TSC 2016 Match 24 PSM Makassar Vs Sriwijaya FC 2-1

17 October 2016
Kick-off 14:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
PSM Makassar Vs Sriwijaya FC

PSM Makassar DNB @1.87/1.83
PSM Makassar +0 @1.87/1.85
PSM Makassar +0 @1.87/1.87
Sriwijaya FC DNB @1.87/1.86
Sriwijaya FC +0 @1.87/1.86
Sriwijaya FC +0 @2.20/2.03

Stadium Andi Mattalata Makassar.

Over 2.5 @1.80/1.78
Under 2.5 @1.95/1.92

PSM Makassar:
No.2 best win odds at home

Ronald Hikspoors ready to play in this match (DF, last match accumulation of cards)

Good News: Of the players, this time PSM can lower the best squad, including Ferdinand Sinaga on the front lines.

Probably LINEUPS in MATCH 4-3-3 (Coach: Robert Rene Alberts) : 1 Deny Marsel (GK), 4 Wasyiat hasbulah (CB), 87 Kwon Jun (CB), 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 19 Rizky Pellu (CMF), 8 Syamsul Chaeeruddin (CMF), 38 Ronald Hikspoors (CMF), 80 Willem J Pluim (AMF), 9 Zulvin Zamrun (RMF), 3 Ferdinand A Sinaga, 25 Titus Bonai (CF)

BEST SQUAD PSM Makasar LINEUPS 4-4-2 (Coach: Robert Rene Alberts) :

1 Deny Marsel (GK), DF: 8 Syamsul Chaeeruddin (CMF), 38 Ronald Hikspoors (CMF), 87 Kwon Jun (CB), 22 Aras, MF: 9 Zulvin Zamrun (RMF), 80 Willem J Pluim (AMF), 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 19 Rizky Pellu (CMF), FW: 3 Ferdinand A Sinaga, 11 Rahmat

Key player in match: Bakri R GOAL Penalty) 83″, Sinaga F GOAL 90+1″

Sriwijaya FC Palembang:
Home Best Attack Team Sriwijaya FC Palembang, but not soo good every play at away.

While FC certainly lose Ichsan Kurniawan until the end of the season. Firman Utina condition is doubtful to fall on the game this time, more bad news in this match their TOP Scorer Alberto Goncalves, in the final minutes ahead of departure was decided to be left in Jakarta because of a thigh injury in his left foot.

plus more bad information for Sriwijaya FC their Captain “Supardi” for the first time in this season Sriwijaya FC will be without their captain Supardi, due to permit a family affair. For 23 match that have played the SFC so far, Supardi be the only player who always played the full 90 minutes and had never been replaced.

many Missing Player: Alberto Goncalves (Key player Top Scorer 14 Goals, injured on the thigh of his left leg), Ichsan Kurniawan (injury), Supardi (Key Player Captain) permit a family affair, Airlangga Sucipto (FW 4/goals) (also canceled abruptly taken because of a injury)

coach to rack their brain more extra in this match because come without a pure striker after Airlangga Sucipto also canceled abruptly taken because of a injury.

Doubtfull player: Firman Utina

18 Pemain Ke Makassar without a pure striker or target man :
Teja Paku Alam, Try Hamdani, Zalnando, Wildansyah, Mauricio Leal, Ngurah Nanak, Fachrudin Ariyanto, Achmad Jufrianto, Yu Hyun Koo, Hapit Ibrahim, Manda Cingi, Anis Nabar, M Ridwan, Firman Utina, TA Mushafry, Rizky Dwi Ramadhana, Hilton Moreira, Mariando

Some names such as Hilton Moreira, TA Musafri, Rizky Dwi Ramadhana or Mariando likely to be made in the Pure striker / target man (although positions ali they play wide on either side of the pitch as a Forward winger)

Sriwijaya FC LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach: Widodo Cahyono Putro) :

12 Teja P Alam (GK), DF: 11 Zalnando, 4 Mauricio Leal (CB/LB), 13 Ahmad Jufriyanto (CB), 26 Fachrudin aryanto (CB), MF: 6 Yoo Hyun koo (DMF), 15 Firman Utina (AMF), 23 Ridwan, 91 Nabar, 29 Musafri, FW: 10 Hilton Moreira (CF)

(Sriwijaya coach terlihat menerapkan strategi bertahan dan penguasaan bola di sisi tengah, hanya 1 striker wajar jika kalah)


PSM can lower the best squad, including Ferdinand Sinaga on the front lines Vs Sriwijaya FC have crisis missing player and without their key player Pure striker/target man

PSM Makassar +0

RESULT : 2-1 (WIN)