31 May 2017
Kick-off 20:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1

BALI UNITED +0 @1.85
Over 2.5 @2.00
Under 2.5 @1.75

Stadion Kapten I Wayan Dipta, Gianyar Kick off 20:30 WIB. Live On TVONE


Coach widodo : “We are ready for tonight’s game, conditioning and adaptation of the exercises on Month of fasting for moslem players we have done,”

4.Pts from 2 match Was able to obtain Bali United since it was handled by the new coach “Widodo Cahyono Putro”, who replaced “Hans-Peter Schaller”. Widodo debut 3-0 victory over Borneo FC then draw Vs Persija Jakarta.

“Since being handled by Coach Widodo, Bali United has shown remarkable progress especially in the defense sector looking stronger.

“Hopefully we can achieve our goal of victory. Related to the condition of the players, all Player ready for this match. The opportunity given I expect to be put to good use. ”

Probably Bali United (4-2-3-1): Wawan Hendrawan (GK); I Made Andhika, Ahn Byung-keon, Agus Nova, Mahdi Albaar (DF); Fadil Sausu, Taufiq, Nick van der Velden, Marcos Flores, Irfan Bachdim (MF); Sylvano Comvalius (FW)


Skuat Persib Bandung is in less than ideal condition against Bali United at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Bali, It is because the preparation of the team ahead of the game was very minimal.

Coach “Djadjang ‘Djanur’ Nurdjaman” said: His team only practiced once before Ramadan in Bandung. The final preparation was done in Bali despite experiencing a number of obstacles.

Only held one practice in Bandung and last night we also did the exercise with the dark lights

Missing player: Carlton Cole (Key player FW, Not brought to Bali because the performance has not been satisfactory), Jajang Sukmara, Imam, Puja and Agung.

Two players who previously attended the training camp with the Indonesian national team that “Febri Hariyadi” and “Gian Zola” also brought.

Mentioned about the obstacles to play during Ramadan, he admitted there is a problem in itself. Therefore, players compete about 1.5 hours after breaking the fast.

Bandung still often play defensive in Liga 1 2017. Positive results also to maintain the trend has never lost to the League 1.

“The unbeaten team’s predicate must be maintained, however we must defend it,”

Persib (4-3-3): M.Natshir (GK); Henhen Herdiana, Vladimir Vujovic, Ahmad Jupriyanto,
Tony Sucipto (DF); Hariono, Gian Zola Nasrulloh, Dedi Kusnandar (MF); Atep, Sergio van Dijk, Febri Hariyadi (FW)

Probability CS: 1-0 0-0

Pick-1: BALI UNITED +0

Pick-2: Under 2.5 Goals

FT: 1-0 (WIN)
30 May 2017
Kick-off 18:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1

BARITO PUTERA +0.5 @2.75
Over 2.5 @1.80
Under 2.5 @2.00

Stadion Mandala, Jayapura
Kick off 18:00 WIB


Coach Persipura have prepared themselves to pit his tactics with Jacksen F Tiago and ready to bring Black Pearl secured three points in the home game.

“In this fight I have prepared a tactical war between coaches and we will also prepare the players physically to provide resistance against Barito Putera We are targeting three points in the game counter Barito Putera This is a home game so we will work hard to get full points” Said Coach Liestiadi.

Good news Ian Louis Kabes and Tahir can play in this match to make solid defence.

Missing player: Boaz Solossa, Nelson Alom (in recovery DOubtfull) and Imanuel Wanggai (in recovery, Doubtfull)

2 Young player Doubtfull: Osvaldo Hai and Marinus Wanewar. (Both still have to do the training with U-22 national team)

Probably Persipura (4-3-3): Yoo Jae Hoon; Yustinus Pae, Ricardo Salampessy, Dominggus Fakdawer, Ruben Sanadi, Muhammad Tahir, Prisca Womsiwor, Yan Pietr Nasadit, Ian Kabes, Marinus Wanewar, Addison Alves.


Coach “Jacksen” finally returned to Jayapura after three years ago for six seasons as coach of Persipura, the moment of return of the Brazilian coach to Jayapura was so special because it coincided with his birthday which falls on May 28, 2017.

“It’s no coincidence that after three years I left Jayapura, I came back here to coincide with my 49th birthday, I still feel like a Jayapura citizen, six years in this city and now there are many changes,” said Jacksen.

Barito Putera, Thiago Cunha’s presence became his own motivation. Jacksen originally repeatedly said the Brazilian player was not able to perform when facing Persipura. However, now the foreign striker is likely to appear to face Persipura.

“Of course with Thiago’s presence in this team I feel confident I will be able to make the team’s performance back up, but the team’s performance is already better,” said Jacksen.

Missing player: Hansamu Yama (Regular DF, card accumulation)

Barito Putera (4-2-3-1): Shahar Ginanjar; Valentino Telaubun, Aaron Michael Evans, Hansamu Yama, Ambrizal, Rizky Pora, Paulo Sitanggang, Douglas Packer, Mathias Cordoba, Gavin Kwan Adsit, Yongky Aribowo.

Probability CS: 1-0 2-0 0-0 0-1

Under 2.5 Goals

FT: 3-1 (LOSE)

29 May 2017
Kick-off 20:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1

BORNEO FC -0.75 @1.80
BHAYANGKARA FC +0.75 @2.04
Over 2.5 @1.75
Under 2.5 @2.05

Stadion Segiri, Samarinda Kick off 20:30 WIB

The arrival of the holy month of Ramadan Will certainly “affect the player’s physical condition” and makes the all team perform a new program “Dinner is usually at 20.00 pm tonight, must be adjusted with the breaking time of 17:30 pm. It is important to do because in the game will only be two hours after the breaking of the fast”.


Borneo FC is in good motivation after a successful draw against Persib in the previous game.

Borneo FC already play 2 home match, and they were able to win in home match (already get 6 pts at home from 2 match). Ridho (1st GK) became the mainstay of Borneo FC under the bar, and has never missed strengthening in seven games yet conceded any goals in the last two home games.

“Preparation both physically, technique, and tactics run smoothly, hopefully in tomorrow’s game the player takes the best game and Inshallah we will achieve victory,”

Good news team Will again reinforced his 3 Regular player, “Lerby Eliandry (Regular FW)”, “Ricky Ohorella (Regular wing defender)” and Matheus (Lopes) is okay and already play in this match

in this match Only “Diego Michiels” who will remain absent because it still injury.

Missing player: Diego Michiels (Hamstring injury)

From the results of the evaluation conducted by the team coach, Pesut Etam is considered still less sharp on the front lines. Borneo FC assistant coach, Amirudin, admitted that finishing touch became one of the main menu of Borneo FC practice to face Bhayangkara FC.

Assistant coach Ahmad Amiruddin said, Ponaryo Astaman and his friends have done a good preparation. Moreover, they also can still play marquee player “Shane Smeltz” in this match before joining the New Zealand team in a series of trials in Europe and the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia.

Probably Borneo FC (4-2-3-1): Muhammad Ridho; Abdul Rahman, Matheus Lopes, Kunihiro Yamashita, Ricky Ohorella, Riswan Yusman, Flavio Beck Junior, Wahyudi Hamisi, Ponaryo Astaman, Terens Puhiri, Shane Smeltz.


Coach McMenemy Admitted the duel will not be easy. Former architects of this Philippine national team was already preparing a strategy to turn off the line of attackers Borneo FC, such as Smeltz and Lerby

“Opponents of Borneo have no special preparation, just as preparations against Semen Padang yesterday we should be able to withstand the supply of the ball to Smeltz, just as it withheld [Marcel] Sacramento’s strength. If it could be like that, maybe we can reduce the power of Borneo in front. I ask the kids discipline, “said McMenemy.

Coach Simon McMenemy was disappointed, because when practicing at the Sempaja Stadium with field conditions was not as expected. The Scottish man added that Samarinda is not an easy place to earn points. McMenemy reminds the children of his care to fix the focus in the atmosphere of the game.

Missing player: Wahyu Tri Nugroho (1st GK)

However, Coach Simon McMenemy is not worried, as goalkeeping coach Maulana Hasanudin already has two other goalkeepers of the same good quality.

In order to conquer Pusamania Borneo, Simon Bhayangkara rate should play patiently, a lot of control of the ball. “And, keep up with high discipline,”
We will play as we did in the 1-0 win over Semen Padang, playing concentration and focus to win the game, “said Simon.

Meanwhile, corporate secretary, ensuring Evan Dimas and I Putu Gede Juni Antara will participate in the contra game Borneo FC. Although, currently both players are undergoing training camp with the Indonesian national team U-22 in Bali.

“Both players are still TC with the national team, they will follow to Borneo,”

Pelatih: Simon McMenemy

Probably Bhayangkara FC (4-3-3): Rully Desrian; Putu Gede, Indra Kahfi, Otavio Dutra, Alsan Sanda, Lee Yoo Joon, Evan Dimas, Firman Utina, Paulo Sergio, Dendy Sulistyawan, Thiago Furtuoso.

Probability CS: 1-0 2-0 1-1

BORNEO FC to win

Under 2.5 Goals

FT: 3-0 (LOSE)

29 May 2017
Kick-off 20:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1

SEMEN PADANG -1.25 @1.91
Over 2.5 @1.94
Under 2.5 @1.88

Stadion H. Agus Salim, Padang
Kick off 20:30 WIB. Live On TVONE

The arrival of the holy month of Ramadan Will certainly “affect the player’s physical condition” and makes the all team perform a new program “Dinner is usually at 20.00 pm tonight, must be adjusted with the breaking time of 17:30 pm. It is important to do because in the game will only be two hours after the breaking of the fast”.

Semen Padang ranked 14th with a collection of 8.Pts VS Persiba Balikpapan only have 1.Pts from 7 matches.

This match will lead by Referee “Iwan Sukoco” that know a referee that put out many number of yellow and red cards. (Known for its extremely easy decision to issue cards)


The management of Semen Padang at this moment issued little threat. They will make a continuous evaluation until the first round of League 1 is over.

Although in situations and conditions that the team is less than the maximum, Nill is ready to maximize his players. Although, a number of Regular players including goalkeeper Jandia Eka Putra will be absent.

This match will not be able to play the Key attacker “Marcel Sacramento” mainstay for just getting punishment from the Commission Discipline PSSI. He was banned from playing in 6 matches.

And Without “Marcel Sacramento”, Coach “Nile” had to re-rotate with a new formula. Because almost in all lines are minus players. Not only on the front lines, but also back and center.

The difficulty of Semen Padang’s victory occurred because the front row was dull. Not a single goal can be scored in the last four games. The condition is increasingly worrisome because Marcel Sacramento should not perform as much as 6 games due ban

Bad problem in this match Padang have many Missing Regular player: Jandia Eka Putra (1st GK), Marcel Sacramento (Key player FW, banned from playing in 6 matches), Agung Prasetyo (Regular DF, injury), Boas Artururi, Ko Jae-sung.

“As to the number of players who are absent, we have prepared some options”

That option, Nil continued to play four players who will replace some players who are absent. They are Adi Nugroho, Vendry Mofu, Didier Zokora, Tambun Naibaho, and Syamsul Bahri.

Nilmaizar coach likely to experiment on the front lines to fill the Sacramento post when Tambun Naibaho, Adi Nugroho, and Syamsul Bahri face obstacles. Nil could have made Didier Zokora and Vendry Mofu a striker duo.

Probably Semen Padang (4-4-2): Rendy Oscario; Fandry Imbiri, Cassio de Jesus, Handi Ramdhan, Novan Setya Sasongko; Fino Andrianas, Didier Zokora, Rudi, Irsyad Maulana; Tambun Naibaho, Adi Nugroho.


Persiba also both want to achieve victory to stop their poor achievement. Until the seventh week, the team has not felt a victory at all.

“We will be looking for a way to win here (Padang).” Despite being on the bottom of the board, we are ready to win and hope Semen Padang is not on top of their perfomance, “he said.

Good news Persiba will come with more complete ammunition. The two mainstay players, Dirkir Glay and Iqbal Samad, are back in play.

“Persiba will come with stronger conditions on the back line,” Seeing these considerations, Milo is optimistic Persiba can steal points from Semen Padang.

However Persiba Balikpapan certainly not strengthened marquee player “Anmar Almubaraki” because it has not recovered from injury.

Missing player: Anmar Almubaraki (marquee player)

Probably Persiba (4-2-3-1): Kurniawan Kartika Ajie; Alfath Fathier, Dirkir Glay, Absor Fauzi, Satrio Syam, Robi Kriswantoro, Ridho Nurcahyo, Masahito Noto, Siswanto, Tedi Hasanuddin, Marlon da Silva.

Probability CS: 1-0 0-1 0-0


Under 2.5 Goals

FT: 2-1 (LOSE)
28 May 2017
Kick-off 20:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1

PSM MAKASSAR -0.5 @2.00
Over 2.5 @1.80
Under 2.5 @2.06

Stadion Petrokimia, Gresik
Kick off 20:30 WIB

The arrival of the holy month of Ramadan Will certainly “affect the player’s physical condition” and makes the all team perform a new program “Dinner is usually at 20.00 pm tonight, must be adjusted with the breaking time of 17:30 pm. It is important to do because in the game will only be two hours after the breaking of the fast”.


Persegres Until seven weeks passed Hanafi’s team is still perched in the bottom of the standings of League 1. Even worse they are in the relegation zone and since the beginning of the game the official competition started PSSI.

Persegres Gresik United has 3 foreign players: “Patrick Da Silva”, “Choi Hyun-yeon”, and “Goran Ganchev” during the League 1 2017. They were recruited for the performance of the team nicknamed Laskar Joko Samudro was terkatrol. Unfortunately, so far their existence is not much help because the team made by Hanafi is still down.

Missing player: “Choi Hyun-yeon” (key MF player, Knee injury), “Satria Tama” (1st GK, Right ear injury ripped)

Player back to play: I Gusti Rustiawan, M. Said, and Rendy Saputra. Which is ready to play in this match.

“PSM teams are strong and very difficult to beat them. Evidently, strong teams like Arema FC, Sriwijaya FC able to defeat them. The team is also inhabited by players who have high flying hours. While we are filled with a lot of minimal players experience. So to fight it we must be have determination, “said Coach Hanafi.

Persegres Gresik United (4-4-2)
Fitrul Dwi Rustapa (GK); Herwin Tri Saputra, Goan Ganchev, Jeki Arisandi, Syahrul Mustofa (DF); Dave Mustain, Fitra Ridwan, Moh Said, Komarodin, Kushedya (MF); Hari Yudo, Patrick Roberto Daniel Da Silva (FW)


Coach Robert Alberts Not much change the composition of players to serve this match. Coach still maintain the winning team to face host Persegres Gresik United, Bring 20 players to Gresik. No significant change from the list of players who entered into the line-up when defeated Sriwijaya FC 1-0.

While PSM Makassar otherwise topped the league standings 1. PSM actually almost lost three points after being detained by Sriwijaya FC play for two rounds in the game week 7. Lucky mistakes made Sriwijaya FC players in the last minute of extra time the second half to make the referee awarded a penalty goal.

All Player Ready To Play in this match

PSM (4-3-3)
Rivky Mokodompit; Zulkifly Syukur, Steven Paulle, Hamka Hamzah (c), Reva Adi Utama; Asnawi Mangkualam, Marc Anthony Klok, M. Arfan; Ghozali Siregar, Reinaldo Ellias da Costa, Wiljan Pluim

Probability CS: 0-1 0-2 1-2 1-3

PSM MAKASSAR -0.5 @2.00

FT: 1-1 (LOSE)
28 May 2017
Kick-off 20:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1

AREMA FC -1 @1.80
MITRA KUKAR +1 @1.90
Over 2.5 @ 1.90
Under 2.5 @ 1.80

Stadion Gajayana, Malang
Kick off 20:30 WIB. Live On TVONE

The arrival of the holy month of Ramadan Will certainly “affect the player’s physical condition” and makes the all team perform a new program “Dinner is usually at 20.00 pm tonight, must be adjusted with the breaking time of 17:30 pm. It is important to do because in the game will only be two hours after the breaking of the fast”.

Mitra Kukar also recorded more productive than Arema. Mitra Kukar scored 10 goals. While Arema until this week, only scored 5 goals.


Predicted to appear more enthusiasm because it will get greater support at the Stadium Gajayana Malang. Arema Management took the policy to move temporary cage in Ramadaan month for Aremania coming more. The location factor of Gajayana Stadium is more strategic in downtown so its main consideration.

The 4-0 defeat of Persela Lamongan in last weekend was painful, “This team must get up immediately, if every player plays in accordance with his duties on the pitch, of course we will be playing the game more easily,”

Arema have problem in this match, crisis stopper, 4 stopers can not play in this match: Jad Noureddin (get a red card), Arthur Cunha da Rocha, Bagas Adi and Junda Irawan (Are still recovering from injury)

in this match Coach Aji Santoso, Will still rely on emergency defensive formation. Because, coach Arema FC is still entangled problems less penggawa Singo Edan that can be displayed.

The stopper crisis in his team’s back line forced the coach team to play reserve player: Hanif Sjahbandi, Syaiful Indra Cahya, “is not ideal because Hanif only once practiced so stoper. But because of the existing conditions it must be done. “It is not ideal. But the situation forces our coaching team to do that”

Arema FC also in the news did not play “Juan Pablo Pino” on this match. Marquee player Arema is not prepared, as a substitute Pino in midfield, Coach Aji seems to have a candidate. Chances are, he will lower Ferry Aman Saragih and Adam Alis.

“I choose players who dare to fight and realize the desire to overcome the bad trends so far,” said Coach Aji

Probably Arema FC (4-3-3): Kurnia Meiga; Beny Wahyudi, Syaiful Indra, Hanif Sjahbandi, Ahmad Alfarizi; Adam Alis, Ferry Aman Saragih, Esteban Vizcarra; Andrianto, Cristian Gonzales, M. Rafli


Mitra Kukar is in a positive trend in this match. team are unbeaten in six consecutive games and are in the top five positions. “Mitra Kukar in some games is also not lost, although not winning but they are able to earn points when playing outside the cage

team Reinforced Brazilian striker “Marclei Santos” (who has packed 4 goals). In addition, there are some agile winger like “Septian David Maulana” and “Yogi Rahadian” that could endanger the Arema defense.

Missing player: Jorge Gotor Blas and Oh In-kyun (Serving the card accumulation) and Septian David Maulana (young Winger Joined the squad for the U-22 national team)

“It will be interesting because it will be a strategy match between the coach team”

Probably Mitra Kukar (4-3-3): Riki Pambudi; Zikri Akbar, Saepulloh Maulana, Seftia Hadi, Muhammad Rizky Ramadhan; Anindito Wahyu, Mohammed Sissoko, Bayu Pradana; Septian David, Marclei Cesar, Yogi Rahadian

Probability CS: 2-2 2-1 4-2

Over 2.5 Goals

FT: 2-0 (LOSE)
27 May 2017
Kick-off 20:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1

SRIWIJAYA FC -0.5 @1.70
MADURA UNITED +0.5 @2.10
Over 2.5 @1.90
Under 2.5 @1.90

Play at Stadium Gelora Sriwijaya Jakabaring, Palembang Kick off 20:30 WIB. Live On TVONE

The arrival of the holy month of Ramadan Will certainly affect the player’s physical condition and makes the all team perform a new program “Dinner is usually at 20.00 pm tonight, must be adjusted with the breaking time of 17:30 pm. It is important to do because in the game will only be two hours after the breaking of the fast”.


in last match Sriwijaya lose 1-0 at away match Vs PSM Makassar, (In that match Sriwijaya FC get +0.5 Asian Handicap and lose 1-0)

Sriwijaya FC coach Oswaldo Lessa had to rack my brain even harder to find the ideal composition in defense when entertaining Madura United at the end of this weekend.

Totally 5 player type of defender missing in this match, Firdaus Ramadan, the mainstay of FC defender certainly can not play because card accumulation. Bobby Satria, Ahmad Maulana, and Bio Paulin Pierra are still in the process of recovery from injury. Zalnando young defender is not play because today return from U22 national team.

Missing player: Firdaus Ramadan (CD, Suspend acummulation card), Zalnando (LD, U22 regular player, cant play because today Just come back from U22 National team)

Doubtfull player: Bobby Satria, Ahmad Maulana, and Bio Paulin Pierra (Key Player Defender) (still in the process of recovery from injury), Teja Paku Alam (Regular GK, in last match injury)

Coach goalkeeper Hendro Kartiko recommends “Teja Paku Alam” to temporarily restore his condition. Hendro can not be sure Teja will be play or not.

Some Rumor also said “Hilton Moreira”, and “Alberto ‘Beto’ Goncalves” who have not been fully fit. Although both this key player may be still played

Sriwijaya (4-2-3-1): Sandy Firmansyah; Marco Meraudje, Yanto Basna, Bobby Satria, Indra Permana; Ichsan Kurniawan, Yu Hyun-koo; Maldini Pali, Tijani Belaid, Hilton Moreira; Alberto Goncalves


Madura united play great game in last match win 4-1 Vs PS TNI at home (Madura give -1 @1.95 asian handicap and clear win 4-1)

Coach Madura United (MU) Gomes de Oliveira promised his team would play patiently in the face of Sriwijaya FC attacks. The team will rely on deadly counterattacks. (Madura United Will Play closed game)

“We have to be able to play patiently in defense and not make mistakes in the area of defense, they are very good at solving dead balls,”

Madura lost Dane Milovanovic due to yellow card accumulation, Gomes reportedly plans to lower Boubacar Sanogo or Rizky Dwi Febrianto.

Missing player: Dane Milovanovic (Yellow card accumulation), Manahati Lestusen (suspend 3 match)

“I’m sure he (Sanogo) will perform well, and can help Madura United win all the games,” said Gomes. In addition, the performance of naturalized players, Greg Nwokolo as a partner Odemwingie also Is improving. Greg scored one goal and gave an assist when Madura United defeated PS TNI 4-1

Coach Madura United brought 20 players: Heryprastyo, Panggih Prio, Ramandika, Rendy siregar, Erianto, Fachrudin, Munhar, Fabiano Beltrame, Guntur, Asep Berlian, Rizky Dwi Febrianto, Slamet Nurcahyo, Fandy Eko Utomo, Boubacar Sanogo, Engelberd Sani, Greg Nwokolo, Peter Osaze Odemwingie, Bayu Gatra, Elthon Maran dan Saldy.

Madura United (4-3-3): Hery Prasetyo; Eriyanto, Fachrudin Aryanto, Fabiano Beltrame, Rizky Dwi; Asep Berlian, Fandi Eko, Slamet Nurcahyo; Saldi, Peter Odemwingie, Greg Nwokolo

Probability CS: 1-1 1-2

Pick: MADURA UNITED +0.5 @2.10

FT: 0-0 (WIN)
27 May 2017
Kick-off 20:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1

PS TNI -0.5 @1.68
Over 2.5 @1.80
Under 2.5 @2.00

Play at Stadion Pakansari, Cibinong, Bogor Kick off 20:30 WIB

The arrival of the holy month of Ramadan Will certainly “affect the player’s physical condition” and makes the all team perform a new program “Dinner is usually at 20.00 pm tonight, must be adjusted with the breaking time of 17:30 pm. It is important to do because in the game will only be two hours after the breaking of the fast”.


PS TNI Lose at away match in last match Vs Madura United (PS TNI get +1 @1.89 asian handicap and lose 4-1)

Kolev acknowledged the absence of a number of pillars will affect the performance of the team. in this match PS TNI have many missing player. On the sidelines wanting to restore his status, Kolev had to struggle to find a scheme for The Army. Because 5 Regular players can not strengthen the team in this match.

Missing 5 Regular Player: Manahati Lestusen (suspend 3 match) and Abduh Lestaluhu (suspend 5 match) (Suspend Who was punished by the Disciplinary Commission), Ravi Murdianto and Andy Setyo (Absent due to follow training camp (TC) with U-22 national team of Indonesia). While “Bruno Elio Martin” (Key marque player TNI Injured)

Doubtfull player: Hong Soon-hak (Key player In the recovery phase)

PS TNI (4-3-3): Teguh Amiruddin (GK); Roni Ariyanto, Facundo Talin, Wahyu Syahputra, Ganjar Mukti (DF); Kasim Slamat, Safri Al Irfandi, Agil Munawar (MF); Erwin Ramdani, Jorge Nunez (FW)


Persela Lamongan ON-FIRE in this match, Unexpectedly impressive and beat Arema FC with a score of 4-0 in the previous match, M. Fahmi Al Ayyubi (2 goals), Ivan Carlos (1 Goal) and Samsul Arif (1 goal) Persela very great play in that match.

Persela troops are in a state ready to fight. Ivan Carlos, Samsul Arif who contributed one goal in goal Arema last week

Herkis praised one of his young players “Al Ayyubi”. According to Herkis Ayyubi reliable proves himself a great player. But should focus because it is still young.

Missing Player: Saddil Ramdani (regular Young player in this match Joined the U-22 national team), Marcio Rozario (key CD player, Yellow card accumulation).

Here’s a list of players who are brought ready to play: Choirul Huda, Alexander, Aang Suparman, Zainal Haq, Taufiq Kasrun, Rio Pratama Valentino, Eky Taufiq, Samsul Arifin, Birrul Walidain, Edy Gunawan, Juan Revi, Agung Pribadi, Jose Coelho, Kosuke Uchida, Eka Ramdani, Sandi Septian, Zainal Arifin, Fahmi Al Ayyubi, Samsul Arif, Ivan Carlos.

Persela (4-2-3-1): Choirul Huda (GK); Eky Taufik, Zainal Haq, Aang Suparman, Birrul Walidain (DF); Edy Gunawan, Kosuke Yamazaki Uchida, Eka Ramdani, Agung Pribadi, Samsul Arif Munip (MF); Ivan Carlos (FW)

Probability CS: 1-1 1-2

Pick: PERSELA LAMONGAN +0.5 @2.10

FT: 3-2 (LOSE)


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