TSC 2016 Match 25

24 October 2016
Kick-off 13:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Persipura Vs Arema Malang

Persipura DNB @1.83/1.79
Persipura +0 @1.85/1.80
Arema Malang DNB @1.95/1.88
Arema Malang +0 @1.96/1.91
Over 2.5 @2.04/1.89
Under 2.5 @1.85/1.80

Persipura Jayapura:

In last training coach Persipura looks to prepare the defense with more focus.

Persipura in great performances in their last 11 games, just once suffered defeat 2-0 vs Perseru at away match. In that match at the Stadium Serui/Marora, Persipura also missing Boaz Solossa and dominggus fakdawer for the same reason that time (called indonesia National team)

Missing player: Boaz Solossa (key player CF/Captain/Top scorer Persipura in great motivation last match get hat trick), Dominggus Fakdawer (CB, regular defender) absent following the Indonesian national team training camp.

Boaz’s absence will play Ferinando Pahabol and Edward Wilson Junior in front line.

with sustained Ian Kabes and Ricardinho in midfield.

The absence dominggus fakdawer likely to lower Quartet Persipura defense by Justin Pae composition on the right side, Rony Beroperay on the left side, and a duet Bio Paulin and yohanis tjoe in central defense.

Probably Persipura LINEUPS 4-2-1-3 (Coach Angel Alfredo vera) :

1 Yoo Jae Hoon (GK), DF : 21 Yustinus Pae (SB), 2 Rony Beroparay (LB), 44 Yohanis Tjoe (CB), 45 Paulin Bio (CB), MF : 5 Izaac J Wanggai (DMF), 13 Ian L Kabes (SMF), 24 Marinus Mariyanto (CMF), 89 Ricardo D Silva (AMF), FW: 17 Yohanes F Pahabol (WF) 9 Wilson Edward J (CF)

Persipura LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach Angel Alfredo vera) :

1 Yoo Jae Hoon (GK), DF : 21 Yustinus Pae (SB), 14 Ruben K Sanadi (LB), 4 Ricardo Salampessy (CB), 44 Yohanis Tjoe (CB), MF: 13 Ian L Kabes (SMF), 12 Nelson Alom (CMF), 11 Imanuel wanggai (CMF), FW: 17 Yohanes F Pahabol (WF), 46 Osvaldo haay (WF), 33 Lukas W Mandowen (CF)

Key player in match: Osvaldo A GOAL 54″, Ricardo S GOAL 87″

Arema Malang:

Arema Cronus came to Jayapura with carrying points, either one point or even to win. Since arriving on Friday (21/10) afternoon, The coach who familiarly called Milo’s said “it does not set targets high enough. “I just want the players give up the game alone, targets to be achieved at least one point/draw”

Arema prepare for this match earlier come to jayapura, “Coach asking for immediate departure that the players have sufficient recovery time and can prepare for the game as much as possible,”

Arema must also be prepared to play under the hot weather in jayapura which certainly will drain energy faster players.

all players must be able to utilize the existing power so well that no fatigue entered the final minutes of the match.

“The weather here is much hotter. It’s a challenge for us, so it must be careful in using our strength, ”

Missing Player: Kurnia Meiga (GK), Beny Wahyudi (Regular RB) (absent
following the national team training camp), Hamka Hamzah (Regular CB/captain) (accumulation of yellow cards), Juan Revi, Hendro Siswanto, Ahmad Nufiandani, serta I Kadek Wardhana (still injured)

Doubtfull player: Esteban Vizcarra (AMF) (still recovering a calf injury from last match)

Without the regular three players, feared Arema defense easily penetrated, Fortunately Ahmad Kurniawan (GK) In some games, he was able to play very well

To replace Hamka, Arema can rely on the figure of Ryuji Utomo. While Benny position on the wings of defense will be occupied Syaiful Indra Cahya.

Ryuji Utomo being prepared to fill the slot back line and a duet with Goran Gancev.

Coach said will play 3 young player in this match “There are some young players who were brought, utam Rusdiana, Junda Irawan and Oki Derry”

Probably Arema LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Milomir Seslija) :

47 Achmad K (GK), DF : 87 Ahmad A Farisi (LB), Ryuji Utomo (CB), 16 Goran Ganchev (CB), 4 Syaiful Indra Cahya (RB) MF : 32 Nick Kalmar (DMF), 8 Raphael Maitimo (CMF), 11 Esteban Vizcarra (AMF), 14 Arif Suyono (RMF), FW: 41 Dendi Santoso (LWF), 10 Cristian Gonzales (CF)

Arema LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Milomir Seslija) :

47 Achmad K (GK), DF : 87 Ahmad A Farisi (LB), 6 Ryuji Utomo (CB), 16 Goran Ganchev (CB), 4 Syaiful Indra Cahya (RB) MF : 32 Nick Kalmar (DMF), 8 Raphael Maitimo (CMF), 11 Esteban Vizcarra (AMF), FW: 41 Dendi Santoso (LWF), 15 Sunarto (SS), 10 Cristian Gonzales (CF)

CS: 2-0 1-0 0-0 1-1

Home and Under 2.5 Goals

Under 2.5 Goals



24 October 2016
Kick-off 15:15 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Barito Putera Vs Persela

Barito Putera (1) @2.05/2.00
Barito Putera -0.5 @2.05/2.02
Barito Putera -0.25 @1.83
Persela (X2) @1.75/1.68
Persela +0.5 @1.73/1.71
Persela +0.25 @1.98

Stadium 17 Mei Banjarmasin

Barito Putera:

the condition of the team is not in good situation, after sacking head coach, and replace with assistant coach as caretaker coach “Yunan Helmi” have not indicated a good change until now, in some media even raised the issue about the complaints of former foreign player “Mohammadou Alhadji” who feel that their salary are not paid by Barito.

and now Barito faced with the absence of several pillars.

Missing 4 regular player: Hansamu Yama Pranata (DMF), Rizky Rizaldi Pora (LB) (absent following the Indonesian national team training camp), Thierry Gathuessi (CB) and Yongky Aribowo certainly absent.

Coach Yunan Helmi said “Defense is still a weak point, and now the coaching staff’s focus fix deficiencies ahead of the match against Persela Lamongan”

assistant coach Barito namely Yunan Helmi also explains that the situation is indeed not very good. “This situation is not very good. We want the team to get up”

Barito Putera LINEUPS 4-4-1-1 (Coach Asistent: Yunan Helmi) :

20 Aditya harlan (GK), DF: 14 Fathlul Rahman (LB), 29 Ambrizal (CB), 3 Muh Roby (CB), 4 Lim Jun Sik (DMF=RB), MF:  8 Amirul Mukminin (CMF), 23 Dedy Hartono (RMF), 15 Muhammad R (MF), 22 Nazar Nurzaidin (CF), FW: 10 Luis Junior (CF), 92 Thiago Do Amaral (ST)

Key Player in match: Luis Junior GOAL 35″

Persela Lamongan:

Coach Aji Santoso in this match possibility using the same scheme 4-3-3 formation when successful 1-1 draw against perseru serui, is likely to be re-used. (in this match Persela missing 5 regular player absent), and now in this match 3 player back to play.

“I implemented a 4-3-3 formation, and in the middle of everything defender. But we did not play defense, only strengthen the defense”

Our target at least could open point 1. Hopefully be able to reach the point 3. I use Zone Marking.

Missing player: Aang Suparman (CD) (accumulation of yellow cards), Dwi Kuswanto (GK), injury in last match, Hedipo Gustavo G, healing therapy thigh muscle injury

Here squad Persela In Away Game Against Barito Putera:
2 GK: Choirul Huda, Andi Setiawan
6 DF: Paulo Eduardo, Mahrus Bahtiar, Djayusman Triasdi, Fauzan Jamal, Taufiq Kasrun, Eky Taufiq
7 MF: Edy Gunawan, Zainal Arifin, Steven Imbiri, Agung Pribadi, Choi Hyun Yeon, Tamsil Sijaya
3 FW: Saddil Ramdani, Dendy Sulistyawan, Ivan Carlos

Good News 3 regular player back to play: Edy Gunawan (central defender winger), Choi Hyun Yeon (MF), and Dendy Sulistyawan (back from absent accumulation of cards)

This is very good news, injuries to Persela storm has passed. I’m with the team coaches will determine the best lineups in this match.

Persela Lamongan LINEUPS 4-4-2 (Coach: Aji Santoso) :

1 Choirul Huda (GK), 5-DF: 5 Taufiq Kasrun (CB), 34 Ahmad M Bahtiar (CB), 76 Paulao Eduardo (CB), 72 Muh A Pribadi (RB), 30 Eky Taufik (RB), 3-MF: 44 Tamsil Sinjaya (CMF), 13 Choi Hyun Yeon (CMF), 2 Zainal Arifin (RMF), FW: 74 Ivan Carlos Coelho (CF), 69 Saddil Ramdani (CF)

CS: 1-2 1-1

Persela +0.5



23 October 2016
Kick-off 18:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Sriwijaya FC Vs Persija Jakarta

Sriwijaya FC -1.5 @1.90-1.85
(3-0 3-1 6-1 1-0 1-0)
Persija Jakarta +1.5 @1.93-1.88
(2-1 0-0 1-0)
Over 2.5 @1.80-1.69
Under 2.5 @2.10-1.04

Sriwijaya FC Palembang:
The Best Attack Team in ISC-A

This match will be “special” for the home side as a victory not only get three points, but be a beautiful gift for Sriwijaya FC who will “celebrate 12th anniversary” in this match.

Coach Widodo C. Putro and his team wanted to win as a gift for the birthday Sriwijaya FC

Good motivation for home team, anniversary of the 12 years which will coincide on Sunday (23/10) in same moment with the match Vs Persija, President of SFC, Dodi Reza Alex and Chairman of the Supporters Sriwjaya and make sure all the management and supporters will be make full the stadium in this game.

Good News: Top Scorer FC attacker “Alberto Goncalves” rejoined on Thursday (20/10) afternoon at the training session, “Still a little sore, but there is still enough time for this injury recovery, within 2-3 day can heal”

Missing player: Zalnando (absent accumulated cards), Ichsan Kurniawan (which is still recovering from injury) and Fachrudin Ariyanto (call from the Indonesian national team training camp)

Last match: Sriwijaya +0 Lose at away match 2-1 Vs PSM Makassar.

Probably Sriwijaya FC LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Widodo Cahyono Putro) : 12 Teja P Alam (GK), DF: 4 Mauricio Leal (CB/LB) 13 Ahmad Jufriyanto (CB), 22 Wildansyah (RB) 2 supardi Nasir (RB), MF:  6 Yoo Hyun koo (DMF), 15 Firman Utina (AMF), 77 Hafit Ibrahim (RMF), FW: 9 Alberto Goncalves Beto (CF), 23 Muh Ridwan (RMF), 10 Hilton Moreira (CF)

Sriwijaya FC LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Widodo Cahyono Putro) : 12 Teja P Alam (GK), DF: 28 A a N Wahyu (CB), 13 Ahmad Jufriyanto (CB), 4 Mauricio Leal (CB) ,  22 Wildansyah (RB), MF: 2 supardi Nasir (RB=RMF),  6 Yoo Hyun koo (DMF), 15 Firman Utina (AMF), 23 Muh Ridwan (RMF), 9 Alberto Goncalves Beto (CF), 10 Hilton Moreira (CF)

Key player in match: Supardi N GOAL 65″, Talaohu A GOAL 85″

Persija Jakarta:

Persija with new coach look more play with atk Style, in last 4 match play open game.

Coach expected to play Reky Rahayu as (GK). While Sutanto Tan will be an option to fill the holes left Amarzukih and Hong Soon-hak.

By bringing more defenders and attackers than the central player in this game, it seems Maman Abdurahman will be pushed further forward in this match.

With a squad deep in the back and front are brought, Coach Mamak will likely play Attack patterns to make a surprise attack by relying Emmanuel Kenmogne and Greg Nwokolo on the front lines.

Tight schedule of games that must be followed to make Persija Jakarta certainly do not exercise field trials were originally scheduled for Saturday (22/10) afternoon.

Coach Muhammad Zein Al Hadad said: “decision not to exercise or field trials for Persija players because still fatigue after the match Vs Arema Cronus (18/10)”

Missing 3 Regular Player: Andritany Ardhiyasa (1st GK, hamstring injury), Hong Soon-Hak, Amarzukih (absent accumulation of yellow cards), and Syahroni (Called
Indonesian national team training camp)

Persija players who Brought to Palembang:
GK: Reky Rahayu, M. Rizky Darmawan
DF: Andik Rendika Rama, Maman Abdurahman, Willian Pacheco, Ismed Sofyan, Vava Mario, Gunawan Dwi Cahyo,
MF: Ramdani Lestaluhu, Siswanto, Sutanto Tan,Novri Setiawan.
FW: Greg Nwokolo, Rachmat Afandi, Emmanuel Kenmogne, Bambang Pamungkas,Rodrigo Tosi.

Persija counterattack today become sharper with the presence of Greg Nwokolo and Emmanuel Kenmogne. Both together Bambang Pamungkas started to become frightening trio in the second round TSC.

Probably Persija LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach : M Zein Alhadad) :Reky Rahayu (GK), DF : 4 Andik Rama (LB), 13 Gunawan Cahyo (CB), 33 Willian P (CB), 14 Ismed Sofyan (RB), MF : Sutanto Tan (MF), 7 Ramdani Lestaluhu (RMF) 32 Novri Setiawan (RMF), FW: 8 Sutanto T (SS), 10 Greg Nwokolo (CF), 59 Emmanuel Kenmogne (CF)

Persija LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach : M Zein Alhadad) : 31 Reky Rahayu (GK), DF : 4 Andik Rama (LB), 13 Gunawan Cahyo (CB), 6 Maman Abdurahman (CB), 33 Willian P (CB), 14 Ismed Sofyan (RB), MF : 32 Novri Setiawan (RMF),  8 Sutanto Tan (SS=MF), 10 Greg Nwokolo (CF=CMF), FW: 59 Emmanuel Kenmogne (CF), 87 Rodrigo A Tosi (CF)

Key player in match : Emmanuel Kenmogne GOAL 13″

5-0 4-0 3-1

Over 2.5 Goals

Sriwijaya FC -1.5




23 October 2016
Kick-off 21:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
PS TNI Vs Semen Padang

PS TNI +0.5 @1.75-1.74
(0-3 2-1 1-3 1-3)
Semen Padang -0.5 @2.00-1.97
(0-0 1-1 2-1)
Over 2.5 @1.80-1.76
Under 2.5 @2.00-1.95

Worst Defense Team,

From Last Match: PS TNI win handicap +1.5 Asian Handicap Vs Persipura at away match FT 3-2

Missing Player: Manahati Lestusen (Key Regular Defender CB), Abduh Lestaluhu (key Regular defender LB) (absent
following the training camp with the Indonesian national team), Suhandi (CMF) and Muhammad Guntur Triaji (accumulation of yellow cards)

PS TNI were able to steal one back when faced Persija that brings a lot supporter to Pakansari. After that, the two goals against Persipura in Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, is evidence that PS TNI is not afraid to face the big teams

PS TNI guaranteed to show a strong character to remain after the victory despite the lack of support at the stadium.
good news for team: certainly two Regular Atk players: legimin raharjo (Captain/CMF) and Aldino Herdianto (FC) already back to this match (after absent card accumulation)

Probably PS TNI LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Suharto AD (Coach asisten) :

18 Dhika Bayangkara  (GK), DF : 6 Romy Agustiawan (LB), 26 wanda Syahputra (CB), 4 Hendri Aprilianto (CB), 3 Wiganda Pradika (RB), MF: 88 Stevanus Bungaran (CMF), legimin raharjo (CMF), 10 M.G. Triaji (AMF), 12 Erwin Ramdani (RMF), 99 Pandi A Lestaluhu (RMF), 23 wawan Febrianto (WF)

PS TNI LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Suharto AD (Coach asisten) :

95  Ravi Murdianto (GK), DF : 6 Romy Agustiawan (LB), 69 Hardiantono (CB),  4 Hendri Aprilianto (CB), 3 Wiganda Pradika (RB), MF: 88 Stevanus Bungaran (CMF), 24 legimin raharjo (CMF), 12 Erwin Ramdani (RMF), 99 Pandi A Lestaluhu (RMF), FW: 22 Tambun Naibaho (SS), 19 Aldino Herdianto (CF)

Key player in match: Aldino H GOAL 77″

Semen Padang:

Home Best Defense Team, never win at away match

Of the 12 away games that have been undertaken, Semen Padang recorded four draws and eight defeats.

“We determined to win the game, but the final result only God knows. Our players are in good condition, there are no injuries and akmulasi.

Missing Player: Jandia Eka Putra (1st GK, who were called to the Indonesian national team) and Handi Ramdan (absent)

Semen Padang remains the best chance to lower the starting XI in the game.

With the improved appearance Rivky Mokodompit as GK, and captivating game Agung Prasetyo at the back line, making Nilmaizar still have the BEST option to fill the two posts were left Jandia and Handi Ramdan.

18 pemain yang dibawa:
GK: Rivki Mokodompit. (reserves: Reza Pratama)
DF: Hengki Ardiles, Cassio de Jessus, Agung Prasetyo and Novan Setya Sasongko. (reserves: Fandri Imbiri, Novrianto, Satrio Syam)
MF: Riko Simanjuntak, Lee Gil-hoon, Muamer Svraka and Irsyad Maulana. (reserves: Rudi, Vendry Mofu, Adi Nugroho)
FW: Marcel Sacramento and M. Nur Iskandar.

Probably lineups Semen Padang 4-3-1-2 (coach: Nil Maizar) :
33 Rivki Mokodompit (GK), DF: 2 Novan Sasongko (SB), 16 Agung Prasetyo (CB), 89 Cassio F (CB), 11 Henki Ardiles (RB), MF: 6 Lee Gil Hoon (DMF), 20 Riko Simanjuntak (SMF), 27 Muamer Svraka (CMF), 88 Irsyad Maulana (RMF), 17 Muh iskandar (SS), 8 Marcel Sacramento (CF).

lineups Semen Padang 4-4-2 (coach: Nil Maizar) :
33 Rivki Mokodompit (GK), DF: 2 Novan Sasongko (SB), 16 Agung Prasetyo (CB), 89 Cassio F (CB), 11 Henki Ardiles (RB), MF: 6 Lee Gil Hoon (DMF), 7 Rudi (CMF), 27 Muamer Svraka (CMF), 88 Irsyad Maulana (RMF), 17 Muh iskandar (SS), 8 Marcel Sacramento (CF).

1-2 2-1 2-2

Over 2.5 Goals

1-0 (LOSE)



22 October 2016
Kick-off 14:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Perseru Serui Vs Bali United

Perseru Serui -1 @2.14/2.11
Bali United -1 @1.72/1.66
Over 2.5 @1.95/1.90
Under 2.5 @1.80/1.79

Stadium Marora, Serui

Perseru Serui:

Perseru serui in profitable with last matches at home, so no need to travel between to other islands, physical and mental condition perseru players are better prepared and better in this match.

Coach Hanafi claimed already recovered all thier best strategy and mentally all Perseru player, The coach also confirmed already working to restore the game to the best lineups (in the previous match coach wrong to trying to implement different strategies and looks to test new strategy).

“Against Bali United later, God willing, have all returned to the path of truth. We will play with the compactness. Players also agree not want to lose any more points, as against Persela ago,” said Hanafi.

Good News in this match almost all the players can play, only 1 players regular missing.

Missing Player Arthur Barrios Bonai (Captain) in the process of recovering from illness.

Probably Perseru Serui LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach Hanafi):

20 Sukasto Efendi (GK), DF: 5 Boman Aime (CB), 18 Bilibig Mahrus (CB), 92 Jhon A wayoi (CB), 25 Yesaya Desnam (CB), MF: 14 Ronaldo Mesidu (DMF), 13 Franklin R (CMF), 26 Septianus A (CMF), FW: 11 Yoksan Ama, 10 Gakou A, 9 Osas Ikpefua (CF)

Perseru Serui LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach Hanafi):

20 Sukasto Efendi (GK), DF: 5 Boman Aime (CB), 18 Bilibig Mahrus (CB), 25 Yesaya Desnam (CB), 14 Ronaldo Meosido (DMF=RB),  MF: 13 Franklin R (CMF), 26 Septianus A (CMF), 3 Mari Siswanto (CMF), FW: 11 Yoksan Ama, 10 Gakou A, 9 Osas Ikpefua (CF)

Key player in match: Gakou A GOAL PENALTY 27″, Gakou A GOAL PENALTY 87″, 

Bali United:

Coach said “The players certainly tired by a factor of a long journey, leading to the Serui through the air, sea and land, a tiring journey. Hopefully no injuries in this match”

“Supporter and fans do not like the coach Indra Sjafri” situation in team not to soo good, have bad Issues fanpage fans and supporters ask and Push the coach “Indra Sjafri” to resign.

Bali United FC CEO of Jabez Tanuri admitted Bali Utd performance in the last few matches ups and downs, so it began to receive criticism from supporters.

in last match 0-0 Vs Madura United FC, fans on the north stands a big banner black displaying Sjafri Indra’s face with the words ‘Win or Go Home’.

Not only the big banner, supporters of North Side who control the north atribune in stadium also show banner stands are small or big in size criticized the team’s and coach Indra Sjafri performance in the last few games.

In the last three away games, Bali United have always suffered a crushing defeat. Sjafri Indra’s side were defeated 0-4 Pusamania Borneo FC and lost by identical 0-3 score when they travel to the Vs Semen Padang and Persela Lamongan.

More Bad in this match mising 3 regular player : Ricky Fajrin (Key player LB) (be absent, as was called following the training camp (TC) Indonesia national team), Hasim Kipuw (regular RB) and Zoran Knezevic (Key player AMF) absence of accumulated cards.

Probably Bali United LINEUPS 4-3-1-2 (Coach: Indra Sjafri) :

97 Moch Dicky (GK), 6 Felsianus J Bate (LB),  27 Agus N Wiantara (CB), 88 Adi Parwa N (CB), MF: 4 Mahdi F Albaar (RB=RM), 14 Fadil Sausu (DMF), 92 Syakir Sulaiman (AMF), FW: 7 Miftahul Hamdi (LWF), 18 I.M Wirahadi (CF).

Perseru Serui to win




22 October 2016
Kick-off 15:30 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Persib Bandung Vs Gresik United

Persib Bandung -1 @1.78/1.66
Persib Bandung -1 @1.71
Persegres Gresik +1 @2.16/2.11
Persegres Gresik +1 @2.14

Over 2.5 @1.86
Under 2.5 @1.96

Play at Stadium Wibawa Mukti Bekasi.

Persib Bandung:

PERSIB never lose when acting as host. Well when entertaining guests home Stadium in Bandung, Bogor or Bekasi.

Missing Player: Sergio Van Dijk (CF) (absent the accumulation of red cards), Yanto Basna (CB) and Zulham Zamrun (RWF) (called to Indonesian national team), David Laly (MF) (knee injury)

Good News: Vladimir vujovic and Atep in this match already can play after absent accumulated cards.

Coach janur said: “for Substitute Sergio and Zulham we still have Samsul Arif and Atep. in defence no choice, should force Diogo Ferreira to duet with Vlado (Vladimir Vujovic),”

wing position can still be played by David Laly or Febri Hariyadi. In fact, Tantan who is recovering from an illness, it is still possible lowered.

Atep and Vlado in the previous game absence because of accumulation. in this match already be in play

List of players Persib brought to Bekasi:
GK: Muhammad Natshir, Muhamad Ridwan
DF: Tony Sucipto, Jajang Sukmara, Vladimir Vudjovic, Diogo Ferreira,
MF: Dias Angga, Hariono, Kim Jefri, Robertino Pugliara, Marcos Flores, Taufiq, Rachmad Hidayat,
FW: Atep, Samsul Arif, Tantan, Yandi Sofyan, Febri Hariyadi

Probably LINEUPS Persib Bandung 4-3-3 (Coach: Djadjang Nurjaman) :

1 Muhammad Natshir (GK), DF: 6 Tony Sucipto (LB), 3 Vladimir Vujovic (CB), 5 Diogo ferreira (CB), 4 Dias Angga (RB), MF: 24 Hariono (DMF), 8 Taufik (CMF), 17 Rachmad Hidayat (AMF), 10 Robertino Pugliara (AMF), 9 Samsul Arif (CF), 48 Marcos A Flores (CF).

LINEUPS Persib Bandung 4-2-3-1 (Coach: Djadjang Nurjaman) :

1 Mahbuby M Fadhil (GK), DF: 6 Tony Sucipto (LB), 18 jajang Sukmara (LB), 3 Vladimir Vujovic (CB), 5 Diogo ferreira (CB), MF: 24 Hariono (DMF), 10 Robertino Pugliara (AMF), 19 Febri Haryadi (RMF), FW: 7 Atep (LWF), 9 Samsul Arif (CF), 48 Marcos A Flores (CF).

Key player in match: Atep GOAL 22″, Febri H GOAL 64″

Persegres Gresik:

the change of coach always brings change, Gresik United will have high motivation

Coach Eduard Tjong, do everything possible to make defence strong not easily broken opposing team. “For a start, I have to prepare the defense first. The point is we should be solid at the back in order not to missed. I want this time Persegres get points away from home.

“We will make Persib frustrated. Of course, also while looking for opportunities to counterattack. Persib good team and have great players, so it’s much more risky if we play open,”

Missing 2 key regular player: Gustavo Giron (CF) (absent accumulated cards) and Oh In kyun (CMF) (left thigh muscle injury).

Coach Eduard Tjong enter “Yusuf Efendi” and “Kushedya hari Yudo”. to replace the two key players absent

Good News: Sasa Zecevic (key player defender) already back in this match after absent accumulated cards from last match

Doubtfull Player: Roni Rosadi (DF) injury collision in the head to get four stitches on the forehead.

Captain team “Achmad Faris Ardiansyah (DF)” in good performance in last match,

Persegres membawa 18 pemain:
2 GK: Dimas Galih Pratama dan Satria Tama.
DF: Sasa Zecevic, Achmad Faris Ardiansyah, M. Rifqi, Roni Rosadi, Sigit Meiko, Sidik Saimima and Wismoyo.
MF: Sidik Saimima, Ghazali Siregar, Rudi Setiawan, M. Kamri, Jusmadi and kapten Agus Indra Kurniawan.
FW: Yusuf Effendi, Patrick da Silva, Hendri Satriadi and Kushendya Hari Yudo.

Probably Persegres Gresik United LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach Eduard Tjong):

92. Dimas Galih (GK), DF : 55 Sasa Zecevic (CB), 18. Achmad Ardiansyah (CB), 2 Sigit M Susanto (CB), 75. Roni Rosadi (CB), MF : 21. Jusmadi (DMF), Kushedya hari Yudo (CMF), 17 M Saimima (CMF), 27 Ghazali Siregar (RMF), FW: Yusuf Effendi (CF), 99 Patrick Da Silva (CF).

Persegres Gresik United LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach Eduard Tjong):

92. Dimas Galih (GK), DF : 55 Sasa Zecevic (CB), 18. Achmad Ardiansyah (CB), 2 Sigit M Susanto (CB), 75. Roni Rosadi (CB), MF : 21. Jusmadi (DMF), 17 M Saimima (CMF), 9 Yusuf Efendi (AMF), 27 Ghazali Siregar (RMF), FW: 13 Rudi Setiawan (LWF), 99 Patrick Da Silva (CF).

Both team missing their forward and midfielder key player or regular player, and good news for both team back their key defender player, persib will play cautiously and Coach Gresik will strengthen their defence.

1-0 2-0

Persib win

Under 2.5 Goals




22 October 2016
Kick-off 16:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Persiba Balikpapan Vs Mitra Kukar

Persiba +0 @2.08
Persiba +0 @2.14/2.01
Persiba +0 @2.26
Mitra Kukar +0 @1.76
Mitra Kukar +0 @1.85/1.74
Mitra Kukar +0 @1.63
Over 2.5 Goals @1.96
Over 2.5 Goals @1.98/1.88
Over 2.5 Goals @2.01
Under 2.5 Goals @1.86
Under 2.5 Goals @1.93/1.83
Under 2.5 Goals @1.81

Derby Kaltim at Stadium Persiba

in 1st Derby Match, both teams played a draw 0-0 in Tenggarong.

Persiba Balikpapan:

Coach Jaino Matos the possibility of returning play 4 young players in this match: abdul Azis, Hanif A Sjahbandi, Ade Kurniawan, and Asnawi Bahar Mangkualam (Great play in last match even lose 1-0 Vs Bhayangkara FC) Coach Jaino
assume they are playing well, because some times quite troublesome for Bhayangkara FC in that match.

“Play the young players it is part of the strategy. 90 percent of the players are still the same down when Vs Bhayangkaran FC. Do not let conceded any goal in our net in the first half, the concentration of the key, do not let it happen again, “said coach Jaino.

“Our players 60 percent of the young players, their first time to play professional competition, so it is still a process of maturation.

Persiba never defeat with a many number of goals both at home and away match.

“So, Marlon most dangerous strikers in Indonesia. Marlon is the only player who makes me dizzy, because we have to take care of him. Usually strikers dizzy with stopper, but in Indonesia stopper is dizzy with Marlon. ” “I said to Dirkir have to beat him for 90 minutes, should not give him a breather. If Marlon to the toilet, Dirkir also have to participate. If the card can Dirkir, he also must be a card. ”

Persiba GK: Yoewanto Stya Beny became the highest goalkeeper block a penalty still on fire

Probably Persiba LINEUPS 4-4-2 (Coach: Jaino Matos) :

23 Yoewanto S Beni (GK), DF: 91 Fengky Turnado (LB), 17 Abdul Rahman (LB), 16 Hermawan (CB), 21 Hanif A Sjahbandi (CB), MF: 5 Antonio A Teles (DMF), 88 Abdul Lutfi Akbar (DMF), 13 Kurniawan Karman (SMF), 25 Asnawi Mangkuala (CMF), 71 I.G. Rustiawan (RMF), FW: 27 Ade Kurniawan (CF)

Persiba LINEUPS 4-4-2 (Coach: Jaino Matos) :

23 Yoewanto S Beni (GK), DF: 16 Hermawan (CB), 26 Dirkir K Glay (CB), 5 Antonio A Teles (DMF=CB), 88 Abdul Lutfi Akbar (DMF=RB), MF: 13 Kurniawan Karman (SMF), 77 Rahel Radiansyah, 22 Siswanto (LMF), 94 Heri Susanto (RWF=LMF), 18 Shohei Matsunaga (CF), 9 Maycon Silvio Calijuri (CF)

Key player in match: Shohei M GOAL 36″, Dirkir M GOAL 44″

Mitra Kukar:

“Over the past two weeks, the schedule is very tight. I do not have any special preparations for the trip to Persiba. All went reasonably, training and tactics of strategy. The key is, who’s got a good physical, he would win”

Mitra Kukar are in unfavorable conditions, since coming to Balikpapan without 3 Regular players.

Missing Player: Michael Orah (LB) accumulation of yellow cards, Bayu Pradana (captain, Regukar CMF) and Septian David Maulana (Regular LMF)(called training camp Indonesia national team), Felipe Bertoldo dos Santos (has resigned from Mitra Kukar).

Mitra Kukar stayed had: Arthur Cunha da Rocha, Victor Herrero and Marlon da Silva. 3 foreign players here who will be maximized until the end of the season.

Mitra Kukar certainly still rely on Brazilian striker “Marlon da Silva” Marlon is currently on fire (11 goals).

Probably Mitra Kukar LINEUPS 4-4-1-1 (Coach Jafri Sastra):

47 Gerri Mandagi (GK), DF: 63 Dedi Gusmawan (CB), 16 Saepuloh Maulana (CB), 19 Joko Sidik (CB), 6 Zulchrizal Abdul Gamal (RB), MF: 26 Muh Bahtiar (CMF), 26 Muh Bahtiar (CMF), 85 Victor Forcada (AMF), 21 Anindito Erminarno (LMF), FW: 17 Ronal Setmot (LWF), 9 Marlon Da Silva (CF)

Mitra Kukar LINEUPS 4-4-1-1 (Coach Jafri Sastra):

47 Gerri Mandagi (GK), DF: 16 Saepuloh Maulana (CB), 63 Dedi Gusmawan (CB), 6 Zulchrizal Abdul Gamal (RB), 27 Zikri Akbar (RB), MF: 26 Muh Bahtiar (CMF), 66 Asri Akbar (CMF), 21 Anindito Erminarno (LMF), 11 Dinan Y Javier (RWF), 99 Yogi R (CF), 9 Marlon Da Silva (CF)

Key player in match: Anindito W GOAL 50″, Marlon D GOAL 54″

Under 2.5 Goals

2-2 (LOSE)



22 October 2016
Kick-off 21:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Madura United Vs Bhayangkara FC

Madura United +0.25 @1.87/1.81
Bhayangkara FC -0.25 @2.05/1.98
Over 2.5 @2.09/1.93
Under 2.5 @2.01/1.78

Derby Jawa Timur play in Stadion Gelora Delta Sidoarjo (this stadium homebase Bhayangkara FC) that why NORMAL odds here IF bookmaker give -0.25 to Bhayangkara FC because this match play at their home Stadium, Madura FC can’t play in madura because have Village Head Election which was held almost simultaneously in Madura.

Madura only had two days of preparation for this big game, but in profitable because in last match play in Bali not too far from Madura, same like Bhayangkara FC, both team no problem with travel distance and physical conditions.

Madura United:

President Madura United FC, “Achsanul Qosasi” said, “Bonus is divided into three: the phase-1 bonus give until week 25, the 2nd bonus at week-30 and last is the bonus at weeks-34 or the last game” if madura united still in 1st position.

Good motivation for Madura United in this match Madura must in win situation if they want make sure get bonus in match 25th appropriate management agreement, IF in Match 25th Madura still in no.1 all player will get BONUS (if want make sure get bonus Madura must win in this match, minimum draw here, but if only draw in this match Arema still can took over the position no.1 in week 25th)

Coach Gomes also promises top class games, and will still appear to attack from the first minute. “We want to score as soon as possible and not just one. We will not play to survive. Surviving only do when you lose the ball. Must be disciplined to keep opponents, and bold while holding the ball shows the character of our game,”

Missing Player: Bayu Gatra, Joko Ribowo (GK) (Absent red card in last match)

Coach not concerned over the absence of Bayu gatra. He said he still has a coating which is also capable player as ; Rossi Noprihanis, Rishadi Fauzi, Guy Junior, Elthon Maran.

Madura United’s coach, Gomes de Oliveira declared his side will attack from the first minute. Scored an early goal for MU needed to create excellence. “We will look to attack. Wherever possible we print more goals early in the first half,”

“Erick Weeks Lewis can. In some games he showed a very good game. He could also be very entrance to the left wing,”

Probably Madura United LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Gomes De Olivera) :

77 Hery Prasetyo (GK), DF: 14 Rendi Siregar (LB), 5 Munhar (CB), 15 Fabiano Da Rosa (CB), MF: 4 Asep Berlian (DMF/RB), 18 Ahmad Maulana (CMF), 10 Slamet Nurcahyo (AMF), FW: 7 Engelberd Sani (LWF), Elthon Maran, 9 Rodrigues A (CF), 50 Erick Weeks (CF)

Madura United LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: Gomes De Olivera) :

77 Hery Prasetyo (GK), DF: 14 Rendi Siregar (LB), 5 Munhar (CB), 15 Fabiano Da Rosa (CB), 23 Gilang Ginarsa (RB), MF: 4 Asep Berlian (DMF), 13 Dane Milovanovic (DMF), 10 Slamet Nurcahyo (AMF), FW: 7 Engelberd Sani (LWF), 9 Rodrigues A (CF), 50 Erick Weeks (CF)

Key player in match: Patrich S Wanggai GOAL 90″

Bhayangkara FC:

Coach Ibnu Grahan “With the strength of 26 players, we are ready to play Saturday night, and ready to defeat Madura United. Yesterday’s win against Persiba was a very elevated motivation of the players. The victory over Sriwijaya also happened just like when we beat Persiba and PBFC”

Missing Player: Evan Dimas Darmono (Key player CMF) and Hargianto (Regular DMF) Called for the national football team Indonesia.

Related replacement, Evan and Hargianto, Ibn have prepared Zulfiandi, Fitra Ridwan, and Fandi Eko.

In addition, there midfielder Lee Yoo Joon and Abdelkhbir Khairallah. Although the two foreign players have had problems in his thigh, but they already undergo regular training and ready to be lowered at night.

DOubtfull player: Otavio Dutra (minor injuries Muscle is interested, but still not seen in the final practice)

Coach Ibnu Grahan strengthen the defense in this match, in today’s training session, he tried to apply the strategy man to man marking. “We will optimize how the defense one on one, because the quality of the opposing player has the technique and experience. In addition to man marking, team defense is also needed. ”

Probably Bhayangkara FC LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: ibnu Grahan) :

1. Wahyu T Nugroho (GK), DF: 3 Dany Saputra (LB), 5. Oktavio D (CB), 2 Putu Gede Juni (RB), MF: 89. Lee Yoo Joon (DMF), 86 Khairallah Abdelkbir (CMF), 27 Indra K Ardhiyaksa (CMF), Zulfiandi (DMF), FW: 20. Ilham U Armaiyn (LWF), 22. Fandi E Utomo (RWF), 99. Thiago Furtuoso (CF)

Bhayangkara FC LINEUPS 4-3-3 (Coach: ibnu Grahan) :

1. Wahyu T Nugroho (GK), DF: 3 Dany Saputra (LB), 5. Oktavio D (CB), 2 Putu Gede Juni (RB), MF: 89. Lee Yoo Joon (DMF), 86 Khairallah Abdelkbir (CMF), 16 Zulfiandi (CMF), 27 Indra K Ardhiyaksa (CMF), FW: 20. Ilham U Armaiyn (LWF), 22. Fandi E Utomo (RWF), 99. Thiago Furtuoso (CF)

Key player in match: Thiago Furtuoso GOAL 56″

1-0 2-1

Madura United +0.25




21 October 2016
Kick-off 16:00 (UTC+07:00)
Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Pusamania Borneo Vs PSM Makassar

Pusamania -0.75 @1.98
Pusamania -0.5 @1.92/1.82
Pusamania Borneo -0.25 @1.80
PSM Makassar +0.75 @1.83
PSM Makassar +0.5 @1.95/1.89
PSM Makassar +0.25 @2.04
Over 2.5 @1.85/1.74
Over 2.5 @1.90
Under 2.5 @2.08/1.97
Under 2.5 @1.92

Stadion Segiri, Samarinda

Pusamania Borneo:

Problem many Missing Player: Diego Michiels (Regular DF), Jefri Kurniawan (regular MF/winger), Ricky Ohorella (MF) absence of accumulated yellow cards,

Doubtfull but probably still play: Dian Agus Prasetyo (GK) and Lerby Eliandri (FW) following the training camp (TC) Indonesian national team in Sleman (but until now both team still in team.
New information: Management Pusamania Borneo FC (PBFC) revealed that it will release players to the national team after the match against PSM Makassar.

more bad situation is their coach “Dragan Djukanovic” and assistant coach, Rade Novovic also get punishment. (get sanctions imposed by PT Gelora Trisula Semesta (GTS), Coach and Assistang coach prohibited/can not accompany PBFC when Vs PSM (because it is considered too excessive protesting the referee’s decision.)

will likely in this match Edilson and Gerald Pangkali will play although both players are recovering from injury (he played as a defensive midfielder but can be played as a full back). Sultan Samma to replace Lerby Eliandri.

Pusamania Borneo FC coach, Dragan Djukanovic did not deny the absence of five players that will affect the performance of his team. The most alarming in the Defender/LD sector, because they do not have a left full back with the same quality as Diego and Ricky.

Dragan coach from serbian admitted not only lose a lot of core players. A full schedule of competition fitness affects many players. seen in the previous game, team 1-2 defeat Vs Pesegres Gresik United. In the duel looks when Pedro Javier cs. performing with poor stamina.

“We did not have much time off when Vs PSM. The players too long in the inter-island trip. I can not force them heavy exercise because their energy is down,” said Dragan Djukanovic.

good news: Edilson Tavarez, ready to play in this match back from injury.

From last match Pusammania +0 LOSE away Vs Gresik end 2-1:

Problem many Missing Player dipastikan tidak diperkuat: Diego Michiels (Regular DF), Jefri Kurniawan (regular MF/winger), Ricky Ohorella (MF) absence of accumulated yellow cards,

Probably Pusamania Borneo LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach: Dragan Djukanovic) :

33. Dian A Prasetyo (GK), DF: 46. Firly Apriyansyah (CB), 3 Zulkifli Syukur (CB), 32 Leonard Tupamahu (CB), 4 Jad Noureddine (CB), MF: 11. Ponaryo Astaman (CMF), 87. Flavio Beck Junior (CMF), 28. Terens Puhiri (LMF), FW: 12 Lerby Eliandri Pong Baru (CF), Pedro Javier (CF)

Pusamania Borneo LINEUPS 4-2-3-1 (Coach: Dragan Djukanovic) :

20. Muh. Ridho (GK), DF: 3 Zulkifli Syukur (CB), 32 Leonard Tupamahu (CB), 4 Jad Noureddine (CB), 46. Firly Apriyansyah (CB), MF: 11. Ponaryo Astaman (CMF), 27 Gerald R Pangkali (CMF), 87. Flavio Beck Junior (CMF), 28. Terens Puhiri (LMF), FW: 10 Edilson Tavares (SS), 9 Pedro Javier Velazquez (CF)

information in match : 27 Gerald R Pangkali (CMF) get RED CARD, 

Key player in match: 87. Flavio Beck Junior (CMF) GOAL, 87. Flavio Beck Junior (CMF) GOAL, T Puhiri GOAL, 87. Flavio Beck Junior (CMF) GOAL PENALTY

PSM Makassar:

PSM also have missing regular player problem, but situation on team more better, PSM in the best performance after the last game were able to beat Sriwijaya FC with a 2-1.

Coach Robert Alberts give appreciation to the management. Because management Juku Eja successfully restored power to all players in this match.

but coach said: Nevertheless, he did not deny that if games that acted heavy foster for all player. Because, often does not make sense fixture, as against Sriwijaya play afternoon at 15:00 pm. “Playing on Monday at 15:00 pm it does not make sense to me,”

Missing Player: Willem Pluim (Regular AMF, absent accumulated cards), Rizky Pellu (Regular MF) and Ferdinand Sinaga (key Player FW) had already left called the Indonesia national team, and last is Luis Ricardo dos Santos (Key FW) could not play because of injury. He should be rested until the end of 2016.

Coach said “We will play a collective and ready for hold a quick game from PBFC. Every team will want to get maximum results, we also. We want to win, or a draw. The important thing is we bring the points. ”

Bring 16 players (Wednesday, October 19) : Deny Marcel, Syaiful, Ardan Aras, Ahmad Hisyam Tolle, Reva Adi Utama, Muchlis Hadi Ning, Zulvin Zamrun, Syamsul Chaeruddin. Lalu Rasyid Bakrie, M. Rahmat, Titus Bonay, Kwon Jun, Ronald Hikspoors, Hendra Wijaya
, Wasyiat Hasbullah serta Ridwan Tawainella.

Although missing Willem Pluim, Rizky and Ferdinand, squad still has a stock of the same players premises third position players: Syamsul Chaeruddin, Rashid Bakrie, Ridwan Tawainella, while the front lines extant Muchlis Hadi. By him that the team coach is not too worried if it lost a number of regular player.

Probably PSM Makasar LINEUPS 4-4-2 (Coach: Robert Rene Alberts) :

1 Deny Marsel (GK), DF: 8 Syamsul Chaeeruddin (CMF), 38 Ronald Hikspoors (CMF), 87 Kwon Jun (CB), 22 Aras, MF: 9 Zulvin Zamrun (RMF), Ridwan Tawainella, 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 19 Rizky Pellu (CMF), FW: Muchlis Hadi, 11 Rahmat

PSM Makasar LINEUPS 4-3-1-2 (Coach: Robert Rene Alberts) :

1 Deny Marsel (GK), DF: 22 Ardan Aras (SB), 4 Wasyiat Hasbulah (CB),  87 Kwon Jun (CB), 44 Achmad H Tolle (DMF = DR), MF: 17 Rasyid A Bakri (CMF), 16 Ridwan Tawainella (CMF), 38 Ronald Hikspoors (CMF), 9 Zulvin Zamrun (RMF), FW: 37 Muchlis Hadi (CF), 25 Titus Bonai (CF)

information in match : Achmad H Tolle get RED CARD, 

Key player in match: Muchlis Hadi GOAL

1-1 1-2

PSM Makassar +0.75