Indonesia president Cup 2018 (Week 1)
16 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Persib Bandung Vs Sriwijaya FC

Persib Bandung -0.75 @1.96
Sriwijaya FC +0.75 @1.85
Over 2.75 @1.95
Under 2.75 @1.85

Play at Stadion Gelora Bandung Lautan Api, Bandung

Persib Bandung:

Persib looks more very ready in this cup.

After undergoing a training camp in Batam, January 9-13, which was filled with a test agenda against BP Batam, assistant coach Fernando Gaston Soler appreciated Tim’s performance.

Persib in the new season by bringing a new great coach, Mario Gomez. the Argentine coach was formerly a rich team coach who won Malaysia, Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT).

This clash will be very interesting because Rahmad Darmawan, coach of Sriwijaya FC also career in Malaysia. He handles a team under the Malaysian Super League, T-Team.

JDT with coach Gomez always win when meeting club Rahmad darmawan T-Team.

Persib on this match more compact, The foundations of the Blue Prince team did not change much. They still rely on the majority of players from last season, such as Atep, Supardi, Michael Essien, Febri Haryadi, and Billy Keraf.

Gomez said for the back line Bandung will likely play Ahmad Jupriyanto and Bojan Malisic. Jupe is a typical libero player, he also operates as a defensive midfielder. Its presence in the back line is believed to be helpful to reduce aggressiveness of the attack line sriwijaya fc

Persib in this opening match without 3 players: Victor Igbonefo, Febri Hariyadi, and Henhen Herdiana. All three have just with the Indonesian national team. still present in Jakarta following a follow-up practice session of international trials against Iceland.

skuat Bandung strengthened 26 players including four foreign players. With the fulfillment of the quota of foreign players,

A total of three new players officially belonged to Persib. The three players are, Victor Igbonefo, Bojan Malisic (Serbia), and On In Kyun (South Korea).

The presence of Bojan and In Kyun make the quartet of foreign players persib complete. Previously, Persib first have Michael Essien and Ezechiel N’Douassel.

Probabbly Persib (4-1-4-1): M. Natshir (Kiper); Tony Sucipto, Ahmad Jupriyanto, Bojan Malisic, Supardi (Belakang); Michael Essien; Billy Keraf, Eka Ramdani, Oh In Kyun, Atep (Tengah(; Ezechiel N’douassel (Depan)

Coach: Mario Gomez

Sriwijaya FC:

Coach Rahmad Darmawan claimed could not totally lower the composition intact. That’s because there are still some players who have not arrived yet.

“Currently we are coming with 29 players, maybe just complete later in the second game”.

Coach Rahmad has a new key player, “makan Konate”, who understood very well how to play Persib, because he had defended persib team two seasons ago. Only indeed, the Mali attacking midfielder will feel greater pressure than other players. He will be get terror all fans bandung.

Sriwijaya FC made a total overhaul. sriwijaya team contracted the great coach, Rahmad Darmawan, who the previous season from club T-Team malaysia. many new player like: Patrich Wanggai, Makan Konate, Esteban Vizcarra, and Manuchekhr Dzhalilov, make the team squad from Palembang look dangerous.

the weakness is because many new players sriwijaya need more take extra time to make team more compact.

Probabbly Sriwijaya FC (4–3-3): Teja Paku Alam (Kiper); Alfin Tuasalamony, Mamadou Ndiaye, Bio Paulin, Novan Setya (Belakang); Zulfiandi, Syahrian Abimanyu, Adam Alis (Tengah); Makan Konate, Esteban Viscarra, Manucechr Dzalilov (Depan)

Coach: Rahmad Darmawan

Persib Bandung -0.75

RESULT: 1-0 (WIN 1/2)
16 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
PSM Makassar Vs PSMS Medan

PSM Makassar (1) @1.60
PSMS Medan (X2) @2.25
Over 2.5 @1.80
Under 2.5 @2.00

Netral venue Stadion Gelora Bandung Lautan Api, Bandung

PSM Makassar:

coach added, PSM will perform with the best all player in this first game.

Coach PSM Makassar Robert Rene Alberts is targeting three points in their inaugural match in Group A of the 2018 President Cup tournament at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium (GBLA) on Tuesday (16/1) pm.

PSM lowered all their key and regular player for this match for the first three points. because, after this match PSMS the main squad will return to Makassar to undergo the Makassar Super Asia Cup tournament.

after this game PSM will lower the 2nd lineups players against Sriwijaya FC. While in the last fight against Persib Bandung, PSM can return to play their main pillars.

Therefore, PSM targets three point in this game as initial capital in order to pass to the next round.

Without the two pillars in League 1 2017, Hamka Hamzah and Ferdinand Sinaga, Juku Eja are believed to remain solid. As a substitute for Hamka, Robert will menduetkan Ardan Aras with Steven Paulle as a stopper.

So even on the front lines. The arrival of Bruce Djite who last year defended Suwon FC (South Korea) will fill the starter slot PSM striker Ferdinand Sinaga place last season.

there is still have “Guy Junior”, the attacker who last season brought Bhayangkara FC 1st League champions 2017.

Probabbly PSM (4-3-3): Rivki Mokodompit (Kiper); Zulkifli Syukur, Steven Paulle, Ardan Aras, Reva Adi (Belakang); Rasyid Bakri, Marck Klok, Wiljam Pluim (Tengah); Zulham Zamrun, Bruce Djite, M. Rahmat (Depan)

Coach: Robert Rene Alberts

PSMS Medan:

Coach PSMS Medan, Djadjang Nurdjaman, revealed the squad not complete when appearing in the 2018 Presidential Cup. PSMS still need additional, especially for foreign players.

PSMS looks not ready in this cup “The majority of young players, even foreign players are only two, we are still in preparation,” coach said.

newly reinforced only two foreign players, namely Sadney Urikhob and Reinaldo Lobo.

“It’s been formed but not complete yet, for the locals do not add anymore, if there are two foreign players, we are still waiting for two more players,” he explained.

“Honestly from the four teams in Group A I feel we are the least favored team it looks,” Djanur said.

Probabbly PSMS Medan (4-1-3-2): Dhika (Kiper); Amarzukih, Reinaldi Lobo, M Roby, Jajang Sukmara (Belakang); Legimin Raharjo; Antoni Putro, David Mawutor, Frets Listanto (Tengah); Kisito Yessoh, Sadney Urikhob (Depan)

Coach: Djadjang Nurdjaman

PSM Makassar -1

17 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Mitra Kukar Vs Martapura FC

Mitra Kukar -1.25 @1.80
Martapura FC +1.25 @2.00
Over 3 @1.85
Under 3 @1.95

Stadion Aji Imbut, (Home Mitra Kukar)

Mitra Kukar:

Acting as host, Team want to give a victory for the supporters who come to provide support.

Mitra kukar in the early pre-season in the presidential Cup looks Very serious :
+ 1st. sign NEW COACH experienced “Rafael Berges Marin” (ex former Spanish national team player at the 1992 Olympics),
+ 2nd Sign great NEW Key player “Danny Guthrie” (Key MF, ex former Liverpool and Newcastle United players)
+ 3th his team’s preparations are maximum in the face of the 2018 Presidential Cup. The series of trials, both in Malaysia and against local clubs, became the capital to test the ability of Mitra Kukar in the 2018 Presidential Cup.

“We are ready for this match. We must respect Martapura FC. They are still a good team, and we have to work hard to win the game. The tournament is also to measure the extent of our preparations, “said Berges.

Probabbly Mitra Kukar: Yoo Jae-hoon; Wiganda Pradika, Mauricio Leal, Dedi Gusmawan, Rendy Siregar, Anindito Erminarno, Bayu Pradana, Danny Guthiere, Rifan Nahumarury, Fernando Rodriguez, Moniega Bagus.

Martapura FC:

not much preparation Martapura FC from Liga-2, “The first fixture we received against Persipura After Kalteng Putra came on for Persipura I changed strategy, but I had to change tactics again because it was the inaugural match against Mitra Kukar host,” said Isnan Ali.

“No team can not be defeated. Although we are from Liga 2, we still have a chance to beat the League 1 team.

Martapura FC new arrival of foreign from Nigeria, “Aniemenam Ekene Stanley”. But Isnan has not been able to ensure that players who positioned as a stopper that can be played or not in this match.

Probabbly Martapura FC: Dedi Haryanto; Arozi, Idul Hakim, Chairul Rifan, Crah Angger, Uko Wahyu, Hermansyah Muchlis, Amirul Mukminin, Fariz Aditama, Qischil Gandrum Minny, Eki Nurhakim.

Probabbly score: 3-1, 2-0

Mitra Kukar -1.25

17 January 2018
Kick-off 19:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Barito Putera Vs Kalteng Putra

Barito Putera -0.5 @1.80
Kalteng Putra +0.5 @1.91
Over 2.5 @1.73
Under 2.5 @2.08

Netral Venue Stadion Aji Imbut.

Barito Putera:

Coach Barito Putera, “Jacken F Tiago”, “for the initial step, at least we are getting away from the group phase.This is the first step,” the year 2018 is the golden year of Barito Putera. This year, the club turns 30 years old. “We want to reward the achievements,”

Barito Putera has finished preparing for the previous presidential trophy to hold a TC training in Batu malang and focus on training the defense organization.

good news, key player MF/DMF “Douglas Packer” eager to face the new season after his contract is extended.

Overall, not many foreign players change in Barito Putera. Previously, they have extended the Key DF player contract “Aaron Evans”. While “Patrick Da Silva” is a new player on the team, Barito Putera Management also wants to extend the contract “Matias Cordoba”, but this Argentine player.

When tested play against Arema FC last week, Barito Putera only play defender “Aaron Evan” and striker “Patrick Da Silva”. While duo midfielder “Matias Cordoba” and “Douglas Packer” absent, because recently joined the team.

goalkeeper Barito Putera escorted figure senior goalkeeper Dian Agus Prasetyo (2nd GK).

Missing Player: Aditya Harlan (1st GK), still injured, Gavin Kwan Adsit and Hansamu Yama Pranata. (absent following the training camp of the Indonesian National Team)

Probabbly Barito Putera (4-4-2): Dian Agus Prasetyo; Andy Setiawan, Dandi Maulana, Aaron Evans, Roni Beroperay; Rifqi, Paulo Sitanggang, Fajar Handika, Nazar Nurzaidin; Samsul Arif, Patrick da Silva

Coach: Jacksen F. Tiago

Kalteng Putra:

Kalteng Putra took part with minimal preparation.
In League 2 2017, Kalteng Putra is ranked sixth, under Martapura FC and PSPS Riau. Both teams were also participants of the 2018 Presidential Cup.

Coach Kalteng Putra “Kashartadi” not setting a high target in the Presidential Cup. Especially their presence in this pre-season tournament as a replacement for Persipura Jayapura who refused to appear.

Practical preparation for Central Kalimantan is not optimal after they are appointed abruptly.

“We are aware of the strength and minimal preparation. We just gathered around January 10 yesterday, it was still dominated by old players with 15 players, “said Kashartadi.

“But we will still try to look good. We know Barito is a well established team in League 1, and they’ve prepared this tournament better. There are some players that we tested, because they have just joined. ”

Probabbly Kalteng Putra (4-4-2): Fachri Ramadhan; Bhudiar M. Riza, Taufiq Kasrun, Zaenal Haq, Michael Orah; Rais, Dennis Buiney, Michael Rumere, Joko Sasongko; Dominggus Karewai, Kushedya Hari Yudo

Coach: Kas Hartadi

Probabbly score: 1-0, 2-0, 3-1

Barito Putera -0.5

20 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Bhayangkara FC Vs PSIS Semarang

Bhayangkara FC -1.25 @1.899
PSIS Semarang +1.25 @1.899
Over 2.75 @1.750
Under 2.75 @2.049

Netral venue, Stadion Gajayana, Malang.

Bhayangkara FC:

Sejumlah 30 pemain ini merupakan hasil dari pemusatan latihan (training centre) yang dilakukan Bhayangkara FC selama kurang lebih dua pekan. Sebelum bertanding di turnamen ini, The Guardian menggelar TC di National Youth Training Center (NYTC), Sawangan, Depok, Jawa Barat, pada 3-17 Januari 2018.

Bhayangkara FC juga membawa lima dari maksimal enam pemain asing di Piala Presiden. Tiga di antaranya telah membubuhkan tanda tangan kontrak untuk musim depan.

Tiga legiun impor yang telah berstatus personil The Guardian adalah Vladimir Vujovic, Lee Yoo Joon, dan Paulo Sergio. Adapun dua pemain asing masih berstatus pemain seleksi, yaitu James Charles Mack dan David Aparicedo da Silva.

Bhayangkara FC, pelatih Simon punya keyakinan starting eleven timnya lebih baik dibanding musim lalu.

Pemain-pemain baru yang bergabung ke tim, seperti: Vladimir Vujovic (Persib Bandung), Vendry Mofu (Semen Padang), Marinus Manewar (Persipura), dan Dzumafo Herman (PSPS Pakanbaru) kualitasnya dipandang lebih baik dibanding pemain-pemain yang pergi.

“Musim lalu Spaso baru masuk putaran kedua. Waktu itu Bhayangkara sudah masuk papan atas. Sedangkan Evan sering absen ikut aktivitas Timnas Indonesia SEA Games. Untuk Ilham, dia lebih bagus sebagai pemain pengganti. Jadi musim ini kami merasa lebih baik,” jelas ujar Simon McMenemy.

Probabbly Bhayangkara FC (4-3-1-2 ): Fauzal Mubaraq (Kiper); Alsan Sanda, Vladimir Vujovic, Indra Kahfi, M. Fatchu Rohman (Belakang); Lee Yoo Joon, Hargianto Vendry Mofu; Paulo Sergio; Dzumafo Herman, Marinus Manewar (Depan)

Coach: Simon McMenemy

PSIS Semarang:

Dalam ajang ujicoba pramusim pertengahan bulan Januari, mereka sempat mempermalukan Bali United yang notabene runner-up Liga 1 2017 di Stadion Kapten I Wayan Dipta, Gianyar.

Sebanyak 25 pemain diboyong PSIS Semarang menghadapi Piala Presiden 2018. Rombongan skuat Mahesa Jenar telah berangkat menuju Malang, Jawa Timur, Kamis (18/1/2018) pagi. Di ajang pemanasan jelang bergulirnya Liga 1 tersebut, tim besutan Subangkit tak memasang target muluk-muluk.

pelatih Subangkit mengatakan bahwa Piala Presiden akan dimaksimalkan untuk mematangkan timnya, sekaligus mencari tambahan pemain asing. “Rencananya ada dua pemain asing yang akan langsung bergabung di Malang, yakni mantan striker Bali United, Nemanja Vidakovic dan gelandang serang asal Jepang,” sebutnya.

pasukan Mahesa Jenar saat ini masih menjalankan proses seleksi kepada beberapa pemain. Untuk pemain asing baru Petar Planic dan Ibrahim Conteh yang sudah dikontrak. Sedangkan Nemanja Vidakovic dan Reo Nakamura masih menjalani seleksi. Performa keduanya di Piala Presiden 2018 akan dipantau.

“Kami tidak akan paksakan mereka langsung masuk line-up. Bagi kami tidak masalah meski main dengan satu atau dua asing. Yang lebih penting, PSIS lebih senang jika diremehkan. Karena akan membuat pemain kami tampil lepas,” tegas mantan pelatih Persiwa Wamena dan Mitra Kukar ini.

Probabbly PSIS Semarang (4-4-2): Aji Bayu (Kiper); Gilang Ginarsa, Petar Planic, Haudi Abdillah, Frendy Syahputra (Belakang); Gustur Cahyo, Hafid Ibrahim, M. Yunus, Ibrahim Conteh (Tengah), Aldaier Makatindu, Nur Yulianto (Depan).

Coach: Subangkit

Over 2.75 Goals

Bhayangkara FC -1.25

RESULT: 1-0 (LOSE 1/2)
20 January 2018
Kick-off 19:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Arema FC Vs Persela Lamongan

Arema FC -1.25 @1.80
Persela Lamongan +1.25 @2.00
Over 2.75 @1.750
Under 2.75 @2.049

Derby Jatim, Stadion Gajayana, Malang (Home base Arema)

Arema memang lebih siap. Tidak ada lagi pemain seleksi tim tim mereka. Berbeda dengan Pesela yang masih menyeleksi empat pemain asing dan beberapa pemain lokal.

Arema FC:

Arema FC lebih diunggulkan saat melakoni laga perdana Grup E Piala Presiden 2018 melawan Persela Lamongan di Stadion Gajayana, Malang, Sabtu (20/1/2018). Selain faktor tuan rumah, Tim Singo Edan punya materi pemain lebih bagus dibanding Persela.

Empat pemain Arema yang berada di Timnas U-23 adalah Kurniawan Kartika Ajie, Bagas Adi Nugroho, Hanif Sjahbandi dan Ahmad Nur Hardianto. Keempat pemain itu masih menjalani pemusatan latihan bersama timnas untuk persiapan Asian Games di Jakarta.

Probabbly Arema FC (4-2-3-1): Joko Ribowo (Kiper); Syaiful Indra, Arthur Cunha, Purwaka Yudi, Ahmad Alfarizi (Belakang); Hendro Siswanto, Ahmet Atayev; Dendi Santoso, Rodrigo Ost, Ridwal Tawainella (Tengah); Thiago Furtuoso (Depan)

Coach: Joko Susilo

Persela Lamongan:

Persela juga dihuni banyak pemain muda. “Sekali lagi kami tegaskan jika tidak ada lawan mudah. Pemain muda Persela membuat mereka lebih bertenaga. Jadi harus tetap waspada,” ujar Getuk.

Coach persela Aji Santoso, mengeluhkan persiapan Persela yang kurang mulus. Karena mereka menjalani latihan tidak pernah dengan skuat komplit.

Maklum, komposisi pemain mereka belum lengkap. Selain itu, winger andalannya Saddil Ramdani sekarang masih fokus dalam pemusatan latihan dengan Timnas Indonesia U-23 Asian Games 2018 di Jakarta.

Persela sendiri besar kemungkinan akan menurunkan dua legiun impornya, Fathullo Fathulloev dan Jefferson Lopes. Pasalnya, kedua pemain ini sudah bisa beradaptasi dengan cuaca di Indonesia.

Mereka juga menunjukkan progres cukup bagus selama persiapan. “Saya mau lihat dulu perkembangan kondisi pemain. Kan Wallace Costa Alves dan Alessandro Padovini Celin baru datang dua hari lalu. Gaston Castano juga seperti itu,” ungkap Aji Santoso yang notabene mantan arsitek Arema FC pada setengah musim lalu

bahwa ada kemungkinan tetap menurunkan ketiganya ketika melakukan rotasi pemain. Persela sendiri akan mengandalkan mayoritas pemain muda potensial.

Probabbly Persela Lamongan (4-3-3): Dwi Kuswanto (Kiper); Birrul Walidain, Jodi Kustiawan, Wallace Costa Alves, Samsul Arifin (Belakang); Agung Pribadi, Jefferson Lopes, Fathullo Fathuloev, Syahroni (Tengah); Fahmi Al Ayubi, Gaston Castano, Guntur Triaji (Depan)

Coach: Aji Santoso

2-1, 3-2

Over 2.75 Goals

Persela +1.25

19 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Bali United Vs Borneo FC

Bali United -0.5 @1.94
Borneo FC +0.5 @1.90
Over 2.75 @1.87
Under 2.75 @1.97

Play at Stadion Kapten I Wayan Dipta, Bali.

both team same play reserve player, 2nd lineups.

Bali United:

Bali United play in this match with second-tier players, as their main squad will face Chiangrai United in the second round of Asian Champions League play-offs on Tuesday (23/1) at the Singha Stadium.

after discussions with the entire coaching team we decided on Hans-Peter Schaller, who heads Bali United in the President’s Cup, while Coach Widodo will accompany the team in the Asian competition, “said CEO of Bali United, Yabes Tanuri.

Given the number of players likely to be rested for the second Asian Champions League 2018 play-off contest, Chiangrai United’s Hans Peter Schaller is likely to rely more on young players although it may also keep some of Bali’s top players from being play to in this match.

Probabbly Bali United (4-3-3): I Made Wardhana (GK); Dias Angga Putra, Demerson Costa, Agus Nova, Taufik Hidayat (DF); Fadhil Sausu, Muhammad Taufiq, Kevin Brands (MF); Irfan Bachdim, Yabes Roni Malaifani, Ilija Spasojevic (FW)

Coach: Hans Peter Schaller.

Borneo FC:

this cup borneo play with Borneo FC II. reserve player/2nd lineups.

Borneo FC did decide to lower the reserve team in the 2018 Presidential Cup

Borneo FC which also will bring down a number of young players are preparing to show the best in Bali. Ponaryo Astaman’s care team has been well prepared by conducting training camp and test matches in Sleman, Yogyakarta, before leaving for Bali.

a number of new recruits regular player will also be played such as: Boaz Solossa, Ricardo Salampessy, Tinus Pae and Prisca Womsiwor.

Borneo FC II coach Ponaryo Astaman can not confirm the composition of players. But the presence of a number of loan players, such as Boaz Solossa, make team confidence.

“The composition of the team until the game continues to change. With this limitation we are ready to compete in the opening match. Bali United is very good now. Player material and performance and cooperation are well established. They have been formed long enough, “said coach Ponaryo.

Probabbly Borneo FC (4-2-3-1): Nadeo Argawinata (Kiper); Habibi, Stevan Markovic, Nurdiansyah, Yericho (Belakang); Dodi Alfayed, Wahyudi Hamisi, Riswan Yusman, M. Ridhuan (Tengah); Andre Araujo (Depan)

Coach: Ponaryo Astaman

Bali United -0.5


19 January 2018
Kick-off 19:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Persija Jakarta Vs PSPS Riau

Persija Jakarta -1.25 @1.82
PSPS Riau +1.25 @2.02
Over 2.5 @1.80
Under 2.5 @2.02

Play at netral Stadion Kapten I Wayan Dipta, Bali.

Persija Jakarta:

persija Jakarta is already in Bali to prepare themselves to face the 2018 President’s preseason tournament tournament.

preparation, Persija superior then the opponent. For team has previously joined other tournaments namely Suramadu Super Cup 2018 and Boost Sports Fix Super Cup 2018.

Coach Persija, Stefano Cugurra Teco brought 31 players for the President Cup. The target that was carried was to win in this cup.

Coming against PSPS, Teco considers this match as the final party for Persija.

Stefano ‘Teco’ Cugurra said the condition all player is good after they have enough rest and no one is injured, “said coach Persija.

Missing player: Rudi Widodo and Ivan Carlos

Probabbly Persija: Andritany Ardhiyasa; Ismed Sofyan, Maman Abdurrahman, Jaimerson Xavier, Valentino Telaubun, Asri Akbar, Ramdani Lestaluhu, Rohit Chand, Novri Setiawan, Marko Simic, Riko Simanjuntak.

PSPS Riau:

Jafri added, he was happy to face a team like Persija and Bali United. According to him, many things can be picked for players before they fight in League 2.
“Very grateful we can be in the President Cup. We know ourselves. But the important thing we got more experience than other clubs in League 2 who did not participate in the President Cup. Moreover, we are still in the selection stage. This is very good for us, “said Jafri.

coach PSP Jafri Sastra admitted his foster children underdog status in this preseason tournament.

Probabbly PSPS: Jandia Eka Putra; Dendi Sembiring, M Mukhlis, Wahyu Kristanto, Eriyanto, Viktor Pae, Frengky Kogoya, Firman Septian, Defri Riski, Rendi Saputra, Abanda.

Persija Jakarta -1.25




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