RESULT 03-08-2018 Indonesia Liga 1

Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Madura United Vs PS Tira

Stadium Ratu Pamelingan, Pamekasan, Madura

Madura United have never achieved a bad result in the last five games, PS TIRA has only two draws and lost in the other three matches.

Madura United:

Coach Gomes can confidently win the match against PS Tira because there are additional new players in his care team. He opened the possibility to bring down a new professional foreign player, “Milad Zeneyedpour”.

“We maximize the new players. Although new they have experience and have good skills. Their enthusiasm and quality are extraordinary, “said the coach gomes from brazil.

This game will also be the first presentation for two new foreign players. They are Mamadou Samassa (from France) and Milad Zeneyedpour (from Iran).

Madura United coach, Gomes de Oliveira admitted he would never underestimate PS TIRA. He believes fans support at home will provide added strength for the players.

Probabbly Madura United lineups (4-3-3): Satria Tama; Beny Wahyudi, Fabiano Beltrame, Guntur Ariyadi, Andik Rendika; Asep Berlian, Slamet Nurcahyo, Zah Rahan; Bayu Gatra, Greg Nwokolo, Engelberd Sani.

PS Tira:

Coach Nilmaizar go with 20 players. Interestingly, there are some new names that were not in the first round squad which were included in the list.

There is the name of goalkeeper “Angga Saputro” who in the first round was still dressed as Madura United FC. At this goalkeeper post, there is also “Teguh Amirudin”. At the defense line, there was “Abu Bakr” who had made his debut during the match against Persib Bandung.

There are two other newcomers who Nilmaizar brought to Madura. He is “Dymitriv Rekish”, and “Jeon-woo”. but, Their arrival new player will inevitably get rid of two other foreign players in the first round. “Kim Sang Min” and “Gustavo Lopez” are no longer seen in Tira PS practice.

Probabbly PS Tira (3-5-2) lineups: Syahrul; Ganjar Mukti, Abu Bakr, Abduh Lestaluhu; Manahati Lestusen, Roni, Ryan, Ahmad Nofiandani, Wawan Febriyanto; Aleksander Rakic, Sansan Fauzi.

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Madura United -1

FT: 3-1 (WIN)
Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Liga 1
Bhayangkara FC Vs PSMS Medan

Stadion PTIK, Jakarta

Bhayangkara FC:

Bhayangkara FC carries a dual mission in this match
Three points clearly become the main target, not only that, the host also target with the goal party

coach Simon emphasizing his players to appear pressing since the early minutes in order to realize the victory plus the desire of the goal party.

“We want to score a lot of goals. We always prepare the best players, but must play as desired. Our target is clear, which is three points,” Simon said.

Bhayangkara FC is certainly not adding new players to the second round, Bhayangkara FC has landed three new players, namely striker Elio Martins, midfielder Adam Alis and wing back Danny Saputra. Attendance, they felt enough to add strength to the team.

Coach MecMenemy believes all thier player can make positive trend in this match, even previously lost 1-0 Vs persija at away match.

Coach admits he has prepared tactics that can reduce aggressiveness while providing threats in the opponent’s defense. The presence of new players also gives McMenemy a number of options.

Probabbly Bhayangkara FC (not to change from last match) (4-2-3-1): Wahyu Tri Nugroho (GK); Indra Kahfi, Vladimir Vujovic, Nurhidayat Haris, Dany Saputra (DF); Sani Rizky Fauzi, Lee Yu-joon, Paulo Sergio, Adam Alis, Vendry Mofu (MF); Elio Martins (FW)

PSMS Medan:

PSMS in good confident condition because this for the 1st time this club have complete power Therefore, the team ready to play with all their main power Plus + play three NEW foreign players. The three are “Shohei Matsunaga” (Japan), “Felipe dos Santos Martins” (Brazil), and “Alexandros Tanidis” (Greece).

SURE PSMS who have a bad away record, But this time in a state of confidence. That’s because they can serve the host with a complete squad.

in LAst Match “We only use 1 foreign player against Bali United, but can play well, even though we lose. We will work hard in this match because the Bhayangkara FC is a solid team and last season’s champions,” said Peter Butler, PSMS coach.

The English coach will improve defense in the fight later. this club has a record of conceding 33 goals. The number of conceded was the second worst after PS Tira with a goal of 40 goals.

“We have to understand if every match is a final match. Eleven players have to work hard,” this is the time NOW OR NEVER, he said.

Medan PSMS is now trying to find a new rhythm after firing Djadjang Nurdjaman and replaced with new coach “Peter Butler”. Although not seen a significant change, mentally playing PSMS now seen increased dramatically.

They successfully beat PSM Makassar in two games before this, and almost held back a strong Balinese team draw. That’s why Butler admitted the team now more confident.

good news, new player PSMS Management Medan confirmed three new foreign legions could be played against Bhayangkara FC at PTIK Stadium, Jakarta, Friday (3/8), in the 19th week of League 1 2018.

Probabbly PSMS Medan lineups (3-4-3): Abdul Rohim (GK); Muhamad Roby, Reinaldo Lobo, Alexandros Tanidis (DF), Frediyan Wahyu, Legimin Raharjo, Shohei Matsunaga, Firza Andika (MF); Antoni Putro Nugroho, Felipe Martins, Erwin Ramdani (FW)

Probabbly Score: 0-0, 1-1, 2-2

indosoccerinfo = PSMS Medan +1

FT: 3-1 (LOSE)


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