Presidents Cup In Indonesia : Arema Vs Bhayangkara

Presidents Cup In Indonesia
Arema Vs Bhayangkara
Pick: Arema -0.75
Odds: 1.75
Stake: 5/10

Arema -0.75 @1.750
= Before Arema -0.75 @1.800
over 2.5 @1.850
= over 2.5 @1.850


Play at Stadion Kanjuruhan, Kabupaten Malang, This match will be sure to be filled by support supporter Arema,

Arema FC is one team that is ready to begin the official games in the league Indonesia even managed to win at the weekend in Profeo Bhayangkara

Good News: Coach Aji also expressed happiness their key player already ready to play in this match, over the presence Cristian Gonzalez, Esteban Vizcarra, and Hendro Siswanto in yesterday’s practice session. Aji can now focus on looking for the ideal composition.

“We practice with the players’ condition which is almost complete, or can even be said to be complete. Within three days I will try to do as much as possible, “said Aji.

In the previous game, and Cristian Gonzalez Esteban Vizcarra not played against FC Bhayangkara with a draw (in trophy Profeo Bhayangkara match).

Coach Aji said, he already know the strength of the opponent. Moreover, two of the three teams is the opposite of the current competitors Bhayangkara Trofeo 2017, the Persija Jakarta and Bhayangkara.

Missing player: 2 Young player, Dio Permana and Hanif Sjahbandi, injury

“At present, except Hanif Sjahbandi and Dio Permana, all the players are in good shape,” said Aji.

Probably Arema FC lineups (4-3-2-1) : Kurnia Meiga; Beny Wahyudi, Bagas Adi Nugroho, Arthur Cunha, Ahmad Alfarizi; Fellipe Bertoldo, Hendro Siswanto, Esteban Vicarra; Nasir, M. Rafli; Cristian Gonzales


Coach Simon Mcmenemy said, “I think tomorrow will be difficult, because our preparation is very short. However, we have to evaluate and reform to face tomorrow’s game,” he added.

Simon also added in this preseason tournament, he was just focused on the team’s preparations towards the League 1. Therefore, in this tournament, Simon does not set a target heroics for the Presidents Cup is part of the maturation of the team to face the competition.

Bhayangkara FC will lower the best squad in this match, including Otavio Dutra, Lee Yu-jun and two national team players Philippines, Matthew Hartmann (midfielder) and Armani Aguinaldo (defender). BUT because the rules in this tournament should only be lowered three foreign players, two non-Asian foreign players and one Asian foreign players.

Good news for team: Firman Utina certainly join Bhayangkara FC in the President’s Cup competition in 2017. BUT will not go down in this match vs Arema FC, Sunday (5/2) tomorrow. Because he had to join next week.

Probably Bhayangkara FC lineups (4-3-3): Wahyu Tri Nugroho; Dani Saputra, Otavio Dutra, Indra Kahfi, Putu Gede Juni Antara: Hargianto, Lee Yu Jun, Evan Dimas Darmono; Ilham Udin Armaiyn, Han Hongkyu, Wahyu Subo Seto

Arema -0.75


Presidents Cup In Indonesia : Persija Vs PS TNI

Presidents Cup In Indonesia
Persija Vs PS TNI
Pick: PS TNI +1.25
Odds: 1.75
Stake: 5/10

Netral Venue Stadion Kanjuruhan, Kab Malang

Persija :

Coach Persija Jakarta Stefano ‘Teco’ Cugurra does not provide a target for his team at this MATCH the Presidents Cup tournament in 2017, but want to finalize the League 1 team ahead of the game.

Teco said that he applied since Persija follow Trofeo Bhayangkara last week. According to him, all the players will get a chance to play at the Presidents Cup matches.

“I’ll post all the players for their performance, and evaluate the team. It’s a great opportunity to try out all of the players. We take it as a warm up before the League 1. The team is not yet complete, so not much to say about the championship, “said Teco.

“Previously, we only focus on physical training. But now we have to prepare for tomorrow’s game tactics. We are not a problem only fielded two foreign players, “said Teco.

Persija will be play their two foreign players who defend team from last season, William Pacheco and Hong Soon Hak.

GK: Andritany Ardhiyasa, Daryono, M. Alfarisi, Rizky Darmawan

DF: Rezaldi Hehanusa, Vava Mario Yagalo, Willian Pacheco, Muhammad Idham Jauhari, Ryuji Utomo, Gunawan Dwi Cahyo, Maman Abdurrahman, Dandi Maulana, Ismed Sofyan, Novri Setiawan

MF: Amarzukih, Sandi Darman Sute, Hong Soon Hak, Sutanto Tan, Muslim Habibi

FW: M. Rasul Habibi, Jefri Kurniawan, Bambang Pamungkas, Ambrizal Umanailo, Ramdani Lestaluhu, Pandi Lestaluhu, Ichsan Hari, Rudi Widodo

Probably Persija Jakarta lineups (4-3-3) : Andritany Ardhiyasa; Ismed Sofyan, Gunawan Dwi Cahyo, Willian Pacheco, Rezaldi Hehanusa; Sutanto Tan, Hong Soon-hak, Sandi Sute; Ramdani Lestaluhu, Jefri Kurniawan, Bambang Pamungkas.


PS TNI have advantages in compactness and spirit TNI is a very strong motivation with many local players, PS TNI pulled this season will look more powerful because it sure will be strengthened also by foreign players, Foreign players PS TNI, Ibrahim Conteh insists there is no other target than a win when dealing with Persija Jakarta.

the team is very conducive and the preparations go well. PS TNI has made preparations dive three weeks in Cilodong, Bogor, West Java before moving to Cilankap.

“Aside from being a footballer, they are members of the military. Their characters that militants will we rely on,” said Coach PS TNI, Mustaqim.

“We do not want just to play, we want to fight, we also want to be stung. We’ll Shown hard play. Wherever we go after the ball is going,” he continued.

PS TNI’s main goalkeeper, Dhika Bhayangkara, confirms ready to perform optimally maintain the wicket of the match in the first PS TNI President’s Cup 2017 took place. Although Persija certainly appear adamant he was not worried because the defense line PS TNI also have quality players, such as abduh lestaluhu and Manahati Lehtusen are always aggressive keep the back line.

Here squad PS TNI’s President’s Cup 2017 :
Teguh Amirudin, Ravi Murdianto, Dhika Bayangkara; Syahrul Trisna, Abduh Lestaluhu, Rinto Ali, Andi Setyo, Danie Pratama, Ganjar Mukti, Mustar Tuasyakal, Wanda Syahputra, Manahati Lestusen, Ade Tjandra, Ibrahim Conteh, Wawan Febrianto, Guntur Triaji, Erwin Ramdani, M Kasim Slamat, M Alwi Slamat
Ahmad Nufiandani, Roni Sugeng A, Yogi Novrian, Dimas Drajat, Mamadou Barry.

Probably PS TNI lineups (4-2-3-1) : Dhika Bhayangkara; Wanda Syahputra, Ganjar Mukti, Manahati Lestusen, Abduh Lestaluhu; Alwi Slamat, Ibrahim Conteh; Wawan Febriyanto, Guntur Triaji, Erwin Ramdani; Dimas Drajad

PS TNI +1.25