “said coach Timo.

Probably Persiba: Dedi Haryanto (GK); Franky Tornado, Dirkir Glay, Absor Fauzi, Alfath Fathier, Ridho Nurcahyo, Masahito Noto, Siswanto, Anmar Al Mubaraki, Tedi Hasanudin, Marlon da Silva.

2-0 3-1

Perseru Serui -1

FT 2-1
24 April 2017
Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Mitra Kukar Vs PSM Makassar

Mitra Kukar -0.5 @2.16
PSM Makassar +0.5 @1.70
Over 2.5 @1.88
Under 2.5 @1.94

Mitra Kukar:

Mitra kukar will be fully supported by the fans supporters who will meet the stadium that will witness the debut of “Mohamed Sissoko”

Mitra Kukar finally get marquee player to play in League 1. landed former Liverpool player, “Mohamed Sissoko” with the duration until the end of the season. The plan in the next few days Sissoko will join the players Mitra Kukar. probably will play on this match

This will be the inaugural ground for the marquee player Mitra Kukar “Mohamed Sissoko”.

His presence is expected to add creativity in the midfield team Mitra kukar. In addition, Mitra Kukar also get additional ammunition up front with the presence of Marclei Cesar Chaves Santos. The Brazilian striker was indeed the last foreign signup of Mitra Kukar this season. But apparently he will not be played in full time, considering he just joined training last Saturday (22/4).

Last match lose 2-1 at away match Vs Barito Putra

Doubtfull player: Bayu, and Hendra Bayauw (Recovery injury)

Probably Mitra Kukar: Gerri Mandagi; Syaiful Ramadhan, Jorge Gotor, Saepuloh Maulana, Wiganda Pradika; Oh Inkyun, Mohamed Sissoko, Dhika Pratama; Septian David Maulana, Zulham Zamrun, Yogi Rahadian

PSM Makassar:

PSM Makasar Including clubs that are busy in signing players with star labels. prove from 1st match win at home 3-1 Vs Persela.

Starting from repatriating local sons like Hamka Hamzah and Zulkifli syukur, PSM also retained a number of players last year namely Rashid Bakri, Ardan Aras, Ferdinand Sinaga to Rizky Pellu.

The 4 PSM foreigners this season will be filled by: Wiljan Pluim (Key MF from Zwolle) dan Marc Klok (23 Year old Key MF from Dundee), Steven Paulle (Key DF from dijon), dan Reinaldo da Costa (Key FW).

Meanwhile, about the possibility of Marc Klok played against Mitra Kukar, Robert Alberts stated, the Dutchman was ready to be lowered. Clock power is needed to strengthen the midfield, especially the ability to execute set-pieces. Clok name entered into 20 player list to Tenggarong.

Missing player: Titus Bonai (Recovery injury), Ferdinand Sinaga (Get red card in last match)

Probably PSM Makassar: Rivki Mokodompit; Reva Adi Utama, Steven Paulle, Hamka Hamzah, Zulkifli Syukur; Muhammad Arfan, Willem Jan Pluim, Marc Antoni Klok, Ridwan Tawainella; Muhammad Rahmat, Reinaldo Elias da Costa

Draw game

Over 2.5 Goals

FT : 1-1 (LOSE)
23 April 2017
Kick-off 15:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Bali Utd Vs Persipura Jayapura

Bali United +0 @2.20
Persipura Jayapura +0 @1.62
Over 2.5 @1.80
Under 2.5 @2.00

Stadion Kapten I Wayan Dipta, Gianyar, Bali

Bali United:

Bali united benefited from playing at home full support from fans on make sure it meets the stadium, the team also benefited with longer rest periods than Persipura.

Bali United have a number of quality players in this league 1: Jabes Roni, Abdul Rahman, Hasim Kipuw, Muhammad Taufiq, Marcos Flores and also Irfan Bachdim.

“All the players are very enthusiastic in welcoming our first home game, the fans’ extraordinary support will certainly make us better on this match.All players seem to be very hard working for the position in the starting eleven, all player ready to play in this match.

Doubtfull player: Andhika Wijaya (Suffered minor injuries)

Probably Bali United: I Made Wardana (GK); Abdrahman, Ahn Byungkeon, Hasim Kipuw, I Made Andhika Wijaya (Doubtfull), I Gede Sukadana, Marcos Flores, Yabes Roni, Samsul Pelu, Irfan Bachdim, Sylvano Dominique.

Persipura Jayapura:

“We will maximize the existing squad to face this League 1, although the funds are mediocre but we keep trying,” said Benhur Tomi Mano as chairman. “For this year also we have no team launch, because we have to budget efficiency.

The condition of the team is not normal at the beginning of this season the main sponsor of Freeport’s Freeport is not a major sponsor, it is affecting the financial condition of the team, and more worrying at the beginning of this League 1 suddenly replace the new coach Persipura “Liestiadi” who replaced Angel Alfredo Vera previous coach who won the ISC-A last season.

In the first game of league 1 Persipura only able to hold 1-1 Vs Gresik united, make Black Pearl fans disappointed, Thousands of Persipuramania (fans persipura) to demonstrate demanding new management and coach Persipura Jayapura, “Liestiadi” to immediately conduct the evaluation.

“We have trusted Coach Alfredo with the players along with all his programs to navigate the League I competition, but why suddenly did the management ruin our trust by suddenly replacing Coach Alfredo.Of course the focus of the players gets complicated Because of the coach’s turn.

Missing player: Imanuel Wanggai (DM/MF), Izak Wanggai (DM/MF) (both Undergoing post-injury recovery therapy in Jayapura), and Osvaldo Haay (Following the training camp (TC) Indonesia U-22 national team.)

Doubtfull player: Ricardinho (Key playmaker player) This Brazilian player is having a fever.

Missing player: Addison Alves (key FW) and Imanuel Wanggai, (pemulihkan cidera)

Probably Persipura: Yoo Jae Hoon (GK), Richardo Salampessy, Yohanes Tjoe, Yustinus Pae, Ruben Sanadi, Nelson Alom, Ian Lois Kabes, Yanpit Nasadit, Fiska Womsiwor, Marianus Wanewar, Boaz Salossa.


Bali United +0

FT: 1-2
23 April 2017
Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Arema FC Vs Bhayangkara FC

Arema FC -1 @1.76
Bhayangkara FC +1 @2.11
Over 2.5 @1.85
Under 2.5 @1.95

Arema FC:

Arema benefited from playing at home full support from fans on make sure it meets the stadium, the team also benefited with longer rest periods than Bhayangkara FC.

Good news for Arema FC confirmed marquee player strengthened in the 2017 season after recruiting “Juan Pablo Pino” (ex Galatasaray/monaco player). The Colombian striker has signed a contract.

“His physical condition (” Juan Pablo Pino “) is not maximized, now his readiness is only 80 percent, it takes time again. I still give him the freedom to rest during practice. I do not want him to get injured if forced to play. ”

Doubtfull player: Juan Pablo Pino (FW, marquee player)

Arema in this season is expected to look stronger on the defense side, bringing Jad Noureddine to accompany Arthur Cunha in defense, arema look more compact because this season is not too much change their players

Missing player: Cristian Gonzales (key player FW, Received an invitation from the Indonesian Embassy in Jeddah to carry out umroh), Nasir, Bagas Adi Nugroho, and Hanif Sjahbandi Aji (Following the training camp (TC) Indonesia U-22 national team.)

Probably Arema: Kurnia Meiga; Johan Ahmat Farizi, Arthur Cunha, Jad Nuoreddine, Junda Irawan, Adam Alis, Muhammad Rafli, Juan Pablo Pino (Doubtfull), Esteban Vizcarra, Andrianto, Dedik Setiawan

Bhayangkara FC:

“The game against Arema is one of our toughest games in this competition. We came to challenge a big team with exhausted conditions, having been hit by traffic from the airport to the hotel. We will try to show our best game, “said Simon.

Missing player: Putu Gede Juni Antara, Evan Dimas, and Dendy Sulistyawan. (Following the training camp (TC) Indonesia U-22 national team.)

Probably Bhayangkara FC: Wahyu Tri; Dani Saputra, Indra Kahfi, M. Fatchurochman, Otavio Dutra, Zulfiandi, Firman Utina, Lee Yoo Joon, Jajang Mulyana, Thiago Furtuoso, Dinan Javier.

2-1 1-0

FT: 2-0
22 April 2017
Kick-off 15:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Persija Jakarta Vs Barito Putra

Persija Jakarta -0.5 @1.89
Barito Putra +0.5 @1.95

Play at Stadion Patriot Chandrabhaga, Bekasi (netral venue but near from jakarta)

Persija Jakarta:

The arrival of Gede Widiade as the new president of Persija brings a breath of fresh air. The quality players docked one by one, from Luis Carlos Junior (Brazil), M Hargianto, to Rohit Chand (Nepal). with target this season at least through the top five of the final standings.

Last match win 0-2 at away match

Persija Jakarta is unlikely to feature the marquee players they have just signed, Bruno da Silva Lopes (from Ratchaburi FC, Albirex Niigata, GD Estoril Praia), the fitness factor for which Bruno does not play.

Coach Teco said : “He is in a state of exhaustion due to travel away from Brazil plus he also takes care of administration in Singapore,”

Persija already has four foreign players. Previously they have contracted Willian Pacheco (Brazil), Rohit Chand (Nepal), and Luiz Carlos Junior (Brazil). The Brazil was getting thicker in Persija team with the presence of Lopes.

“We’ve pocketed and anticipated their game. All players are in great shape. Moreover, we have been preparing for one week. Three points are our main target. ”

Probably Persija: Andritany Ardhiyasa; Ismed Sofyan, Maman Abrrahman, Willian Pacheco, Rezaldi Hehanusa, Sandi Sute, Muhammad Rasul, Irfandi Zein, Rohit Chand, Rudi Widodo, Luiz Junior.

Barito Putra:

One team that looks seriously entering Indonesia league 1 brings coach caliber Jacksen F Tiago. Coach who has a gold record in Persipura was chosen by management in order to meet the target in the top five.

“Financial projections rose significantly compared to last season, which could double,” said Syarifuddin Ardasa, Assistant Manager of Barito Putera.

Barito Putera has 26 players, including 3 quality player : Aaron Michael Evans (Key Defender), Matias Cordoba (key Midfielder) and Thiago Chunha (key striker) Added One of the best local players in the Indonesian national team on the AFF Cup trophy in 2016 and Rizky pora

Last match win 2-1 at home Vs Mitra kukar in derby kalimantan.

Coach Jacksen F Tiago : “We want a win as a club anniversary present. Whoever is taken down will definitely try to give the best. We have prepared this game for one week, ”

Missing player: Hansamu Yama, Nazar Nurzaidin and Paulo Sitanggang, (Following the training camp (TC) Indonesia U-22 national team.)

Probably Barito Putera: Shahar Ginanjar; Aaron Evans, Valentino Telaubun, Amirul Mukminin, Hanif Anshori, Fajar Handika, Matias Cordoba, Nazarul Fahmi, Rizky Pora, Agi Pratama, Thiago Cunha.

2-0 2-1

Persija Jakarta -0.5 @1.89

FT: 1-1 (LOSE)
22 April 2017
Kick-off 15:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Sriwijaya FC Vs Borneo FC

Sriwijaya FC
Borneo FC

Sriwijaya FC:

“Our target would want to win, let alone play at home. There is no other word than winning. For the preparation is good, although a little less. Because we only have a pause five days after from Padang, “said coach Sriwijaya FC Oswaldo Lessa.

Sriwijaya FC a bit constrained in the back line with the absence of left-wing defender Zalnando. Lessa said she might downgrade Indra Permana to replace Zalnando’s role.

Missing player: Zalnando (Defender)

Probably Sriwijaya FC: Teja Paku Alam; Gilang Ginarsa, Yanto Basna, Firdaus Ramadhan, Indra Permana, Yu Hyun Koo, Hendra Sandi, Slamet Budiono, Hilton Moreira, Alberto Goncalves

Borneo FC:

“We will still be demonstrating the style of the attacking game, I think all the players are ready and getting used to my strategy.Although the game will run difficult, I hope we can achieve full points,”

“Sriwijaya have good qualities and their players play very carefully, of course all players will make it difficult for us to rely on attacking strategy, but we are not afraid to face Sriwijaya at home,

Shane Smeltz (marquee player) made his debut with Borneo FC after being put in the 61st minute in the previous match, replacing Rifal Lastori. Looks maish takes adaptation time.

Borneo FC coach Dragan Djukanovic has not been able to ensure Helder Lobato appeared in this match after suffering serious injuries from a duel against PS TNI.

Doubtfull player: Helder Lobato (Head wound gets six stitches in last match), Wahyudi (Had a mild concussion in last match)

Probably Borneo FC: M Ridho; Zulvin Zamrun, Kunihiro Yamashita, Helder Lobato (doubtfull), Michael Orah, Ponaryo Astaman, Shane Smeltz, Flavio Beck, Terens Puhiri, Riswan Yusman, Lerby Eliandri.

2-0 3-1

Sriwijaya FC to win

FT: 1-0 (WIN)
15 April 2017
Kick-off 15:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
PS TNI Vs Persib Bandung

Persib Bandung


With the appointment of Hatton’s coach signifying the seriousness of this army-owned club with the appointment of foreign trainers of french citizens, PS TNI reformed the changes for the team.
Hong Soon Hak, Aboubacar Leo Camara, and Aboubacar Sylla
(the problem is sure foreign player still need time to adaptation)

strengthen the team with quality foreign players is not a shame for the PS TNI.

Last match PS TNI make Draw 2-2 Vs Borneo FC

PS TNI will lose two players who called the national team Andy Setyo Nugroho and Ravi Murdianto. The first name became a major player when entertaining Pesut Etam, until his name can be filled by Wanda Syahputra or Agil Munawar.

Missing player: Andy Setyo Nugroho (regular player) dan Ravi Murdianto (Reserve) (Following the training camp (TC) Indonesia U-22 national team.)

Probably PS TNI: Dhika Bayangkara; Ganjar Mukti, Abubakar Leo Camara, Wanda Syahputra, Abduh Lestaluhu; Manahati Lestusen, Hong Soon Hak; Alwi Slamat, Gustur Cahyo, Erwin Ramdani; Aboubacar Sylla.

Persib Bandung:

Persib will be benefited by the many support of Bobotoh (supporters bandung, because the distance sentul bogor and bandung not far)

“Play away match to Pakansari bogor for us seemed to play in home, because Pakansari has often become their own home when in ISC, and the race for third place trophy opponents Semen Padang. This means I hope Pakansari can give a luck, and so are supporters outside the field”

Persib Bandung coach Djadjang Nurdjaman revealed, the administrative process of Michael Essien and Carlton Cole has been settled, so it can be played against the PS TNI

Raphael Maitimo condition that was previously absent against FC Arema is also still under the watchfulness of Persib medical team. But maitimo visible in light training led by coach Persib Djadjang Nurdjaman yesterday.

Missing player: Febri Hariyadi (MF) dan Gian Zola (MF) (Called following the training camp (TC) Indonesia U-22 national team.)

Doubtfull: Raphael Maitimo (Regular MF)

Fulgensius Billy Paji Keraf from East Nusa Tenggara is certainly legitimate to be part of the Maung Bandung squad after getting the endorsement of PSSI, which means it can play counter PS TNI (to fill the rules of young players slot).

Probably Persib: I Made Wirawan; Henhen Herdiana, Vladimir Vujovic, Achmad Jufriyanto, Tony Sucipto; Hariono, Michael Essien; Agung Mulyadi, Atep, Shohei Matsunaga, Angga Febryanto.


Persib Bandung -1

FT: 2-2 (LOSE)
21 April 2017
Kick-off 15:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Gresik United Vs Semen Padang
Pick: Semen Padang +0

Gresik United
Semen Padang

Gresik United:

Kondisi team membaik di musim ini, mampu mengimbangi persipura 1-1 di away match memperlihatkan persela memang siap bersaing ketat di liga 1.

Coach hanafi mempertahankan rekornya tampa kalah melawan Persipura walaupun away match, Patrick da Silva on fire, menjadi pahlawan di match itu.

kiper pada menit ke-61 Satria tama mengalami cedera di match sebelumnya. dan menganti Aji Saka menjadi GK

lini belakang yang dipimpin Goran Ganchev. membuat Pertahanan Gresik solid dan rapih. (namun di match ini goran di ragukan tampil)

Pelatih Persegres Gresik United Hanafi merasa diperlakukan tidak adil terkait jadwal bertanding tim besutanya. Gresik United terkendala recovery pemain menjelang duel melawan Semen Padang, Team hanya memiliki waktu selisih 3 hari untuk mempersiapkan pertandingan ini (total waktu istirahat hanya 1 hari karena perjalanan pulang menuju gresik dari persipura)

Missing Player: Satria Tama (1st GK, injury in last match), Arsyad Yusgiantoro (Regular FW, follow the training camp Indonesia U-22 national team), Mohammad Said (Regular MF, Permission is being graduated), Herwin Tri Saputra (Was in a condolence to his family’s death) and Goran Ganchev (KEY Player DF, His head was injured when it collided in last match).

“For Goran Ganchev condition is still about 60 percent after yesterday had a collision when the opponent Persipura, and can be five stitches. We are still waiting for condition. ”

Probably Gresik United: Aji Saka (GK); I Gusti Rustiawan, Goran Gancev (Doubtfull), M Choirul Rifan, Jeki Arisandi; Choi Hyun Yuen, Fitra Ridwan, Dave Mustaine; Ghufroni, Patrick da Silva, Komaruddin.

Semen Padang:

Team memiliki waktu istirahat 4 hari untuk persiapan match ini.

Semen Padang gagal menuai poin penuh di kandang sendiri pada laga perdana Liga 1 2017. Itu setelah, mereka hanya bermain imbang 1-1 dengan Sriwijaya FC

Sacramento on fire mencetak angka 1 goal in last match

“Persegres tim bagus dengan paduan pemain muda yang bagus pula. Apalagi mereka bermain di kandang sendiri, dan juga punya pemain belakang yang solid. Kami datang dengan pemain lengkap, dan akan berusaha main normal untuk dapat meraih kemenangan,”

Nil membawa 20 pemain untuk laga ini. Pemain direncanakan bertolak ke Gresik, Rabu (19/4) pagi WIB. Menurut Nil, pemain dalam kondisi fit dan siap diturunkan. Ia juga membawa pemain muda yang baru dikontrak, Fridolin K Yoku. Fridolin membuat Nil punya banyak pilihan mengisi lini tengah.

Probably Semen Padang: Muhammad Ridwan (GK); Cassio de Jesus, Hengki Ardiles, Novan Setya Sasongko, Novrianto; Kevin Ivander, Rudi, Vendry Mofu; Adi Nugroho, Marcel Silva Sacramento, Syamsul Bahri.

1-2 0-2

FT: 1-3 (WIN)
21 April 2017
Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Persela Vs Madura United

Persela Lamongan
Madura United

Persela Lamongan:

The players are full of experience brought in this new season, such as Aang Suparman, Juan Revi, and Eka Ramdani. They dare to bring a marquee player, Jose Emanuel Barbosa (ex Benfica player). On the front lines, Persela rely on Ivan Carlos’s performance.

But the problem is with many new experience player in last match lose from PSM 3-1 team look need more time to adaptation and Compact, in that match our GK play bad.

Missing player: Saddil Ramdani (Who follow the training camp Indonesia U-22 national team), Ahmad Nur Hardianto (Have not recovered from illness), and Aang Suparman (Regular DF, Red Card last match).

Coach “Herkis” said: I hope Jose Coelho appears as a team differentiator. I also hope all players can pull out all their best abilities, ” (but jose coelho still new player in persela need time to adaptation, in last match look jose need time to adaptation)

Probably Persela: Choirul Huda; Birrul Walidain, Eki Taufik, Marcio Rosario, Samsul Arifin; Sandi Septian, Jose Coelho, Kosuke Yamazaki, Bobby Wirawan; Samsul Arif, Ivan Carlos.

Madura United:

MU This season looks to have players with better material such as: Peter Odemwingie, Greg Nwokolo, Bayu Gatra, Fabiano Beltrame, Radouanne Zerzouri and Engelberd Sani.

Do not forget also the figure of marquee player classmate “Peter Odemwingie”. Ex West Bromwich Albion

in 1st match Madura united play with great strategy and win 2-0 Vs Bali united.

Good News Madura United is likely to be reinforced Hery Prasetyo’s main goalkeeper after missing the opening game due to injury. In addition to Hery, another player who can be lowered is Fredi Isir already recover.

Doubtfull player: Risky Dwi Febrianto (young midfielder still in recovery)

“We have enough preparation time. We fix errors from the last tournament in ISC-A, play and play discipline. Everything still keeps the cohesiveness. I’m sure we are ready to fight anyone, and whoever is taken down will play well, ”

Madura United Defender line in last match appear very compact.

Probably Madura United: Angga Saputra; Fabiano Beltrame, Fachruddin Wahyudi Aryanto, Rifad Marasabessy, Andik Rendika Rama; Rizky Dwi, Redouane Zerzouri, Slamet Nurcahyono, Saldi, Bayu Gatra; Peter Odemwingie.

0-0 1-2 0-1

Madura United -0.25

FT: 2-0 (LOSE)


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