Indonesia president Cup 2018 (Week 2 elimination)
20 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Martapura FC Vs Barito Putera

Martapura FC +1 @1.63
Barito Putera -1 @2.31
Over 2.5 @1.75
Under 2.5 @1.95

Stadion Aji Imbut, (Derby Kalsel, Netral Venue)

Martapura FC:

Martapura FC assistant coach, Amir Yusuf Pohan, insisted the coach team has been preparing a special strategy to face the old brother. “The teams we are facing are above us so we need special preparations against them,” he said.

not much preparation Martapura FC from Liga-2, “The first fixture we received against Persipura After Kalteng Putra came on for Persipura I changed strategy, but I had to change tactics again because it was the inaugural match against Mitra Kukar host,” said Isnan Ali.

“No team can not be defeated. Although we are from Liga 2, we still have a chance to beat the League 1 team.

Probabbly Martapura FC (4-4-2): Dedy Haryanto (kiper); Obet Choiri, Ekene Stanley, Mohamad Arozi, Muhamad Taufan (belakang); Agus Setia Wibowo, Amirul Mukminin, Bissa Donald, Kossounou Andres (tengah); Qischil Minny (c), Uko Wahyu (depan)

Coach: Isnan Ali

Barito Putera:

in last match surprisingly DRAW from League 2 Kalteng Putra, 1-1.

Coach Barito Putera, Jacksen Ferreira Tiago, was reluctant to underestimate Martapura, who incidentally play in the second caste competition. “In a derby, of course, the tension will go up, we’ve seen twice in two seasons with Martapura (in a test match), and we can see how it feels because they want to prove each other better than each other,” Jacksen said.

Coach Barito Putera, “Jacken F Tiago”, “for the initial step, at least we are getting away from the group phase.This is the first step,” the year 2018 is the golden year of Barito Putera. This year, the club turns 30 years old. “We want to reward the achievements,”

Barito Putera has finished preparing for the previous presidential trophy to hold a TC training in Batu malang and focus on training the defense organization.

Overall, not many foreign players change in Barito Putera. Previously, they have extended the Key DF player contract “Aaron Evans”. While “Patrick Da Silva” is a new player on the team, Barito Putera Management also wants to extend the contract “Matias Cordoba”, but this Argentine player.

Probabbly Barito Putera (4-4-2): Dian Agus Prasetyo (kiper); Nazar Nurzaidin, Muhammad Rifqi, Dandi Maulana Abdulhak, Rony Beroperay (belakang); Aaron Michael Evans, Fajar Handika, Douglas Packer, Rizky Rizaldi Pora (c) (tengah); Patrick da Silva, Samsul Arif Munip (depan)

Coach: Jacksen F. Tiago

Barito Putera -1

20 January 2018
Kick-off 19:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Kalteng Putra Vs Mitra Kukar FC

Kalteng Putra +1.5 @1.72
Mitra Kukar FC -1.5 @2.15
Over 2.5 @1.65
Under 2.5 @2.10

Stadion Aji Imbut, (Home Mitra Kukar)

Kalteng Putra:

Kalteng gave surprise in the first party draw against Barito Putera, 1-1.

assistant coach mentions the game will still remain a selection of players. According to him, some personnel who have trial status will be seen to perform including the mental side.

Sure against the host will be a lot of pressure including from supporters. It’s a good mental test for selection players, even though we’re used to such pressure, “Bambang said.

Kalteng Putra took part with minimal preparation.
In League 2 2017, Kalteng Putra is ranked sixth, under Martapura FC and PSPS Riau. Both teams were also participants of the 2018 Presidential Cup.

Coach Kalteng Putra “Kashartadi” not setting a high target in the Presidential Cup. Especially their presence in this pre-season tournament as a replacement for Persipura Jayapura who refused to appear.

Practical preparation for Central Kalimantan is not optimal after they are appointed abruptly.

Probabbly Kalteng Putra (4-4-2): Fachri Ramadhan; Bhudiar M. Riza, Taufiq Kasrun, Zaenal Haq, Michael Orah; Rais, Dennis Buiney, Michael Rumere, Joko Sasongko; Dominggus Karewai, Kushedya Hari Yudo

Coach: Kas Hartadi

Mitra Kukar FC:

Coach Berges is likely not much change the composition of players such as against Martapura. Yoo Jae Joon will fill out the goalkeeper post with a quartet control Dedi Gusmawan, Mauricio Leal, Rendi Siregar, and Wiganda Pradika. While the former Sevilla striker, Fernando Rodriguez who is on-fire will be re-plotted as the key striker.

“I think Central Kalteng is a good team, they are able to hold Barito very well, I respect them and we have a special strategy to deal with them,” said Marin.

Acting as host, Team want to give a victory for the supporters who come to provide support.

Mitra kukar in the early pre-season in the presidential Cup looks Very serious :
+ 1st. sign NEW COACH experienced “Rafael Berges Marin” (ex former Spanish national team player at the 1992 Olympics),
+ 2nd Sign great NEW Key player “Danny Guthrie” (Key MF, ex former Liverpool and Newcastle United players)
+ 3th his team’s preparations are maximum in the face of the 2018 Presidential Cup. The series of trials, both in Malaysia and against local clubs, became the capital to test the ability of Mitra Kukar in the 2018 Presidential Cup.

Probabbly Mitra Kukar (4-3-3): Yoo Jae Hoon (kiper); Rendi Siregar, Dedy Gusmawan, Mauricio Leal, Wiganda Pradika (belakang); Danny Guthrie, Bayu Pradana (c), Anindito Wahyu (tengah); Rifan Nahumarury, Fernando Rodriguez, Hendra Bayauw (depan).

Coach: Rafael Berges Martin

Mitra Kukar FC -1.5

23 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
PS TNI Vs Madura United

PS TNI +1 @1.85
Madura United -1 @2.10
Over 3 @1.89
Under 3 @1.97

Stadion Gelora Bung Tomo, Surabaya


Coach PS Rudy Eka Priyambada confirmed, his team will play open against Madura United

“We focus more on fixing the final settlement problem on the training this time,” said Rudy Eka Priyambada, “We have a lot of chances but only one is a goal.

“I have instructed the players, to appear with the characteristic of PS TNI, pressing tight and attacking, so the players already understand what to do in the match later,” he said.

Probabbly PS TNI (4-2-3-1): Teguh Amiruddin (Kiper); Ganjar Mukti, Herwin Tri Saputra, Muhammad Abduh Lestaluhu, Safri Al Irfandi (Belakang); Firmansyah, Manahati Lestusen, Redouane Zerzouri, Ryan Wiradinata, Wawan Febriyanto (Tengah); Elio Bruno Martins (Depan)

Coach: Rudy Eka Priyambada

Madura United:

last match Madura United win 5-0 Vs Perseru. Madura can always end the game with victory when Vs PS TNI.

Preparation on this match is very good, Team coach Madura United intentionally intensify the exercise in the afternoon to adapt to the game schedule. Because, in the last two games, the team made by coach Gomes de Oliviera got kick off schedule at 15:30 pm when the weather in the city of Surabaya is very hot.

good news, Madura United FC (MU) officially recruited new great player “ok John”. The entry of the Nigerian defender makes MU as one of the teams who have 5 foreign players in the 2018 President Cup tournament.

In addition “ok John”, MU also has “Fabiano Beltrame”, “Noureddine Davronov”, “Marcel Sacramento” and “Patrick Kiyabu N’Koyi”. Now they are getting onfire and optimistic to face PS TNI

“I see everything is well prepared for this game, the preparation for the game against PS TNI is very good,” said team coach, Gomes Oliviera.

Doubtfull player: “Marcel Sacramento” (recovery of left thigh injury)

Probabbly Madura United (4-3-3): Angga Saputra (Kiper); Beny Wahyudi, Fabiano Beltrame, Fachrudin Aryanto, Alfath Faathier (Belakang); Nuriddin Davronov, Raphael Maitimo, Slamet Nurcahyo (Tengah); Bayu Gatra, Marcel Sacramento, Greg Nwokolo (Depan)

Coach: Gomes de Oliviera

Over 3 Goals (WIN)

Madura United -1 (WIN)

23 January 2018
Kick-off 19:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Perseru Serui Vs Persebaya

Perseru Serui +0.5 @2.23
Persebaya -0.5 @1.70

Stadion Gelora Bung Tomo, Surabaya (home persebaya)

Perseru Serui:

last match perseru Lose 5-0 Vs Madura United. coach states because perseriu serui is lack of preparation.

Perseru is now in trouble with foreign players. One of them is midfielder Ricardo Sendra now there is a injury. He can not be to play, but his condition needs to be seen until a few hours before the game.

“Our second tier player is also young. But, I want to try to lose them because it will be prepared for in League 1. It seems the composition of players there is not much change, “explained coach Alexander Sanunu.

Missing player: Ricardo Sendra

Probabbly Perseru Serui (4-3-3): Annas Fitranto (Kiper); Jaelani Arey, Dominggus Fakdawer, Ata Geldiyev, Indra Permana (Belakang); Nerius Alom, Ronaldo Meosido, Alba Serkadifat (Tengah); Yohanis Nabar, Silvio Escobar, Lukas Mandowen (Depan)

Coach: Alexander Sanunu


Target must win for persebaya

Good news: skuat Persebaya currently more complete and can go down in the best composition. persebaya management has inaugurated 4 players, namely: Fandi Eko Utomo, Arthur Irawan, Stevanno Pietersz, and Jossa Andika.

Plus +3 players, Irfan Jaya, Osvaldo Haay, and Rachmat Irianto who had training camp with the Indonesian national team U-23 also returned.

plus 1 foreign player Persebaya Surabaya successfully more recruit “Robertino Pugliara”. projects this 33-year-old player as a playmaker.

They have already joined in the official practice at Gelora Bung Tomo, Monday afternoon. “The arrival of these players will indeed increase the strength of the team. But, Persebaya have a game system. I always want to win in every game, “said Alfredo.

Probabbly Persebaya Surabaya (4-3-3): Alfonsius Kelvan (Kiper); Abu Rizal Maulana, Otavio Dutra, Fandry Imbiri, M. Irvan Febrianto (Belakang); Misbakus Solikin, Nelson Alom, Rendi Irwan (Tengah); Feri Pahabol, Rishadi Fauzi, Oktafianus Fernando (Depan)

Coach: Alfredo Vera

Persebaya to win

24 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Persela Lamongan Vs Bhayangkara
24 January 2018
Kick-off 19:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
PSIS Semarang Vs Arema FC

Arema FC -1.75

24 January 2018
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
PSPS Pekanbaru Vs Bali United

PSPS Pekanbaru +0.75
Bali United -0.75
Over 2.5 @1.60
Under 2.5 @2.29

Stadion Kapten I Wayan Dipta, Gianyar, (bali home)

PSPS Pekanbaru:

“We are ready for this match. In some exercises, we’ve tried to fix mistakes in the first game. Players are fit, and they’re ready to play.”

PSPS trained a number of game patterns, including long passes, and anticipation to play in the rain as they had to do in the first game.

“We have been doing the training to release long passes, but not only that, but our training materials, training to anticipate the matches again rain like when we face Persija we have prepared,” said PSPS coach Jafri Sastra.

PSPS has a chance to bring down Jandia Eka Putra. The newly recruited goalkeeper has recovered from injury and started training with the team.

Probabbly PSPS (4-2-3-1): Ismail Hanafi (GK); Eriyanto, Syaiful Anwar, Wahyu Kristan, Syaiful Ramadhan (DF); Muhammad Aliah Al Fuad, Viktor Pae, Rendy Saputra, Ichsan Pratama, Firman Septian (MF), Osas Saha (FW)

Coach: Jafri Sastra

Bali United:

situation in team not good: Bali united will play with 2nd lineups and young teams because their 1st team is still in Thailand after facing Chiangrai United in the second round play-off of Asian Champions League 2018.

Bali United lost almost all of Regular players (1st lineups) who recently competed against Chiangrai United in Singha Stadium, Thailand on Tuesday (23/1/2018), where Bali United lost 1-2 in 120 minutes play-off second round of Asian Champions League 2018.

It makes Hans Peter Schaller, coach of Bali United in the 2018 Presidential Cup, only has young players in this match. Hanis Saghara Putra became the only possible choice that could be relied on coach to become the spearhead, assisted Miftahul Hamdi and Feby Eka Putra from the wings.

Probabbly Bali United (4-2-3-1): Putu Pager Wirajaya (GK); Muhammad Taufik Hidayat, Ahn Byung-keon, Ngurah Nanak, Amrun Mubarok (DF); Sutanto Tan, Ahmad Agung Setiabudi, Azka Fauzi, Miftahul Hamdi, Feby Eka Putra (MF); Hanis Saghara Putra (FW)

Coach: Hans Peter Schaller

The absence of Ilija Spasojevic, Irfan Bachdim, Stefano Lilipaly, Fadhil Sausu, and other regular players can certainly be an opportunity for PSPS Riau to reach their first point.

PSPS Pekanbaru +0.75
24 January 2018
Kick-off 19:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia president Cup
Pusamania Borneo Vs Persija

Pusamania Borneo +0 @2.00
Persija Jakarta +0 @1.72
Over 2.5 @1.85
Under 2.5 @1.95

Netral Venue Stadion Kapten I Wayan Dipta, Gianyar, Bali

Persija currently no.1 in Group D with three points and leads to a point difference from Bali United, who are second. Meanwhile, Borneo FC is ranked third with no points after losing 2-3 from Bali United in the first game.

Pusamania Borneo:

A number of improvements have been done to achieve maximum results. In addition, Borneo FC will also take advantage of the capabilities of 5 new players recruited: Friska Womsiwor, Justin Pae, Ricardo Salampessy, Boaz Solossa, and Titus Bonai in the game.

“All players are registered and we can play in the game Vs Persija.” Four players we borrowed can be downgraded in this game, there is no problem with the adaptation because they are professional players with rich experience, “said Ponaryo Astaman.

Coach Ponaryo admitted the match against Persija will not run easy, considering the opponent candidate has the material of qualified players. Ponaryo asserted, Borneo FC II still play offensive in the game tonight.

“Our preparations went well, all players in good condition. We have to win against Persija, because it’s a life-and-death game. But I ask the players to play freelance, no need to feel burdened. Against Persija we must be more spirit and stronger, “said Ponaryo.

Probabbly Borneo FC (4-2-3-1): Nadeo Argawinata (Kiper); Habibi, Nur Diansyah, Stevan Markovic, Yericho Cristiantoko (Belakang), Abdelkbir Khairallah, Doddy Alfayed, Muhammad Ridhuan, RiswanYusman, Wahyudi Setiawan (Tengah), Andre Luis Araujo (Depan)

Coach: Ponaryo Astaman

Persija Jakarta:

coach Persija Stefano Cugurra expressed, foster children still playing with the character of the team. Persija needed a win to secure a place in the quarter-finals of this pre-season tournament.

coach Persija Stefano Cugurra expressed, all player still playing with the character of the team. Persija needed a win to secure a place in the quarter-finals of this pre-season tournament.

striker Marko Simic, on fire Marko Simic who scored one goal in Persija’s 3-0 victory over PSPS Riau in the first game.

“We’ve been together for about a month, the progress is improving so we will not worry too much about our players, especially as we bring in a lot of players There is no reserve player in the team We only apply fair competition in team. “Football needs to be physically good.” Who is ready will definitely play in the starting eleven, “said Teco.

Probabbly Persija Jakarta (4-3-3): Andritany Ardhiyasa (Kiper); Ismed Sofyan, Maman Abdurrahman, Jaimerson da Silva, Rezaldi Hehanussa (Belakang); Sandi Sute, Rohit Chand, Asri Akbar (Tengah); Riko Simanjuntak, Novri Setiawan, Marko Simic (Depan)

Coach: Stefano Cugurra Teco

Over 2.5 @1.85

Persija Jakarta +0 @1.72


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