About Us

Hai iam tom come from jakarta, Indonesia, experience: more then 9 year as a writer or assistant writer in many football/soccer news

in pasbana.com (there lokal newspapper from west sumatra indonesia until 2012) and also as freelance assistant writer in bola.net/bola_indonesia.html (one of the best online sport media indonesian soccer as freelance until September 2016) and now as author in some local newspaper column and active in online journalists too.

i am one of many informant indonesian soccer news to search and find all data and information about indonesia soccer.

needs to be taken here this site only just for a place to collect my data from any source about indonesia soccer.

because so many friends from all other countries in blogabet or some forum ask to me to make this site they want to know information everyday and very curious and enthusiastic about all the latest information about each team in indonesia soccer (many friend know me in blogabet some forum and kaskus my nick name as a igo/iggoooo/igotipsoccer).

especially about information Indonesia soccer Liga 1 and Liga 2 and all about indonesia soccer information, which is currently running until now.

I hope with this website then it will be more useful for all friends from other countries.

my regards

tom (author)